I've been seeing Dr. Kaufman for a year now for asthma related issues, and have finally taken the time to say what an effective and compassionate doctor he's been to me. I presented with asthma, which he managed to get completely under control swiftly while also addressing my other problems such as stomach upset and tremors. He was one of the first doctors I've ever met that actually listened to what I had to say without interruption or a condescending attitude. He goes above and beyond always.
Prospective patients need to now that this person is the most empty, uncaring person I've encountered in any profession. She makes her own rules that suit her best interests and doesn't see patients as people, just another payment. She knows her science but has absolutely no empathy or compassion. She'll draw out visits/treatment to milk insurance reimbursement. If you have no choice, she might not let you die. Depends on what's in it for her.
Dr. Van Willigen has always taken the time necessary to fully understand my situation and work towards a common sense solution. She has changed my medications to ones that were more effective for me and analyzed the results after each change.
She wasn't listening; I had to repeat myself a number of times.
This guy is the best. Friendly, patient, yet no nonsense.
Dr J. Kaufman is great to work with. She is a straight talker, which I like. She gives time and thought to her recommendations. I have appreciated being her being her patient.
After waiting, or forgotten for 2 hours, she seemed irritated because I didn't leave. She was unprepared, confused, did not care why I was there because she had a long day. She did not have time to listen to me though it appeared I was the last patient. She did not go over the tests I had that were ordered by the NP. My kidneys and liver okay even if it states in my online file that I have chronic kidney disease stage 3 and abnormal liver test? Worst doctor ever!
Semi Retired, does not do much, refers you to specialist for everything. Does very little to help you., not recommended.
She is professional and formal but seems very unwelcoming to her patient. She is also judgmental on appearance for anyone who may look different. During my recent visit she completely disregarded a diagnosis from a hospital without explanation or answering my questions. I feel like I was brushed off without my symptoms being taken seriously. My previous visits have had similar outcomes.
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