Great doctor.
Dr. Durham's attention to detail and his commitment to getting a diagnosis right turned my life around. He is an extraordinary doctor and a good man. He is definitely a cut from the old school. When I lost my insurance, he insisted on continuing to see me without charging me (even when I tried to pay him something). I don't really have the words to write how profoundly healing this was for me, but it changed my life.
Dr. D, was a HUGE blessing to our family, our daughter has a normal life after years of pain. Dr. D gave our daughter his undivided attention at every visit. After two to three years of Doctors and hospitals all over Texas, New Mexico and Arizona we were blessed to find Dr. Durham. He is above a Five Star, very caring and intelligent.
Finally found a doctor who knows how to treat brain injury. He helped get my life back. He even made a house call to help me.
I am my mother's legal guardian and treatment guardian. She has been seeing Dr. Mirin for approximately 2 years after another well known psychiatrist in town lost his license to practice. Dr. Mirin was a huge improvement over the previous doctor. He's very thoughtful, cautious, considerate, spends time asking and answering questions, and makes himself available to me if I have any questions or concerns between visits. I recently referred another family member to see him.
Upon first visit, Dr Sobhani treated me as if I were a heroine addict off the street. Apparently she did not read my intake info before our visit. I have two complicated illnesses, and she appeared shocked when she reviewed my meds list. Also she gave redundant warnings about a med I have been on for nine years. I didn't go there to be brow beaten or to go to med school myself. What a disappointment! I need a Dr. With bedside manner and compassion too!
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