I worked with Dr. Barkley at UCSD Medical Center. I have the utmost confidence in his medical skills, professional interactions with colleagues and patient centered bedside manner.
As a colon cancer survivor, moving to a new town, finding a doctor is extremely stressful. I feel very privileged to be under Dr. Aravapalli's care. He is warm and understanding, patient and so very smart. He has learned the part of being a top doctor that is not taught in a book, the part that comes from within... the human touch.
Dr. Anthony and staff were great! Performed EGD. Like nothing has happened. He communicated with me and my wife in regards to procedure and findings.
She was rude. Told me she would not help me. Or refer me to a charity plan. Was told I didn't deserve it! Due to I take clonazepam or benzos as she called it. Screaming at me! DOS 5/16/2015. Still having medical issues. Wait time approximately 9 hrs. Nurse came to door said she's still here.
Dr Anthony is great. Very personable. I have been seeing him for a couple of years now and feel like he is extremely knowledgeable and compentent.
The doctor was completely attentive answered every question and did not leave until I was finished. Dr Aravapali was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Eased my concerns ad explained everything thoroughly.
Dr. Counihan is one of the best doctors I have ever been to! He is kind, caring, and truly listens. He was our favorite doctor during my pregnancy and we got lucky to have him there for our delivery as well! I recommend him to all my friends!
Counihan is the ABSOLUTE WORST DR I have ever been to. He knew nothing of the medication that I needed. He has the personality of a rock. Actually, a rock has a better personality. He acted like he was superior and god-like. He made me very uncomfortable and nervous. He is also deceitful and you WILL get billed for anything extra he can think without telling you. VERY VERY DISHONEST DR. IF HE IS TRULY A DR. As a matter of fact, Eastover is not a well run practice/office. don't go here
Dr. Counihan is AWESOME! Very knowledgeable, thinks outside the box and he genuinely cares.
My prostate cancer was treated by use of Cyberknife, and Dr. Gaston performed the implant of the fiducials. My results are uniformly excellent, and his treatment process and follow up were a major element in that success. More importantly, his candor and straightforward responses to questions were essential to my overall mental comfort with the entire procedure. He was also well- informed and very open in discussions of the various treatment options, potential outcomes, and cost factors.
Following my last review about Dr. Gaston in January 2016 I want to add the great consideration, attention and amazing care I am still receiving from Dr. Gaston and his staff. The Laparoscopic Renal Surgery done by Dr. Gaston in October 2015 was successful. During my visits for follow up Dr. Gaston and staff continue interested in my well being.
this Dr. listen well and is willing to work with you to improve your health
She is both my children's doctor and she is amazing! She listens to your concerns and never judges. I love that she is a mother of little ones so I know she relates. She makes you feel comfortable.
Dr. Efird is a very caring doctor. She listens to all your issues/questions and is thoughtful in response. I find her to be genuine and she doesn't rush the visits like some doctors do.
Excellent treatment, professional, friendly and confident.
Very thorough, kind and was very helpful. I would highly recommenced.
I have been seeing Dr. Chambliss for about a year and a half now and I have absolutely no complaints! She is kind, personable and very caring.
Terrible bedside manner. Treated me as if I didn't even matter, then withheld information on my test results and told me to "make another appointment". I would never return nor would I recommend this man to anyone.
Dr. Claugus listens well, asks great questions, and she is thorough and responsive. She's an excellent doctor, and I feel fortunate to have her as my primary care physician.
Dr. Claugus did an excellent job with the explanation, advising, and implementation of Nexplanon.
Dr. Comer diagnosed me with bacterial infection instead of yeast infection and prescribed me with Bactrim DS antibiotic. Due to this antibiotic I have got severe rash all over my body lasted for couple of weeks. Took lots of Benedryl still not recovered with antibiotic rash and now sitting at Doctors office for rash treatment. Initial problem was solved by itself but having issue with this rash. This rash would have been completely avoided. I will not recommend Dr. Comer to anyone.
Dr. Chambliss is one of the best doctors I've had in a while. She is efficient, professional, and she has excellent bedside manner. I especially appreciate how she is always able to answer questions thoroughly and spend the necessary time with her patients. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a great pcp.
We have been with this doctor for only 2 months and we got our worst experience already. We shifted our primary within 2 months. The least you expect to hear from your primary doctor is -- I did everything I could and I don't know what else I need to do.
Amazing, thank you!
Dr. Larue was very professional and knowledgeable. He was friendly and kind.
Dr Johnson is phenomenal! She is very professional, answers any questions that may arise not only when I'm in her office but also on MyChart. I feel 100% comfortable with her AND her staff. I would highly recommend Nichole to anyone looking for an outstanding family physician.
Dr. Kalleberg has a wonderful bedside manner. She makes not so great appointments feel comfortable and quick. I like a doctor that is personable but not too abrasive - she is exactly that! Her office off Prosperity Ch. Rd. in Charlotte, has an incredible staff of ladies. I feel 100% comfortable with them, and would recommend this office to anyone.
Dr. Fournet is our favorite. She always listens to our daughters' needs, is very patient, is very gentle with handling our infant, offers medical advice that works and provides excellent care overall. I wish every doctor were like her.
Best Neurologist anywhere
Thank God for Dr. Przybysz aka Dr. Mike he made the decision to put me on the ECMO machine which saved my lungs and my life. I thank God for him and all of the other angels God had working around the clock taking care of me at CMC main. I can't say enough about how wonderful they all are. Sherica and Michael King 2017
In the ER the face-to-face with the doctor was only a Q&A and the only thing she did was use the stethoscope. The patient suffered from a fall and hit head. The doctor did not do any axial or radial movement of the limbs or any gripping or any other physical tests. Very little information was given to the patient or her caregiver regarding details of bloodwork and catscan..
Superb care. Took care of my problem promptly, with compassion, competence & kindness. Highly recommend
Dr Tenini has a great caring personality. He listens to my concerns and discusses treatment options to decide along with me which is best. He also always takes time to ask about things outside of medical topic that we have previously discussed, such as how school, my new home, etc. are going. He is a great doctor, however, for me, his warmth, friendliness, and compassion really sets him apart from other doctors!
Dr Tenini is truly one of the best most caring doctors that I have ever know. He's thorough, thoughtful, and really cares for his patients. Doesn't get any better then this man.
I visited this doctor for a sprained foot. He wouldn't give me a boot or shoe to stabilize my foot. The doctor advised me that my sprained foot would heal in two days. I followed his instructions and elevated my foot and kept is wrapped. It was two weeks before I could put my weight on it.
Very caring and most importantly on time. The entire team at the Teen Health Connection has been wonderful.
Always answers my questions fully.
Dr. Miller was fantastic at caring for me both before and during my pregnancy. As a Type one diabetic I would not have felt comfortable with anyone else. She and her team go above and beyond for patients - taking calls even during the night for concerns. I am very thankful for this team.
Dr. Miller was an ON call doctor for December 23, 2016 around 8pm who returned my call in reference to the gestational diabetes I have due to pregnancy. I too am a professional and I have never experienced a "doctor" so rude and inconsiderate with their words. I NEVER had to write a review explaining a bad experience with a doctor until now! She made it extremely clear that I was taking her away from her dinner with her family and made many other rude comments. She won't hear the last of my exp.
Bedside manner is non-existent.
-Complete lack of interaction with Dr. Miller for gestational diabetes and later pre-diabetes diagnosis -Abrupt nature of one dietician, others were nice -NP who gave pre-diabetes diagnosis had not read case file with other health history
Get another doctor as I would not go back.
While she did her fellowship at Harborview medical center in the rhuematology dept. She was very personable. She was kind and made me feel like she really cared about me as a person and a patient. If I had a; what I thought was a stupid question; she made me feel like it was a very important question. I was very sad to see her leave the university of Washington at Harborview medical center. I know she will be a very accomplished Dr in her chosen field. Good luck n God bless
I was very confident in Dr. Narung. He was very nice and personable.
Great visit, he was on time, explained everything very well, and gave a written explanation of the visit when I left.
He made a gross negligent error in intubating my father without placing an NG tube first. The ultrasound tech asked my 2 sisters and my mother why there was so much in his stomach pushing up against his liver/pancreas went on and on how full belly was!! Nurse Kathy told me they called it at 4:19am?I hope someone has a little more empathy for a RN daughter back in IA. Dr said cascading events. Kathy and he both said my father drown in his fecal contents of his abdomen.2 seconds to place NG
Dr Pack is a excellent Dr. She goes out of her way to help me address all of my health needs. Even if it not related to rheumatology. I would highly recommend her.
I was admitted into the er department in may of 2012. Due to water retention caused by cirrhosis of the liver. I mean I was in bad shape if it wasn't for Dr. Wyman I don't think I could have made. He treated me non stop due to his name being called thru out the er department. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. So today I am alive and have my new liver. Thank you
I love Dr kolasch he is the bomb my surgery went great no complications ppl in the office so nice they r the best....
Don't disagree with him about his treatment options for chronic pain or he bans you from the office & CHS pain mgmt.. He wanted me to get high $$ shots that don't work, & I can't afford.. Then he prescribed an opiate patch @ over $300 a month.. Never picked it up.. Never asked for opiates/narcotics.. Asked to change my Tramadol (narcotic "like") from the 24hr tab 1X a day with copay over $100 mo. > 4X a day 50s with copay of $30 mo.. The Tramadol works for me with my insurance, &the $$ I have..
Dr. Kayastha is fast, efficient and most of all, friendly. 100% class act! - Justin Krakowsky
I had an apt at the Monroeville office and saw Dr. Kayastha to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous walking into it but was reassured by the staff. I was amazed how FAST the procedure went. It took longer to get numb than to extract the teeth. I felt no pain, had little to no pain after getting home, and a little soreness the next day. I would 100% recommend this office and staff to others. Thanks so much for making my experience so easy and great! - JL
Rude, doesn't listen to pt. Takes all pain medication away for no reason. Not a pain Dr. With 4 to 10yr. Degree. VERY BAD DR. He is only an anothesieologist. Treats people like drug seekers. Only want to due procedures, thinks it will fix everything. SO WRONG. Has been reported to medical board. NEGLECTED his position. He will leave u to DIE, even when you pass drug test pill count,& complaint. Will charge 300.00 to 5000.00 for Vista & procedures. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY. THE TRUTH.
Dr. Klima now practices in Boise ID at St Luke's. About a month ago he performed a "pull - through" surgery to remove part of my son's lower intestine after a biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease. My son was 4 weeks old at the time and has Down Syndrome. I gave Dr. Klima this rating because of the following reasons: - he was current on recent literature regarding TERPT techniques - he was very transparent with his information. We asked many questions, such as how many tim
Dr Khan is friendly and very easy to talk with about medical proceduees or personal stuff. DR KHAN is down to earth and a really nice guy, who knows his stuff when it comes to helping me manage my knee and back pain. I would definately refer Dr. KHAN to friends and family.
Dr. Kolasch is an excellent doctor! He is very knowledgeable, confident, and enthused about what he is doing. He breaks everything down and explain things in ways that allow for easy understanding. He is personable, makes you feel comfortable, spends as much time with you as you need and encourages questions--Although he explained everything so well to me that I did not have many questions at all:) I'd recommend Dr. Kolasch to anyone!
He has a very calm and gentle demeanor to him, takes his time to explain everything and personally checked up with me often. Has a great team that all seem to enjoy working with him.
Dr. Pierce is all that and more. He was honest and up front and very attentive to you and your concerns. I will definitely recommend him and hope to have him as my gyno going forward. Thank You Dr. Pierce. I believe you will be valuable to our community for years to come.
Absolutely one of the best obs I've ever had. He delieved my daughter and at every visit I had with him, he was so attentive and sweet and made me feel very comfortable. Never rushed me and actually cares about the patients and their concerns. Also was wonderful when delivering my daughter. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Pierce is great! Very professional and compassionate. He cared for me during my pregnancy and delivered my firsts child. Helped in making decisions by clearly stating my options and I never felt confused or with question.
I've been coming to Dr. Pixley for approximately four years and I couldn't be happier with the service he provides. I came to him initially to fix a blotched ablation procedure from another firm and doctor. He is a great doctor and surgeon and he has a great bedside manor. I highly recommend him.
No bedside manor, lacked empathy, treated me like it was my fault for not knowing what was wrong, felt very degraded during physical exam.
The shortest appointment we ever had with the pediatrician not satisfied at all. Since she is a pediatrician its expected to much interactive/involved with the kids. In my case during six- month checkup on my daughter she was in so hurry, she didn't even checked her physically properly just get rid of her duty by asking questions about her developments and examined her diaper area just giving by a quick glance. Not going to visit again at all.
One of the quickest appointments I have ever seen. By quickest I mean time spent with the patient (in this case a child). Felt like she was in a hurry to get done with the appointment. Not very interactive/informative. Felt like interacting with a Robot/Machine. Since she is a pediatrician, would have expected her to be more involved with her patients (who in her case are young children).
He was very nice and gentle as he could be with me during the procedure. I was amazed.

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