Ever since Dr. Casden did an ACDF surgery, I haven't experience any pain on my neck and shoulder. I strongly recommend him. Excellent surgeon and excellent team at Mount Sinai hospital
Referred to Dr. C by a 5 time surgeon on my spine. Dr. C. Did a multilevel fusion of my lumbar spine over a 2 day period. BRUTAL PAIN. But.......End result.... the best outcome i have had. Dr. C is a genius in his craft. I am not looking for a lullabye doctor. I want honesty, ability, confidence and ego. Dr. C is all of that. He is not brash. He is honest. If mollycoddling is your need, go elsewhere. If you want one of the best minds on your side, Andy Casden is your guy! I come from Fla.!!
I developed severe pain and numbness in my left arm,chest and neck,sleeping was almost impossible, Dr. Casden performed ACDF on C6-C7 on Sept 26. 2 weeks later the pain has numbness has been releived by 90% two weeks later. Dr Casden and his team are excellent. they explain everything to you prior to going in to surgery and gave me a 110% feeling that all would be fine. Dr Casden and team are top notch.
This doctor spent about 3 seconds listening to my problems and barely examining me and declared that he couldn't help me because he believed my problem was in my shoulder, not my spine, and he "only does spines." I saw a far better doctor later the same day who sent me for an MRI and surprise! The problem is a herniated disc in my spine. It fills me with rage that I wasted nearly three hours seeing this completely incompetent doctor only days after my C section. AVOID.
Dr. Casden and his staff (Justin) were great. Dr. Casden and Dr. Alexander Lee diagnosed my condition after the WestMed doctors dropped the ball. Justin got me admitted to Mt. Sania and the Mt. Sinai team of doctors and nurses including Dr. Casden and Dr. Niebart coordinated the testing/treatment and got me back on my feet. I highly recommend Dr. Casden, his staff and the Mt. Sanai team. Thanks Dr. Casden!
I had severe back pain,sciatica pain was unbearable and leg numbness limited my activity. I could not walk more then 75 feet before I had to sit down to regain feeling in my legs.He performed a Spine Fusion Using TLIF Technique of L4-L5 in August of 2015. It is now March of 2016 and I am feeling great. I exercise 2 hours a day 5 days a week, Walk over 3 miles a day and my symptoms of sciatica and numbness are gone. Dr, Casden has given me my life back. Dr Casden and his staff are excellent!
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