After 2 years in her care, she could not tell you my name or why I was there each month. I asked multiple times for alternative therapies, but never got any recommendations. Normal wait time was 4 to 5 hours due to her booking 15 patients or more per hour..... then saw her for 5 minutes. She examined me one time and I had horrible feet problems she barely peeked over her desk to see. Not an office setting that feels caring at all. Was thrilled when I finally left.
The wait time is more like 3 hours. The office staff said that is normal. To me it seemed like an office you go to just to get meds. Looks like a lot of low lives that go there. Will not be returning. She wants to give out emgs like they aren't painful to go through. I've had 3 done. The results aren't going to change. I have medical records to show what's wrong but they didn't even care enough to get them. Do not go here unless you don't mind wasting your time waiting around to be seen for 5 mi
me and my family like him
i like her she is super
General Neurology and Pain Management Specialized in: Neuromuscular Disorders Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG/EMG/NCS) Sleep Disorders Breathing (Sleep Apnea, insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome etc) Movement Disorders Botox Special Interests: Headaches Stroke Multiple Sclerosis Myasthenia Gravis Dementia Parkinsons Disease Dystonias Hindi
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