Dr. Beaver did my two knee replacements and I never had a problem. Excellent facility. Extremely professional staff.
Dr Mason may be a fine surgeon but I will never know because after waiting 8+ days for him to read my MRI, I had to find another Dr. He never read my MRI and then I got a call saying that he was going on vacation. Very unprofessional. I recommend looking elsewhere for care.
Dr Griffin replaced my right knee and 3 months later he replaced my left knee. He is compassionate, caring, and is THE man to see for knee replacements. The staff at his office is amazingly competent.
Dr. Beaver is one of the kindest men I have ever met in my life. He really cares about people. There is no better Hip or Knee Surgeon on the planet. He got me totally out of pain, and did an exceptional job on my new Hip under heavy odds against him, but came through with flying Colors. I will never be able to say enough nice things about this exceptional wonderful man.
I would never recommend this doctor unless you have a full pocket full of money. He does procedures that is experimental while you're under animistic that insurance refuses to pay for and you are not aware. He refuses to appeal it too. He is NOT interested in anything but money. And you are not any better after all that. Everything I'm posting is totally the truth!
I had to go to an assessment with him for work comp. He didn't listen about any of my issues. He released me as physically fit to work at a physically demanding job, & I can't carry 10 lbs. I don't know what job he thinks Im fit for, not mine. I can't work & have lost my wc pay & medical because of him & his report. His decision has damaged my life greatly. I think he was paid off to make the report for the insurance co. to get out of their financial responsibility. I think he is very unethica
Best knee surgeon I know. He has replaced both my husbands knees and is going to replace one of my knees in the future.
I was 65 years old when Dr. Griffin replaced my right hip. Every thing about my experience with Dr. Griffin and the staff went extremely well. If they would have allowed it, I could have walked out of the hospital. I used a cane for two days after I got home, but I never felt like I needed it. I rehabbed at home, on my on, and was back playing basketball and softball in less than six months. It has now been almost seven years since the hip was replaced, and it still has given me no problems
I had left hip replacement on wednesday. I am doing great. Dr Masonis has staff members who work well during all aspects prior during and after surgery. My experience was fabulous. Of course you as the patient must do your work as well and be part of working with your nurses and therapists to continue to do well.
Dr. Griffin barely made eye contact. He was impatient & dismissive. My particular hip condition didn't match w/ his expectations for "usual patient" & rather than brainstorm options he simply wanted to shoo me out of his office w/ some trite advice about what kinds of exercise to avoid. I am in constant pain & he dismissed my experience by simply saying "your case sounds highly unusual." & then had the gall to act like I was there just to ask for narcotics which I had no interest in! Arrogance!!
I had a total hip replacement yesterday with Dr. Masonis, I stayed last night on 7 North at mercy hospital in what would quality as a small fine hotel suite. My care was absolutely fabulous, minimal pain. The caregivers that I encountered where driven by total compassion as well as absolute professionalism. You can be sure that in future EVERYONE that I encounter will know about this splendid experience with Dr Masonis and hie entire support staff. I go home today say thank you Doctor Masonis.
I am having problems with my left knee. Dr Griffin is rated very high so I made an appointment with him. Dr. Griffin did not physically examine my knee. He looked at the x-ray and he told me I have arthritis in my knee. He also told me that the brace I was using would not help my knee. I tried to go without the brace but I am having some sharp pains in that knee without it. I am disappointed in my care by Dr. Griffin.
I just had surgery by the best of the best. He knows his tendons and ligaments. I'm lucky as a military dependent to have just a find surgeon. My shoulder feels better already and we don't even have a F/U visit yet.
Dr. Curtin has an extraordinary manner. He listens closely and spends more than adequate time with you to assess all options. Five weeks after full hip replacement, I have no pain and am able to enjoy great quality of life. I was able to walk out of the hospital, albeit on a walker, on the day of surgery. Within a week, I was walking without assistance. Dr. Curtin gets my highest recommendation.
Dr. Masonis was running 2 1/2 hours late for my appointment, he spent no time with me. After returning home, I started receiving calls from my local drugstore telling me that my prescription was ready for picked up. After calling the pharmacy, I found the Dr. Masonis had called the prescription in. I called the Dr office and found out that it was called in by mistake. It was medication to take after surgery, I was not having surgery. The staff was terrible, thought it was no problem with the RX.
he did a ruff poor exam,i have a torn meniicus which
Dr Masonis was recommended to me by my previous Orthopedic Surgeon when I moved to Charlotte. He is very professional and I was impressed when I met him. He listened to my concerns about my left hip replacement. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery and ready to get back to living my life without pain!
Dr. Griffin has replaced both of my knees and I'm very pleased. I highly recommend him to anyone anticipating the same.
He performed my hip replacement surgery & did both hips in a friend of mine. Excellent surgeries & physical therapy is a snap - he has some great surgical skills. Don't let his age worry you - he has a following from patients several states away. Very easy to talk to. I do recommend him to anyone who asks. OrthoCarolina Hip & Knee Center in Charlotte is definitely worth the drive. I highly recommend the anterior Hip Replacement & Dr. Curtin.
Knee surgery gone very, very bad with a lack sympathy, i.e. yes, this happens to 1 or 2% of patients. Well it was 100% me and after doing some research, I believe that 1-2% is actually quite a bit higher. I recommend avoiding this doc and the Walmart like practice, Ortho Carolina, of which he is a part. Additionally, when being prescribed physical therapy and told to use their office, i was NEVER able to make a timely appointment. This place is just a mess!
Dr Youngblood was my daughters surgeon for her ankle surgery. He explained every step of the procedure to us in terms we could understand. He answered all our questions. Never once making us feel rushed or that our concerns weren't valid. Most importantly, he made my daughter feel comfortable and safe. I am very pleased with our choice in surgeons and recommend him to all who are considering Ortho surgery.
didnt even touch me, then told my insurance i was fine.... what a joke!!!!!
Based on the experience and research of a trusted friend, I saw Dr. Curtin for hip pain. I liked that he said I was not ready for surgery, and prescribed physical therapy. 1/1/2 years later, I saw him again for hip pain. He said that I was ready for surgery. I liked that I only waited 6 weeks for surgery. I was 100% pleased with my surgery, Dr. Curtin's time and attention to my needs, his bedside manner, his obvious commitment to providing the best experience for his patients.
I have been a patient of Dr. Bill for 21 years. He's conservative in his approach to surgery but very reasonable. I can say enough good about him is not only a great surgeon, but also a great guy! He is thee man! :-) Jim Scalia
Dr Griffin was recommended to me by a friend who knew one of his nurses and knew my personality. I was born with a birth defect which was corrected by bone graphs when I was 2. I am now 46 and began having problems with that hip again. Dr Griffin was wonderful. He reviewed the X-rays, discussed my regular activities and monitored me for about 6 months at which point, even at my young age, he felt we should proceed with hip replacement due to the amount of pain I was in. He gave me a new life!

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