Very pleased with my care from Dr. Luke Loveys!!! I had knee replacement surgery and he answered all my questions. He was very compassionate and understanding. I had no bruising and my recovery is incredible. Barely using a cane after a month. Very important to do my part with exercises. Home care was great and I really owe it to my quality surgeon and my positive attitude for the blessings of doing so well. I need to have my other knee done in the fall but I anticipate it will also go well.
Awesome doctor, awesome PA, awesome staff. Great choice for ortho surgery!
I can't thank Dr. Klotz enough for his expertise and caring....he literally saved me from leg amputation after being neglected by a surgeon's PA. For weeks the PA ignored my concerns about a very black knee... Thank God i was able to get into see Dr Klotz and now after a cement implant and finally a new knee I am myself again!!! Thank you Dr. Klotz for saving my knee!!!!
Dr. Gibbs was great - he did my ACL reconstruction & meniscus. Easy surgery, great recovery, back to full sports in less than a year. Today it feels no different than my other knee.
I went to Luke for a second opinion for feet problems and was very disappointed. I seen him twice and didn't get no where. I didn't like his approach and still left in pain his answer was inserts. No that's not going to fix my problem. Thanks for for the help.
Surgery was excellent, recovery quick and very little pain, one of the best doctors around.
Doesn't fill in details, listens to patients complaints but brushes them off, office takes extremely long to file reports to insurance companies. Dr's. note's lack the substance of what was actually discussed during visit and are often misrepresented and lacking substance
In April 2016 I had total left knee replacement at Unity Hospital. My experience with Dr. Klotz and his team was truly exceptional from the written instructions and information provided prior to the surgery through the follow-up following surgery. At the age of 74, I was apprehensive about the procedure, but seeing the volunteers who had knee replacements jumping around and showing how active and pain free their knees were at the pre-surgery session convinced me that I made the right decision
My husband and I liked him right away. He gave us a feeling of confidence. I was amazed how easy my surgery recovery was. Almost no pain from the beginning. If I need another joint replaced, I will def go back to him.
My whole family sees Dr Klotz
I have been to Dr. Gibbs 2 times, (2 different reasons) I would Gladly go back to him again. We talked quite a bit about my diagnosis. He was honest and upfront with me. Told me all the do's and don'ts. I found his bedside manner to be very professional. I felt if I had any questions I could call and ask them. His secretary was very nice and professional a well. My experience with Dr. Gibbs was/is a positive one, and knowing he is there if I ever need him again is a great relief.
Dr. Klotz explained what needed to be done to correct a prior knee replacement surgery performed by a different doctor. He listened to my concerns & answered all my questions. He did a wonderful job and I'm able to walk for long distances again.
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