Be very careful with these folks. The doctor owns the surgery center and will do anything to get you under the knife. It took them a month to come back with my results, on top of being billed multiple times and was extremely unprofessional and uncommunicative (my wife was left waiting for hours when a half an hour procedure lasted 2-3 hours for unknown reasons). Further, my results from Sloan Kettering contradicted what little I was told ( that there was blockage and a stent was needed)
The most unprofessional doctors office I have ever been to. All of the front desk women act super nasty to you and never pass message to doctor when you call. He then mis diagnosed me and tried to get me to do additional tests which I did not need but Chun wanted to do them to make money from insurance. I could not get in touch with him for almost 2 days while my symptoms got worse. They don't have any regard for patients and Im surprised their still in business.
Have been going to Dr. Wasserman for years with enlarged prostate problem. Has been getting continually worse. He did the whole series of tests and thoroughly explained my options. I chose surgery which went very well. It is less than 2 weeks and I see a lot of positive results already. He is very down to earth and explained everything before, during and after, and it is all going pretty much just the way he said. I am very very pleased!! and would highly recommend him for prostate issues!
This guy is NEVER available to make an appointment with. Although he is nice he looks grumpy and acts grumpy. His professionalism is pretty good although his knowledge of thing came be a question mark.
The minute he walked in the room I felt an instant connection with him. Very professional, he shook my hand, and was very well understandable and he is well knowledgeable in his field. I feel very comfortable with him and will see him in the future.
This review is for the pro- tection of his patients. Dr Wasserman gave me severe fishers from his digital exam I bled for two weeks and I never was the same again. I had voiding issues from scar tissue which I believe even caused a polyp. And this was a well seasoned trained urologist !! Please save yourself the agony, avoid this Dr like the plague.
If could make this a 0, I would. The doctor cancelled on me multiple times. He has no regard for his patients.

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