I had a very positive experience. The care was excellent. They are busy, but the wait was not that bad. All staff are friendly and kind.
Started going Dr. Corrigan's clinic in 2014 to see Dr.Nathan Christi who is hands down the best pain mngt Dr's I've ever had. After having to deal with this PA He also decided to leave that office, So this left me and many many other patients in a very horrible situation where we had to deal with Jessica Botros who is by far the worst P.A. I've actually had the displeasure dealing with. She Treats everyone from age 25 to 75 as criminals & then argues with them about methods that do not work
was with this office abt 4 yrs. jessica is the reason i left... one does NOT see corrigan unless ure getting procedure done
Not sure if Dr. Corrigan actually knows how dissatisfied 90% of his patients in that waiting room or since Jessica has taken over from day one she has done nothing but try and change things that were working , that being said I spoke to her in confidence about a situation with another doctor she had the audacity and the unprofessionalism phone that doctor the day I left , now I find myself trying to defend something that was in complete confidence very unhappy , Love Dr. Corrigan pleasehelp
Best place to go for pain management.
Love Dr Christie he is the best pain Doctor around. He has been compassionate and empathetic in helping me with my pain which at times has been unbearable. I would recommend him to anyone who asked me who has helped me be able to live a semi normal life out of bed which is where I would be without him.
Extensive wait times. Limited treatment options. The Dr. gave me an Injection. The next day my face blew up,and,looked like a blow fish.
The office staff treated me horribly. I am very dissappointed and it was a horrible first impression.
Dr Donna Mitchell is by far the best Pain Management Dr I have ever had. She recognized I had a broken hip when other Drs said it was absolutely not broken. After an echocardiogram it was indicated my hip was broken in 2 places. She is the best and shows empathy for her patients. I recommend her 100%. I'm not sure why her picture and biography isn't on the page because she is an asset to the pain management office.

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