I saw Dr. Buchholz one week ago for my first visit with her. She couldn't have been nicer. Good bedside manner, and explained everything in a calm way.
Arrogant. Know it all.
I had an appointment at her Brooklyn location and was very uncomfortable. The office was run down, felt dirty, rooms were not private and, they did not take credit cards.
Super nice and funny , extremely reliable and is amazing at his job.
I am appalled by my experience seeing Dr. Silverberg. During our visit she was unprofessional, hasty, and seemed to be groggy. I filled out 10 pages of paperwork for prior authorization for a prescription during our visit. A month later I had not heard back so I called. She had apparently never filed the paperwork and was now out on medical leave. Her assistant refused to file the paperwork that I had filled out and suggested I return to see a different Doctor. I will NEVER return to this office
Dr. Bowden is a caring and experienced physician. It is a pleasure to have him care for me.
Called early in the day to verify they took my insurance, then after going in and spending 30 minutes waiting I got an attitude when they realized they were wrong.
You can get results with Dr. Silverberg but if you are seeing her at Union Square, expect a long wait time. I suggest finding out when her first appointment of the day is and booking the first or second appointment before she gets backed up or book the last appointment since they want to wrap up the day and go home.
I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor as I did with Dr. Barry Smith. He is personable, easy to talk to, he listens, he answers your questions in a way that you understand. He does not rush the office visit. Wonderful doctor. He helped me immensely ! Wish there were more stars to give!!
I visited Dr. Silverberg at the Mt. Sinai West 59th St. office for the first time yesterday. My wait time was only about 15 minutes. She listened to and answered all of the questions I asked, was very knowledgeable, knew exactly what to prescribe and all in all, was very helpful. Thank you Dr. Silverberg.
Dr Smith is great. Explains his diagnosis with you, actually spends time with the patients and instills a lot of confidence. An absolute pleasure to deal with. One of the good guys!
Answered questions thoroughly. I appreciated that he recommended simple, low-cost treatments and monitoring rather than expensive testing, and backed up that recommendation so that it sounded like the most practical path.
Now I understand the four-month advance booking. Kindest, gentlest and most thorough health provider under whose care I have had the pleasure to be placed. Dr. Dannenberg listened to every concern with the utmost patience never hurrying to shuffle off to the next patient. No superlative would be too much to bestow upon Dr. Dannenberg. A professional's professional. (From a first-time patient)
The Doctor is ok, it's the staff that is truly inept. I needed prior authorization for 2 prescriptions that the Dr. wrote, and they could not figure out how to provide it. It's now been 2 weeks since my appt, I've called the office 4 times, and still the Rx is not filled. It's not the pharmacy's fault. I've been using the same pharmacy for over 10 years, and never had a problem.
Not impressed with dr never had any helpful advice for my conditions I guess I was too old for him to be bothered
This office either is not aware their receptionist is compassionless or she reflects their way of viewing patients. I called and said I have what may be a tick lodged in my back or a bad bite, don't feel well and just moved from Massachusetts. My insurance company listed Dr. Flugman. She said they are not booking until December then incredulously said, "I don't know if that helps you or not!" Huh? I said you know that doesn't help me right? She said, "I don't know." I think she knows.
I have an appointment scheduled via Zocdoc for this week, they confirmed my appointment 3 days ago. I arranged to take a day off work in order to make my appointment and then I get an email saying her office has canceled my appointment with no notice, no contact, nothing. Very disappointed, terrible service and treatment of patients.
Is she a physician? I had a horrible experience by not properly treating my skin condition, she requested to return in a month, never returned and never will. Decide to visit a real physician and indicated that the procedure by the previous doctor was WRONG! After the first visit to the real Doctor, my conditions got better. THIS PHYSICIAN SHOULD BE BAR FROM PRACTICING
Terrible. She misdiagnosed me, not realizing I had cellulitis, and gave me a cream which made it so much worse. Infection spread all over my torso and was horribly painful. When I called to discuss, she refused to get on the phone! I just wanted to figure it out and treat it, but I guess she was too worried about lawsuits to worry about my excruciating pain. She put her Assistant on the phone, and I could hear Dr. Buchholz telling the asst to blame me! I repeat, terrible. Do not use.
After waiting exactly 60 minutes, I went in and told the physician's assistant I wanted A) a cyst removed and B) a few moles frozen off. I was told Dr B will only address one issue at a time-- I'd have to return to the office (and thus fork over another co-pay). This is her policy with new patients. I reminded her I saw Dr B in 2014. But since my insurance changed, they were considering me a new patient so no changing their rule. THEN I was told Dr B does not remove cysts. What does she do???
After waiting for 45 minutes past appointment, walked out of her office. Not sure how good she is but if her professionalism is any indication then stay away.
We came for annual check up. Doctor didn't even bother to look at my skin. How can I know if something wrong with my molls if he even didn't look at them? It felt like he was annoyed that we came at all. Go to another doctor - don't waste your time.
Amazingly thorough.
Long wait time, office staff was less than friendly. I didn't feel as though the doctor listened to all of my questions or concerns. Some of my questions were not addressed during the appointment. I left unsure if I was to schedule a follow up appointment or wait for test results first.
Waiting for her made the lines at the DMV seem like a NASCAR. Slow, grumpy, disheveled, & pretty much useless. After making me wait for over an hour she had a student diagnose me while she played on her phone. I'm not sure how this woman still has a job. I wouldn't trust her to keep my tamagotchi alive let alone address my own personal health. After all was said & done it turned out that she didn't even do the right tests yet I still received a sizable bill in the mall. Hours of my life...gone.
She takes forever to see you, on top of that she will change your original app. because she is so busy that cant keep up.
Best dermatologist I have ever seem. Listened to me and is very polite. He looked at me when I was speaking and answered all my questions without making me feel rushed. Very knowledgeable too. His staff is super friendly and polite. They run a very nice office. It is pretty too. Professional and warm.
I waited for three hours. She finally took me after every single other patient left. I think she took me last because she did not like my Obama care insurance. Her staff never did send a bill and I started receiving phone calls from a collection agency at work. While in her office she biopsied something on my face without asking for permission and left a permanent scar. Had gone to the office for something else. Guess she thought insurance would pay her for that. Unprofessional rude.
The office was difficult. I made an appointment for which I got a confirmation call. When I arrived they had no record of my appointment nor referral. They made me go to my primary care physician's office to get a copy of the referral which they said should have been viewable on the computer. The doctor was ok. Very speedy. Didn't engender confidence.
Office staff is awful. Dr. has zero concern for his patient's well-being
I am nearly 70 years old. I have seen maybe 1/2 dozen dermatologists over my lifetime. Not only is Dr. Friedman professional and knowledgeable, his office is run like any other successful business. The staff is on point. Wait time is minimal. You can count on being seen at, or nearly at, the time you were scheduled. Insurance, co-pays and follow-up appointments are all handled seamlessly. Bravo, Dr. Friedman!
He really know hair and hair loss. I have seen many dermatologists and he finally gave me hope.
Patient, kind, knowledgeable and listens to the patient.
Unprofessional. The doctor spent less than 5 min and before I knew it he was out of the door without saying bye and asking if I had any questions. He did not listen to my symptoms and concerns, did not bother to take a good look at my skin and did not recommend any preventive measures pertaining to my skin condition. He focused more on building a rapport by doing a small talk that is absolutely unnecessary and annoying. I wouldn't recommend this doctor, the visit was useless.
Impossible phone system, arrogant staff.

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