I've been seeing Dr. Justis for over 25 years. I trust him completely. The only downside is that getting in to see Dr. Justis himself can require a long lead time. However, I wouldn't think of changing to another doctor.
The most caring doctor I have ever been associated with.
I MISS Dr. Coles at the Charlotte Medical Clinic, she is awesome.
Within minutes of meeting Dr. Kistler in the CMC Pineville ICU where I was admitted with severe pneumonia, it became abundantly clear to me that she is devoid of compassion, arrogant and condescending. Her clinical acumen and judgement are suspect as her dire prediction that I "would definitely be intubated" was, to her apparent dismay the following morning on "rounds" (spending all but 3 minutes in my room), proven incorrect--A BiPAP mask spared me. She fails as a physican on all levels.
Best Doc. I have had for me pulmonary condition. She caught things that were missed before. Would want my kids to see her.
This dr would rather send you to an urgent care than help you. It's happened to me twice. Once when her staff couldn't make an emergency appt for me to be seen and the second when I was out of town and she wouldn't call in a rx .
She no longer follows the DO philosophy, if that is what you want. Friendly and smart, listens well. Referred my husband to specialists who saved his life more than once when others misdiagnosed him. Unfortunately the nurse who takes phone messages NEVER gets the message right nor takes right action without several calls, and is rude and snarky. My hubby almost died because she said don't worry instead of following up on test results.
Dr. Byer-Parsons is a very inconsiderate dermatologist. If you are thinking about taking a course of accutane, it would not be in your best interest to visit her. Dr. Parson's will discharge you from her practice when she does not think it is a good fit. Additionally Dr. Byer Parsons, will not follow up with you after you first month on accutane after discharging you. Accutane is a very serious drug, it can cause birth defects in women, yet this doctor obviously does not care.
Dr.Byers-Parsons really listens when you have a concern or problem, no matter how small.She discusses treatments and medications with you. and is readily available.Appointments are easily obtained.
She is a fantastic physician!!
Substitute for regular doctor. Worked me in the next day. Immediately assured me that my symptoms were not an emergency, but needed further tests to confirm the situation.
The best and most knowledgeable doctor I've ever had.
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Daniel Parsons. He is very nice and makes sure all questions are answered. He checks you over very thorough with the whole doctor visit. I would tell anyone to go to him. AWESOME DOCTOR!!!
If you are a thyroid patient he refuses to prescribe Desicated Thyroid. He only believes in testing T4, and laughed when I asked him to test Free T3 and Free T4. He will not listen to your symptoms or complaints when prescribing medication, he will only go by "HIS" lab results. Additionally, if you require Hydrocortisone because of Adrenal Insufficiency, he will not listen to your symptoms, their improvement, or lack thereof. He prescribes the same amount for everyone.
Attempting to get my yearly skin check is absurd. I have been a patient for many years and when you make an appointment for this it takes almost a year to get a 15 minute appointment. Called in May and next appointment was March 2018!!!!!!! Beware that the Drs want your hard earned money at their convenience. Perhaps the Drs are unaware of this scheduling practice. So being a loyal patient has no value!!!!!!! Margaret Paprocki
My surgeon set the appointment for a colonoscopy. I didn't meet him until I was in the procedure room. He is a hoot, which is very much welcomed in that situation. He spent time with me after the procedure to explain everything. Terrific sense of humor
Called Dr. Sigmon's office today to get a second opinion for our son who is having GI issues, was told that second opinion patients need to wait 90 days, but his office had a new patient open appointment 30 days out. I would imagine most patients that need a second opinion need it quickly, but Dr. Sigmon has chosen to push those patients out so they go somewhere else. Very disappointed since a family friend is a physician & recommended Richard. Medical is about helping people...
I was referred to Dr. Robinson by a physician in another specialty. Dr. Robinson immediately saw a flaw I'm some testing that had been done. He repeated the test which confirmed the result he suspected, This action prevented my having to take medication with potential side effects. Dr. Robinson then went on to make appropriate recommendations. I fully realize how busy physicians are, but Dr. Robinson's time and effort are appreciated.
DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. He obviously is a big doctor with plenty of patients and clearly does not care about YOU. Your time is worthless. I book an appointment FIVE WEEKS ahead of time, get a stack of forms in the mail, and 3 reminder calls - but nothing to warn me of the traffic around this place and the maze of a medical plaza. Thus i arrive late for the app only to be told that he's canceling my app! While I'm standing there! Forget this guy, plenty of Dr.s that are not idiot jerks!!!
Richard Sigmon is one of the best gastroenterologists in Charlotte. He diagnosed my Barrett's esophagus when I was 16 years old and still treats me today at the age of 25. He is a caring physician, and his staff are wonderful. Procedures with him and his staff are pleasant and stress-free. I now live in another state and still schedule my visits with him due to my experience.
Great experience!
very knowable professional. explains procedure while you are awake which is of course is most helpful as opposed to the alternative.
Charlotte Medical Clinic was founded in 1955 by the shared vision of seven physicians who were interested in providing the highest quality healthcare to Charlotte and the surrounding counties. Since its founding more than half a century ago, Charlotte Medical Clinic has steadily grown becoming one of the largest multi-specialty groups in our region. Our practice is proud to offer a full range of primary and specialty care for adults including gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonary and critical care , sleep medicine, dermatology, and endocrinology. Charlotte Medical Clinic remains committed to the principles instilled in the group by its founding members -- emphasis on optimum patient care, respect for the diversity, and maintaining an enjoyable environment in which to work and flourish. Kannada

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