He's a great Dr. I love how he is with my daughter. He keeps it real and is very informative.
Although she is a good doctor, the office management is horrendous. Almost 3 hours to see her and this is everytime.
BEWARE. has no bedside manner. quick to judge. after discharged from hospital with hbp for 2 nights went to visit her for a follow-up. 1st time diagnosed with hbp. I mentioned - the medication given to me at hospital was not making me feel good - she says - I should get used to it. Total disaster . . . she says - there was nothing wrong with me. I would not ever visit with this doctor. I found another doctor who listened and changed my medication.
While Dr. Lee- Rey is a good doctor, however, the wait time is horrendous (can wait an average of 2 or more hours) and i would not recommend. In addition, when follow-up is requested via phone, the admin assistants are difficult to comply and it becomes a mission.
This was my first visit with her, so I wanted to address all of my health concerns. From the second she walked in, Dr Mathur seemed completely detached and didn't look at me or engage with me in any significant way. It was supposed to be a thorough physical, but, her assessment lasted about 2 minutes, and I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. She was dismissive, slightly judgmental, and uncaring about anything I brought up to address. I will be looking for another doctor now.
Wait time is horrible. Not reccomend.
Working in the health care field myself, I have met my fair share of doctors and believe when I say that Dr. Michaelis is hands down one of the best. He is genunely interested in his patients well being and is very thorough. The new computer system allows for self service appointment scheduling, access to lab results, and communication with the doctor. Ive switched primary physicians several times because they just didnt sit well with me but horses couldnt drag me away from this PCP.
I felt as though she rushed the entire assessment. She didn't listen to what I had to say. I felt like I was being judged and not being properly assessed. I work in the health care field and this was not how I would treat patients and don't expect to be treated this way. This was my first appointment with this physician and last. I will not be returning, I feel sorry for all of the pt's that think they have to settle for this kind of treatment.
She rushes and barely looks at you. She is quick to dismiss pains and concerns without explanations.
Doctor is very nice and helpful. However, the wait time keep increasing each time I visited. Average waiting time to see this doctor is 2 hours. I have waited over 3 hours a few times.
Dr Yu was pediatrician for my daughter and grand daughter. Once my daughter had her children (Brendan and Savanna), Dr Yu became their doctor. We moved to Florida 4 years ago and really miss her. She is a great doctor and always explains and has time to hear your issues. Miss you so much Dr Yu.
After seeing Dr. Stern several time, I find him to be Very welcoming and professional at first glance. however the services he has rendered to me have been unsatisfactory. I can't help but conclude that he seems to put Corporate interest ahead of patient health. He appears to hold back on making referrals to other specialist based on his per-conceived notion that the specialists' findings will not differ from his own judgement on a patients current health status.
Dr. Stern was professional and thorough during my physical exam. He was friendly, taking the time to answer all of my questions. I recommend this doctor.
He takes good care of patients. Works hard. Sympathetic to people in clinic.
Dr. Zegreda has been my primary care physician for almost 4 years now and she has always made me feel comfortable and secure when discussing my test results or just after performing an examination. She takes the time to listen to your comments and for me personally has made great progress in controlling both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. i have much faith in her procedures and am happy that she is my doctor.
She rushes you during your appointment, cut you off when answering questions, not very friendly, doesn't really show any interest in any of your concerns and can come off very rude!
i have been with this doctor for about 3 years and I'm searching for a new one as I type. She does no follow up when test come back abnormal. Will send you a notice of whats wrong with no explanation no plan nothing. She is not patient friendly. Felt as if when i asked questions and expected feed back she looked as if she was spaced out or thinking about something else. When not feeling well you call or send message through my chart and she never responses.
Exceedingly professional.
My experience with this doctor was very disappointing. She has been my primary care doctor for a few years and she does not know any of my health problems. She does not review my chart before seeing me. Every time I visit her office she ask me the same questions as if it's been my first visit. She shows zero interest in my medical problems. She sent me to see a few specialist and she didn't even know which doctor she sent me to. I do not feel safe with her. she is horrible! Do not trust her!
Dr. Wasserstrom has poor bedside manners. She barely looks at patient and is quick to refer to other physicians before explaining possible ailments or giving suggestions.
He was my Dr. many years ago and I would never recommend him to any of my friends or relatives. He says things that are very hurtful. At times he comes across as very angry.
Dr. Berk is just a phenomenal Doctor, for more than a decade Dr. Berk has helped me resolve countless issues with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism.
Dr . Balidemaj diagnosed my father with constrictive pericarditis after 8+ years of going to various doctors/hospital in hopes of finding out what was wrong with him. Dr. Balidemaj is by far the best doctor I have ever had to pleasure of meeting. Hes very kind and makes you feel comfortable to ask as many questions as you need. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great cardiologist!
Dr. Hadeel, very nice, friendly, cares about patients.
Dr. Balidemaj is very competent, dedicated to his profession, and always available for his patients. His exquisite bed manners matched by the genuine interest in the patient's understanding, in my opinion, are rarely matched in the specialty field.
I've personally experienced. I've been seeing Dr. 6+ years and would recommend him to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hes very caring, and treat patientes like a family his the best doctor ever...
I like Dr. Dichter for his professionalism, he listens to all of my concerns and takes the time to answer them completely.
Dr. Balidemaj is a throw back to doctors of the past. He is thoughtful and caring towards his patients and takes care of them like family.
Excellent doctor!!! Very caring, concerned, passionate about his work. Very thourough in his examinations and explanation, and best bedside manner I've personally experienced. I've been seeing Dr. B for 5+ years and would recommend him to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
It took me two visits to assure my opinion of never wanting to see this doctor again. I should have listened to my mother and sister, who have also visited her on 4 separate appointments and were convinced she is not helpful. She: 1) does not explain or answer questions 2) acts disgusted when doing essential body examinations, or just avoids them completely (she responds with answers like "no don't show me!" or "no I do not want to see") 3) she rushes through her appointments. Bad choice!
She has been my primary physician for years and is excellent. I tried doctors closer to my address and found they came short compared to her. I was so happy she was still practicing at Monte fiore. I regret trying other doctors. Dr.Ning is fantastic. She is an excellent doctor and a shows genuine care and concern for her patients. I'm so happy she had availability to have her again as my primary physician. She thorough and I feel confident in her and I feel she keeps my Heath as a top priority.
Fantastic dr. Calm, patient, smart. She listens and has excellent diagnostic skills. Have been her patient x 7 years. Followed her to WestMed from montifiore.
Listens to all my concerns. Works with me and to correct the issue. Shes dosnt make u feel rushed. She always gets back to me within good time. Shes good when trying to fit me in at the last min Instead of going ugernt care, which is always great.
His office is run like an assembly line. Doesn't look you in the eye and speak to you. Rushes every visit. Doesn't spend enough time with the patient.
Did not follow through on my care.Never filed for my physical therapy even after 3 days and an urgent request submitted through call center. No way to speak to Doctor directly.had to find another dr.will not return to this group.
Good listener and very thorough

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