I was very happy with Dr Ackerman until I discovered I was misdiagnosed with short bowel syndrome which I don't have. No tests were done. Given all sorts of medication but problem persisted. Finally was told to go to U of P and get shots as he couldn't do anything more for me. He did not refer me to anyone or even tell me where to call. I called him several times but he did not call me back. Did call U of P and finally found a dr who is managing my symptoms without shots. This dr let me down.
Outstanding bedside manner. He made my father feel like he was his only patient.
Fabulous doctor and caring office. They were very concerned about my medical history prior to the procedure and contacted my other doctor to make sure I was able to tolerate the procedure. Dr. Turnier is friendly and professional. Answered all of my questions and explained everything. My entire family uses him!
Non caring never calls back. Left numerous messages at his office took him 3 weeks to call me back. When he does call its late at night and he rushes to get off the phone.. Told him the medicine he gave me isn't helping and I'm very sick he said lets think about another treatment il call something in to you're pharmacy..Waisted 4 months because of him and his horrible treatments that never worked. After 4 months still having the same stomach issues as the first day I went to him.

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