Doesn't take time to address patient questions and concerns. Always rushing and rude. Wouldn't recommend
I have been seeing Dr. Monka for 20+ years now. I trust his medical opinion implicitly. Otherwise why would I go to him for so long? I first saw Dr. Monka while in a small private practice in Morris Plains that has now grown into a large facility in Cedar Knolls. This however is great because your bloodwork, x-ray, cardio and gastro is all under one roof. There's also MRI and CT scan available in the same building too.
Dr. Fuchs and his staff, both at the Cedar Knolls office and at the 111 Madison Avenue location made getting a colonoscopy tolerable, in spite of the vile prep solution. The staff at both locations were helpful, kind, and attentive, and Dr. Fuchs made the whole process intelligible and easy.
Dr. Fuchs has a great bedside manner. I saw him today and he took the time to explain things to me and discuss conditions and options. He took the time to research a syndrome I have and link it to a new problem I am having. Something that none of the other 3 doctors I've talked to about this have done. He was recommended to me by a friend and I would also highly recommend him.
Incredible Gives you honest opinions to questions, keeps you informed, and after a visit with maybe a blood test and urine, he will personally call you and go over results. He has improved my life and my well being
Dr. Moss is terrific. I went to him in 2005 as a result of my gastroenterologist insistence. He saw me right away and discovered I had 3 blocked arties. I went straight to the hospital. I go see him every 6 months for blood work and a checkup and EKG. He is very knowledgeable and knows what you need right away . He is kind and makes you feel special . God bless Dr. Moss
Dr. Fuchs is a incredible doctor. He is patient and kind. He is very knowledgeable, and knows what you need right away. He saved my life by sending me to a cardiologist. I had 3 clogged arties and if I hadn't gone I was told I could have dropped dead at any time. Thank God for Dr. Fuchs
Excellent dr. Answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything and what steps would be taken.
Dr Fuchs is knowledgeable, spend time with me. It is worth the wait in the exam room as he explained every details. Dr Fuchs answered all my questions and gave me explanations. I didn't feel rush. I will recommend this doctor.
This seems like it is becoming a habit for me. How else could I thank a doctor who has saved my life and my sanity! If he ever leaves NJ, I'm following him!
Very bright and thorough. Left no stone unturned in getting a final diagnosis for my husband. Very personable with sense of humor which helps defray the anxiety you are experiencing.
Dr. Fuchs is a game changer and a life saver. He is professional and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Fuchs he gives me as much time as needed and is ultra-sensitive. I suffered for almost a year before I met him, he diagnosed my issue and held my hand along the way. His office staff is superb, Mellissa always gets messages to him and we always get a call back should we have any questions or concerns. Thank you Dr. Fuchs for saving my life!
First of all, I am NOT in the habit of providing recommendations, however Dr. Fuchs has some outstanding qualities and skill sets that must be recognized. Dr. Fuchs is a caring, compassionate and competent professional. He listens and then provides all the options. In addition, Dr. Fuchs provides a comforting approach that clearly shows his high level of skill in his field but he does not talk down to you or overwhelm with medical double speak. Lastly, Dr. Fuchs clearly enjoys medicine and peopl
I highly recommend Dr. Fuchs to patients requiring a Gastroenterologist. I have been a patient of Dr. Fuchs for many years and have had a colonoscopy and soon-to-come endoscopy under his care, as well as managing acid reflux. Dr. Fuchs is in the office of The Medical Institute of New Jersey, part of the Atlantic Health Systems and Morristown Memorial systems.
Dr. Fuchs is a Dr. who takes the time to learn about his patients as people and always shows true, genuine concerns for the patient's health. He takes time during each visit and you never feel rushed. He asks questions and shares detailed information on the progress of treatment and looks towards the next step in the healing process which in his field could be an ongoing treatment path. His staff is so responsive, courteous and tailor the appointment time to the patient's schedule.
Dr. Monka is great doctor. VERY thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and patient. Always answers all our questions and gets back to us if he needs to followup. His office is "full service" so we don't need to go to several doctors or labs for additional testing. The office staff used to be rude, or at least one person, but I think that issue has been resolved.
Dr. Fuchs is not only a superb gastroenterologist, he is an incredible humanitarian. He deals with you as a person, and informs you medically of precisely what he can/cannot do to help you ... every office visit! He's doing this state-of-the-art 'rubber band ligation' procedure for hemorrhoids in his office and will soon do this for my daughter-in-law (who has no insurance), for a more than reasonable fee. What a man!
Dr. Fuchs takes the time to discuss all your health concerns - not just his specialty. You never feel like you are being rushed and he involves you with the path you need to take for better health. He genuinely cares about your health. My husband thinks the world of him as well. He helped resolve his colon problems with the surgeon we chose. Even took time to stop in and seem him when he was making the rounds for his own patients. I would recommend him to everyone.
Dr. Fuchs is an Very Good Doctor!!! He is patient, very thorough. He listens to your concern and gets right to work on your problem. He saved my life!!!
Dr Fuchs SAVED MY LIFE! I have been in pain every minute of every day since 12/26/2013. Hospitalized 3 times, multiple ER visits, had surgery, plus 2 exploratory's, 3 ENDOs, 2 COL's, 4 CT's, 3 US's & 2 HIDA's. (& a partridge in a pair tree) I was on multiple meds, nothing worked. Was only able to keep down Cola & watermelon. Lost 40 lbs in 5 wks. Pain woke me up every night, was malnourished & dehydrated. Started literally preparing to die. Fuchs was my last hope. He fixed me in 30 min. SAVIOR!
Dr. Fuchs is extremely professional. He takes the time to listen and explain any questions that I had during my office visit.
Took us in an emergency situation when no one else would help my handicapped son!!!
Waiting to see Dr. Monka sometime is a little longer than you would like; however, when he is attending to you realize why...he is very thorough, thoughtful and knowledge things that are important to me.
Dr. Fuchs is excellent, he is caring, he takes time to listen to the patient complaints and always eager to resolve the problem. He is very compassionate, he is never in a hurry, he gives you his complete attention. I'm so happy I went to him.
She is very thorough and knowledgeable. I have already recommended her to other people and they also like her as their doctor. She is truly a good Dr. and I work in the medical field so I know and see many of them.
Dr. Fuchs saved my life. He is a very dedicated doctor. He has treated me for the last 16 months and I could not be happier with him. He even helped with finding my medications at a lower cost than my regular pharmacy would charge. HE IS A KEEPER!
Dr. Fuchs saved my life, and my family. I first met him in Morristown Medical center being treated for alocohol related hepatitus and a cirrhotic liver. The prognosis was bleak. Now, just over a year later, I am back in good health and enjoying life, just as anyone else would. I was given a second chance, given back many more years to spend with my husband and my 5-year old son, thanks to the time, patience, and thought that Dr. Fuchs put into my care. I have him to thank for my life.
Dr. Monka is very professional and courteous. He is also extremely thorough!

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