Rude, uncaring, and cold. When you need a prescription, they lie and tell you they sent it right before they close office hours, only to find out that when you call the pharmacy, they did not send in said medication and then CANNOT be reached because the emergency line workers are EXTREMELY rude and unhelpful. Avoid this office at all costs!
Dr. Petraco is friendly and thorough. I never felt rushed and always understood the treatment he administered. He helped diagnose my endometriosis, which my previous gynecologists had written off as normal. He's an excellent doctor!
Terrible dr. I had surgery with her she was only supposed to take a cyst off of my ovary she ended up removing my ovary did even tell me that was a possibility and on top of that scarred me so bad with the incision that I had to get a scar revision done by a plastic surgeon!! She did not even cut me in a straight line it was like she did the surgery drunk and blind folded. Horrible!! All other drs there are great . Stay away from her
I saw Dr. Strittmatter several times during my pregnancy. He was One of the only doctors that I saw that I felt truly listened and took the time to make sure I understood information and felt comfortable. Dr. Strittmatter did not rush me out of the office and really took the time to answer all of my questions. I was SOO lucky that he was on call the weekend I went into labor. He was unbelievably calming and I knew I was in good hands. I would recommend this dr, especially to a new mother!
Dr. Bernal is truly amazing and a complete pleasure everytime I see her, she is so caring and always takes great care of me. She takes care of my 3 sisters and mom, we wouldnt go anywhere else. Dr. Bernal is one of a kind we are vert grateful to her.
Dr. Bernal has finally put my mind at ease. I've been in and out of doctors offices and haven't received the attention that I received from her. Very informative and knowledgable. Figured out exactly what my issue was after all this time and thoroughly answered all my questions. Couldn't be happier with my experience with Dr. Bernal.
When I walked into her office, I was extremely nervous. I was with my last OBGYN for 6yrs and had to change because I moved to LI. I settled on Dr. Bernal because of her great reviews. Let me just say I am so happy I made the switch. She was extremely friendly and her staff was very helpful. She made me feel welcomed and talked in a soothing tone that you couldn't help but feel comfortable with her. I'm happy with the change.
Amazing bedside manner very sweet and patient. She took her time to answer all of my questions!
She was the doc on call who came to see me when I ended up in the ER, she knew from the start what was wrong with me and made things very easy. I had just met her that night but she treated me as if I were her patient of many years. She diagnosed the cancerI had growing in my uterus and saved my life. my family owes so much to her,you just have to meet her once and most likely you would not get another doc.
she saved my life and I and I am forever grateful to her, she was not my dr but I ended up in the ER for a bad episode of bleeding, she came in right away and got it all done. she was not my reg gyn, in fact I had not seen one in many years, but she treated me as if she knew me my whole life, I have never experienced such attention in my worst moments. i got the right care and my cancer is now under control. She still sees me anytime I need, I couldnt be more happy.
Doesn't listen and doesn't explain anything properly. Super disappointed, I'll be moving to a different office.
Awesome dr, great bedside matter, listens to your needs. Calls to see how your feeling after you had surgery!
Very caring, great bed side matter. Calls and asks how your feeling. Gets you in for emergency visits pretty quick.
Do not use this doctor. I nearly died due to hemorrhaging from a miscarriage on Thanksgiving. She told me it was normal and I shouldn't got to the ER. She just did not want to be bothered to go to the hospital in Thanksgiving. I followed her instruction and fell asleep. I had to be rushed by ambulance the following morning, lucky I woke up at all. I lost so much blood I could not walk. My blood pressure dropped. I ended up with a d&c and a blood transfusion. Do not trust her w/ ur unborn baby!
After several years at this practice, visiting this doctor, I felt I deserved much better care. I'm not a fan of how I was treated by this Doctor, the care was rushed and the treatment options I was given made my situation much worse and led to several medical problems. Dr was not concerned when I raised these issues with her, did not care or help at all. I feel I'm deserving of better care.
Sometimes nurses are given too much power in a medical facility. My appointments with Mrs. Decastro have proved this point. I had met with her due to my regular Dr not being available for a quick appointment. Mrs. Decastro was putting me through several unnecessary tests and procedures that were completely irrelevant to my situation. I never got straight answers and was put on several medications that made my situation worse. I felt uncomfortable continuing visits to this office. Please beware.
Horrible facility, unprofessional and made me feel extremely uncomfortable on several occasions. I absolutely would not put my trust in the doctors working here and do not recommend to any woman searching for honest and safe healthcare. Please beware and find a trustworthy Dr elsewhere.
Amazing doc, I was very scared to have surgery but she was highly recommended. I could not be more happy, had an perfect surgery, could not believe I felt so great, for those of us who have big fibroids or uterus problems, she changed my life.
excellent doc, I was looking for a surgeon who could help me because I did not want to have a big scar, she is a well known robotic surgeon and I am so happy I chose her. Dr. Bernal was amazing, and she made this scary experience easy, she is lovely and caring.
Excellent doc, has delivered 2 of my babies and made our experience the best. We absolutely love her!
Excellent doc, she is very patient and great with teenagers too, I take my 3 daughters to her now after I had a great experience with my surgery. She is kind and very caring.
Amazing Dr. in Long Island, had robotic surgery done and my experience was exceptional. She is known for being an amazing surgeon. Def recommend her, she is lovely and explains every thing.
At a time when I was extremely stressed due to my condition, Dr. Shaffran treated me with kindness, honest concern and wonderful professionalism. I would have no reluctance in recommending her to anyone. Highly recommended!
Dr. Edwards is approachable and easy to talk to - he genuinely cares about his patients and you don't fell like his time is rushed, which makes it easy to ask questions and understand the answers. Plus the office staff is very friendly and helps to schedule your appointment at a convenient time.
I found Dr. Shaffran to be an exceptional doctor with a lousy bedside manner. No one enjoys being interrupted when they're speaking, but when you're with a doctor it is particularly disconcerting. Dr. Shaffran has a habit of interrupting with a question that is off-topic; making the patient feel as if she is not listening - at all - to what they're saying. The truth is, she's a very good, capable Dr. ... When she's on-time for appointments (frequently late to work, not backed up).
Said unprofessional, insulting, insensitive things. Doesn't care about your questions or concerns. Sarcastic.
Shocked to see such a low rating for Dr. Edwards. He is one of my favorite doctors. Initially I had to see him for a special procedure. I was terrified and nervous because I had never had a male GYN. Dr. Edwards made me feel comfortable and assured me everything would be ok; after that I made him my regular doctor and have been seeing him for about three years now!
Excellent and proffesional Dr. that helped me and members of my family. I'm glad I found her.
after read all the reviews I agreed. I changed to another doctor. take them a week still didn't get my medical information report deliver to my new doctor.
Kim decastro is more concerned with expressing her opinion than helping my breast cancer diagnosis. Thank god I did not take her advice and was not bullied by her aggressive tactic. It's been 3 years and yes I'm now cancer free holistically. She was more interseted in milking my insurance than addressing my issue. Get a second opinion out of her network. 2 thumbs Down..
She is on time,Very professional and easy to talk to. Takes her time with you. I never feel rushed. Office very nice as are all the girls in the office.
I went to dr Shaffran related to extremely bothersome hot flashes, an abrupt weight gain, & borderline osteoporosis, and sudden onset hypertension, despite cycling monthly. My endocrinologist had all the necessary labs drawn indicating I was in "menopause" meaning my hormones shom I'm no longer ovulating... I requested hormone replacement therapy due to the major affect that these symptoms. She suggested an off the internet "supplement" or an antidepressant (which take months to....
Made me feel super embarrassed and uncomfortable about things that I shouldn't feel insecure about. I felt horrible after the appointment. I had a ton of questions since I haven't been to a gyno in a while and all of them were answered in a rush, like she about to be halfway through the door while answering. By the way, if a patient says they they'd rather do an exam at a different time/appointment, don't force them into doing it that day..never coming back here, even if my life depended on it
Dr. Schreiber delivered my daughter in September 2015. He listened carefully to my thoughts on how I wanted her delivery to go and made sure my pain was well managed. Dr. Schreiber made sure my husband was an active participant and helped us both maintain a sense of humor. I was very relaxed in his care.
Dr. Richter should not be allowed to continue treating patients as an OBGYN. She has no bedside manner, misdiagnoses her patients (unfortunately, I had to learn by being one of her misdiagnosed patients not only once, but twice!!!) and doesn't listen to what her patients say. If you don't agree with her, she becomes very dismissive and arrogant. I'm shocked she still has patients to be honest.
Just no.
Gyno appt's are never fun but this woman made it absolutely a horrific experience! She was cold, rude, unprofessional and any other negative adjective one can think of. I would never recommend her. She needs a lesson in human decency!
Dr petraco performed an emergency c-section when I had my first child 2.5 years ago. I was in a lot of pain even with pain meds until the 6 weeks postpartum visit. When I asked Dr. Petraco whether it is normal that I am still in so much pain, he said it is nothing unexpected. The sharp pains finally subsided after 3 months but I kept having pains when I sneezed the wrong way a year later. I had a second emergency c section by a different dr recently and only minor pain after the first week.
Dr. Marshak was very negative. She misdiagnosed my round ligament pelvic pain as pubic symphysis, and told me that it would probably not improve and there was nothing I could do for it. She was wrong. She kept me waiting for 45 min. She also talked to me like I was an idiot when I told her I felt like I was gaining weight too fast in my pregnancy. Instead of putting my mind at ease she said Just stop eating sugar, it's that simple. I can't make you do it, just stop. Rude, insensitive woman.
Dr. Strittmatter is personable young man while being professional and actually LISTENS when you ask a question and then takes the TIME to answer the questions in a terminology you will understand. Great Guy! I have never felt hurried while visiting, he is committed to his patients..
Dr. Stritmatter is the only doctor I see at Suffolk OB/GYN. He is by far the nicest, most knowledgeable, trustworthy and easiest to talk to of any OB I've seen. He always takes time to explain procedures and answer all questions I have. The office itself is clean and inviting; however the staff upstairs aren't really very friendly (most of them, not all) and wait times aren't especially good. The staff downstairs in the ultrasound area are all very nice.
Very quiet didn't have much personality . Made me feel very uncomfortable for my first visit. I was extremely disappointed on how a medical professional could make a patient feel so uncomfortable
I'm the type of woman that usually picks another woman to be my gynecologist but I have to say I have never felt as comfortable as I did with DR Petraco. He was open to questions and expressed interest in my situation. He spends extra time with his patients & that's a plus for me since I usually felt like I was being rushed out of the exam room. Thanks!
Although Dr. Strittmatter is a great doctor...I highly recommend staying far away from this office. The staff are rude and nasty. The sonographers are incompetent. The wait time from waiting room to actually seeing a doctor is always a minimum of an hour. Steer clear of this practice!!!!!!!!!
Horrific experience!!She falsely diagnosed me with an STD, i told her that was impossible, she had an attitude with me as if i was lying, then the culture and blood work both came back negative, but noone from the office called to tell me, i had to call the office to request results, spoke to a nurse Olivia, who had an attitude and said Dorothy will have to call me back. Nobody called me back, i called again the next day to get results, spoke to same nurse,attitude again, she gave me neg results

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