What a wonderful bedside manner & level of comfort Dr Garguilo gives his patients & their family. I had a complex 7 hr myomectomy performed by Dr. Garguilo at Brigham and Women's. I traveled from Fairfield county in CT for every visit & my surgery. This was after a NYC Dr. was hesitant to perform my surgery due to the size & placement of my fibroids as well as the fact part of my bowels was attached to my uterus due to endo. Well I am now pregnant with my first child. Thank you Dr Garguilio!
Smiling Dr Gargiulo sat with me with my actual MRI images to show me what was what and which cysts were fluid filled and then the difference with this one other one’s characteristics of concern. He said “I don’t want to touch this unless you already have a baby at home.” He said when you cut the ovary, you take away useful tissue and though he agreed that it was a cyst that could shift and to continue to watch, he cleared me to go ahead with IVF. He talks to you not at you and is to be trusted!
Dr. Gargiulo was literally a life saver. He conducted a very difficult robotic surgery to remove my uterus and Fallopian tube because they were nonfunctional and causing me to have bad pain in my pelvis. Dr. Gargiulo had me in and out of the hospital in the same day. Life returned to normal in a few days. His bed-side manner and communication were excellent. You can tell he cares about his patients. If you are having problems with your uterus, Fallopian tubes, etc, please seek his advice!
My husband and I went to see Dr. Gargiulo after several months of trying to get pregnant. Ultimately, we were patients of Dr. Gargiulo for two years. In additional to his evident medical expertise, Dr. Gargiulo was kind, compassionate, sympathetic, and supportive. At times, when all seemed without hope, his tempered optimism was exactly what we needed to persevere through a physically and emotionally grueling experience to ultimately be successful.
Dr. Gargiulo and the entire staff at the Center for Reproductive care was so sensitive to our needs throughout the entire IVF process, from the first meeting to the exit interview. We are so grateful in the role they played in helping start our family; I would encourage anyone struggling with infertility to book your first appointment to meet them and discuss your options. The staff is professional and compassionate. I feel so lucky to have the advice and expertise of Boston doctors in Stratham.
Extremely genuine. He is obviously in this field to make a difference in the world and that he is certainly doing in a positive way. He is very understanding and has all the characteristics a doctor should have. He is a valuable asset to anyone who needs him whether it's a medical institution or patient. His combination of high quality education and experience matches his awesome attitude.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gargiulo and the staff in NH. I initially went to see the doctor due to an issue with fibroids. He provided excellent medical advice and care while his staff supported and made sure that the care was carried out. I travel for a living and this was really no issue. I later went back after realizing IVF was my best choice for conception. The care was so great and nothing compared to what i'd heard about other experiences. I even referred a friend.
I recently visited Dr. Gargiulo for fertility treatment. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a couple of years. We are both 43 years old and after a failed IVF cycle elsewhere, we went to see Dr. Gargioulo. I had a couple of factors working against me. The age factor, a missing fallopian tube which had raptured as a result of an ectopic pregnancy in 2014 and a prior laparoscopic myomectomy that took out 6 large fibroids. Other doctors had encouraged me to consider a donor egg due
Dr. Gargiulo is both brilliant and kind, making a great choice in a surgeon and specialist.
Dr. Gargiulo did my laparoscopy when my gynecologist recommended surgery to remove a growing cyst, suspected of being endometriosis. I never worried that Dr. Gargiulo's surgical removal and ablation of the cyst was going to be impeccable. I was also surprised, upon first visiting his office, to learn that I was a candidate for his recently published single-site procedure, which meant my laparoscopy done with only one incision, through my belly button. I don't have a scar, and healed quickly!
We saw Dr. G after our 3rd miscarriage. We had been trying for a baby for almost 3 years. We only met with him once and he was kind, knowledgeable and empathetic. We came up with a plan and BOOM! I got pregnant and stayed pregnant right away. Our baby turned 6 months old yesterday. We plan on going back to him when we are ready to start trying for number 2! I would recommend him to anyone struggling to conceive or has suffered multiple losses like us. He may just make your dreams come true!!
I recently underwent single-site robotic laparoscopic myomectomy performed by Dr Gargiulo. This technique was pioneered at BWH and published in peer reviewed journals. The standard of care was outstanding at every stage and I recovered surprisingly quickly. I was back on my feet within a week with very little post-operative pain. Dr Garguilo will treat you with both skill and compassion and I would urge anyone who is concerned about fibroids to arrange a consultation at BWH.
Dr. Gargiulo is Amazing!!! I was referred to him and told he was The best of the best. I walked in his office, he was kind, understanding, knowledgeable and caring. He was 100% invested my well being and health By the time I walked out of his office, I had a MRI scheduled, follow up appointments on the books and plan for surgery underway. Dr. G was able to do surgery through my belly button and avoid a large cut across stomach. My first Dr. I saw had told me that was not an option.
I could not have asked for a better Doctor to handle my gigantic fibroid. Dr. Gargiulo Is one of the best Doctors I've dealt with. He was able to remove my gigantic (size of a regular human's head) fibroid through robotic Assisted Laparoscopy myomectomy. He left very tiny scars on my belly and reconstructed my belly button perfectly. I could not be any happier to know this thing is out of me. My belly is so flat now, it's amazing. Dr. Gargiulio thank you!!! thank you!! thank you!!!
Dr. Gargiulo is very informative and answered any questions I had throughout the process. At one point after my surgery I had a question so I called the hospital and they told me I would receive a call back momentarily. Not long after Dr. Gargiulo called me back himself to reassure me that I was ok and that what I was experiencing was 100% normal. He was a very nice Doctor.
Dr. Gargiulo was extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional. I was referred to him over the summer when I was diagnosed with a 12cm fibroid. Dr. Gargiulo walked me through the entire procedure and reassured me that my fertility would remain intact. On the day of my surgery I was completely comfortable with my surgical team, and I will say that my recovery was extremely fast and surprisingly comfortable. Dr. Gargiulo made 4 small incisions, removed the fibroid, and I was on my way to recovery
When I found out that I had a large fibroid about the size of a softball in my uterus, and the recommendation was to have it removed, I did a lot of research to find out who was the top surgeon in the area specializing in fertility & fibroid removal; all fingers pointed to Dr. Antonio Gargiulo, a specialist in gynecological surgery who works at the Brigham and Women?s Hospital, which is Ranked #2 in the nation for Gynecology. I knew I would be in excellent hands, and I couldn?t be more pleased.
Dr. Gargiulo and his staff at the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery in Stratham, NH are at the top of their class. This is by far the nicest group of healthcare professionals I have ever interacted with and would highly recommend. I opted to have a myomectomy for the removal of uterine fibroids at age 50. I am so pleased with the results and it has only been 4 weeks since surgery. Felt fully recovered after 2 weeks and very, very happy that I opted for this surgery.
I was referred to Dr. Gargiulo by children's hospital. I had recurring uterine fibroids that the children's doctor no longer felt confident in removing without comprising the integrity of my uterus. Dr. Gargiulo felt confident in helping me while also saving my uterus and he did. He saved my uterus and my future of having children. He has a wonderful bed-side manner and always made me feel confident and positive. I will be forever gratefull for this doctor.
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