Let me complete my review I so Dr Buono he told me u need surgery no screws and skin to skin 20 mint I did the surgery bake home pain free completely and bake to work Would like to thank Dr Buono for his kindness ,and great job he did also his assistant PA Jackob and I recommend him for all people suffering from back pain thank u once more Dr Buono
the bo tox injections i receive from her work effectively. very knowledgeable doctor with an excellent nursing and administrative staff. i reccomend her highly
Dr Buono put an artificial disk in my neck and I was back to work the next day. I had other Doctors saying they were not sure if they could do the disk and may have to do fusion. Dr Buono explained the procedure completely and it went exactly as he said. I highly recommend, that if you need this type of procedure that you get his opinion. I just wanted to add that I do not have a desk job, as I work in the construction field.
Dr. Buono is a skilled surgeon who truly cares about his patients. His kind and compassionate demeanor is commendable. He takes time to explain, advise, and reassure his patients about the procedure they are having performed. These qualities make him an excellent surgeon and I would highly recommend him!
Extremely competent, caring & capable. He saved my life.
Was referred to Dr. Assadi for migraine headaches. She immediately recommended an Occipital Nerve Block. This was totally unnecessary as this is a diagnostic procedure, not a treatment (and I had already being diagnosed with migraines). My confidence immediately eroded as I learned that one of her nurses suffers from migraines and that she was unable to do anything for her.
Amazing Surgeon! I'm glad I found him!
I recommend Dr. Buono and his office. They are excellent. They have answered all of my questions and have kept me in the loop post surgical on symptoms and what to expect in my recovery.
We owe Dr. Stofko for saving our daughter's life! We are at St Jude Hospital (Memphis, TN). Dr Stofko got us here! He did an incredible job on her brain surgery! NED-No Evidence of Disease. He got it all and even said he went just a little deeper because he knew that he could without doing any damage. When we got here she was tested in every way possible. No neuro damage. They confirmed it here! When we arrived they told us: She had a great surgery. We are forever in debt to Dr. Stofko!
My 14 year old daugther died while in the care of Dr. Vez, although I do not think he could have done anything to save her, he sent his PA in to provide me with the results of the tests to confirm and tell me. Not him but his PA. As her doctor and as sensitive as the situation was I would have thought any doctor would want to deliver that kind of news themself.
My mother was experiencing numbness and slurred speech. My father called me as they were in route to Physicians Regional and I met them at the emergency room. My mother was quickly surrounded by whit coats and they began running tests immediately. We were introduced to Dr. Stofko and he quickly discussed our options and we agreed immediately to his recommendation of a clot retrieval. Our community is blessed to have a endovascular neurosurgeon. Dr. Stofko saved my mother's life.
Only honest Spine surgeon I ever met! Thank you for saving my life!
Very caring, knowledgeable and professional. He has the ability to explain your specific situation in a way that you can plainly understand and comprehend without having a doctorate. Dr. Bouno and his staff are top notch!!!!
i just started being a patient of dr shukla recently and i am very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and his empathy towards his patients. he is visibly concerned about his patients. he is easy to talk to. his office staff is very helpfuland courteous
On behalf of my mother I can honestly say that Dr Vez is not only a very skilled genious but he is thorough,caring courteous, and compassionate and I can just go on listing adjectives. He saved my mom 12 years ago. She had a level 4 subarachnoid hemmorage.Two other docs found nothing Dr Vez diagnosed immediately and took action. The odds were against her but his knowledge and confidence made all the difference in the world. The odds were against her,and because of him we still have her today
went to see her about headaches and partial seizures. she immediately recommended treatments such as nerve blocks for my headaches and meds to help control my partial seizures conditions, both treatmentshave worked. she works out a very detailed plan of treatments
Dr. Vez explains conditions and procedures very well. With that said, I was told I had a brain mass and fluid almost covering my brain. Surgery was urgently necessary. Another MRI was performed in addition to my doctor ordered MRI. I waited TWO months for results. Why the lack of urgency? After 2 mths I was given a date for a biopsy and shunt placement. Won't I need more exams? He told me it wouldn't matter.Tho I cancelled surgery, his office still called my dr to confirm surgery. Stay far away.
Dr. Gliebus was my husband's physician, treating his Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson's. His compassion toward my husband,myself and my family was beyond all expectations. A very intelligent and learned physician. I would highly recommend Dr. Gliebus.

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