I have been struggling with sinus issues and a horrible cough for almost two months. I saw Dr. Shah last week and was very impressed with my experience. He genuinely cared and took the time to listen to my background. I liked the approach he took and I'm starting to feel much better. I highly recommend Dr. Shah!
Wonderful experience. I found Dr. Scoopo to be knowledgeable and caring. He asks questions and explains things in a way a non medical person can understand. He was very approachable and likeable. He was certainly worth the trip!
Dr. Restifo is calm and caring and speaks in language we can understand
My advice is to not schedule an appointment. I have never been treated so rudely! I made an appt a few weeks ago and was waiting for my other allergist to send the information to Dr. Oppenheimer. The information did not arrive in time and the day before my appointment, a full 24 hours in advance, I cancelled. When I tried to reschedule I was blocked! The reason? Simply because I did not cancel 48 hours in advance. What?! Horrible. Luckily there are many other wonderful allergists.
During my first visit with him i went into his office and he stood up and shook my hand and introduced himself. Very few doctors do this today. He is a great listener and is not a fan of over prescribing medicine, which is so prevalent today within the industry. As a patient of Restifo, you can easily tell that he loves his work and excels at being a doctor, i never feel rushed and enjoy listening to his explanations.
Attentive, patient, open to questions, ready with answers, and caring. I have never felt rushed and always have been listened to.
Absolutely a pleasure to have a good doctor that is truly concerned and will take the time to hear you through and clearly explain to you before jumping to a conclusion writing a prescription as many do today. It is great being back to using a knowledgable, caring doctor like him in this area. Definitely noticed the difference using others for the past five years while out of this area.
A wonderful doctor - listens, asks questions and addresses my concerns. He is as excellent as my GP said he would be.
Very professional, Will take the time to explain to you what he intends to do with you and how how he will accomplish that. Excellent bed-side manner. He also has offices throughout the metropolitan area for you convenience. He also has a staff of doctors and nurses to cover all your needs. You will not be disappointed.
Dr. Sussman is a wonderful caring doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Rude, condescending, nasty attitude, cold. Practices CHECKBOOK medicine. Only in it for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. TERRIBLE STAFF.
Excellent Doctor. Very thorough with you. I would highly recommend him.
The staff is very rude and doctor is more interested in his pocket than the care of his patients.
Dr. Zimmerman is a rare Doctor. He cares about you and listens. After listening to all my symptoms, thoroughly going over my health history, a physical examination and looked over all my prior test results he knew exactly what was wrong with me & what we need to keep a close eye on. He took his time explaining everything to all my questions without rushing me. I feel confident I am in the right hands.
I think Dr. Oei is a wonderful doctor. I have never felt rushed. He listens to my questions and he has answers I understand.
Terrible Doctor if you need someone for immunology. I knew I had an IGG deficiency due to prior diagnosis and severe sinus infections and was hoping to get treatment for this condition. After sending me for blood tests every 3 months to monitor she kept saying it wasn't bad enough for treatment. So I suffered for 4 more years. Finally I was given hope my new ENT sent me to a new Immunologist. I had my records transferred to him and he was horrified that she didn't treat me.
Dr. Cancel is my favorite specialist. He is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable. He always makes me feel comfortable with his friendly demeanor. He has a great sense of humor which is very welcome in the medical profession.
My experience was awful. Dr. Graffino was not friendly during my initial interview and she had the effrontery of calling me a liar when I told her that I had not taken any antihistemine during the previous week. I feel sorry for her patients who have to deal with such a disagreeable person.
I have visited Dr. Dimitry and he seems to be a good caring doctor. My problem is with his office! The phone quickly goes to voicemail and a number of options are quickly rattled off and if you don't push a number they drop the call! They give the option of pushing #8 to repeat the list but it does not work so the call is dropped. If you leave a VM message don't be surprised if it is never returned! Best bet is to push button #2 (receptionist) they do answer after many rings!! Frustrating!!!!
Based on recent experience with Dr. Fessler, I would NOT recommend her. Experience was in the hospital setting where Dr. Fessler refused to test CO2 levels to patient who was extremely lethargic and passing out. Patient almost had to be intubated due to Dr. Fessler's lack of concern for patient and incompetence. Thankfully another doctor stepped in and accurately diagnosed problem and treated the patient. Dr. Fessler looks down on patient and family members. NO STARS!
Visit to Dr.Graffino - Jan 2017.Big disappointment.She started off badly by telling me no one ever died from a post nasal drip.I had to inform her I nearly did! At one time my PND was so severe it would have suffocated me to death had I lay down.Also, mucus blocks my throat at night causing me to gasp.After 2 tests revealed nothing she presribed me a nasal spray which isnt going to do much.She didnt bother to get to the cause of the drip. Told me to come back if it gets worse! Dont go to her!
Before he joined Atlantic Health, he was a patient caring doctor. He was willing to discuss all issues with me. Once he joined Atlantic Healrh his time slot was shorter. Although he was a pulmonary doctor when I started seeing him years ago, I recently was told I may have COPD based on an X-Ray after pneumonia. I wanted his opinion. He spent most of the allotted time telling me he isn't a pulmonary dr but a sleep doctor and refused to look at my report andcalm me down.my mother died of COPD.
Dr. Graffino's ability at diagnosing is extremely poor. Being a physician myself I was mortified at how little she knew about the human body. I would never recommend or refer to this practitioner.
I have been seeing Dr. Graffino since 2000 and have always found her to be warm and approachable, with great bedside manner. She is very easy to talk to and has always been able to answer any questions we have had with trustworthy knowledge. She is a great doctor and I would highly recommend her. She also conducted my peanut challenge, which I was not at all looking forward to, and she made it so much fun! She is very lighthearted and happy to help in any way she can!
I accompanied my sister to her appointments with Dr Nahmias. He is a very kind and caring doctor. We absolutely loved his sense of humor. I cannot possibly say enough good things about this man. He restores my faith in doctors and I highly recommend him.
I've been a customer for 30 years, but on my recent visit they had me go into a separate room in their office for my breathing test. Unfortunately this other room was considered a hospital visit and I was billed $1,450 which was under my hospitalization deductible. So I ended up paying $1,500 for a rescue inhaler that I only very rarely need (and I explained this when I made the appointment and when I met the doctor). I wrote a letter to the two doctors that I have seen there and receive
Very good
Was able to get an appointment in reasonable time. Very pleasant and efficient office staff. Actually called in from waiting room a few minutes before scheduled time. Was treated soon after by doctor assistant and technician. Both were very professional, courteous and friendly. Spent considerable time with doctor, once preliminaries were complete. She was very knowledgeable and sincere in her inquiries into my physical problems.
Does not communicate well with the patient. Does lots of tests but then fails to explain results

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