Dr.Paterno has been my physician for many years and she is an excellent Doctor. She is very thorough and her bedside is the best I have ever had. I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Paterno!
I have found Dr. Oksana Yevdokinova open to discussion regarding health care. We disagree on some points but she is willing to listen to my point of view as to why I will not take certain medication(s). I am an advocate for my own care and do not just accept that a Dr knows better. She is willing to be my guide and let me make decisions regarding my treatment, when applicable. She is knowledgeable and shares that information openly. I have recommended her to my friends.
I've been with Dr. Paterno for over 16yrs I will not go to anyone else she always takes the time to explain all that is going on all meds and I trust her completely in fact every year I make sure my insurance covers her or I will change insurances as for the support staff they really do need help they have a bad attitude and always seem like they are bothered by you making appointment
Dr. Jacques was my physican was years while he was located at Warren Hills Medicial off of 31 in Washington, NJ, he is no longer working at this Facility and I can't seem to locate where he would be working now as I would love to continue with him as my primary doctor because the one I see now in that very same office is not doing what all he can to make sure my Medical situation is brought under control he doesn't even know what is wrong with me nor does he perform simple testing procedures
Difficult to get an appointment, she takes a lot of time off. Office staff is condescending and inconsiderate.
Language barrier. Cold/Short/Rude ''bedside manner''.
Part time physician. Never available more than a couple of days a week, unavailable if emergencies arrive. Office staff completely incompetent. Will randomly call you regarding issues from months ago that have been resolved, yet not return current phones about current issues.
She's super nice however she only works part time. Takes extended leaves frequently. The office staff is entirely incompetent. Unavailable more often than she is available.

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