The office visit was pretty uneventful. A little allergy test, checked ears nose and throat to figure out congestion issues... his medical advice to my husband was to take Clariton. Then we got a bill for $3200! We called several times to have the doctor correct the codes and resubmit to the insurance company, since we were clearly overcharged... no response. Not even a call back. Obviously NYU Langone puts docs under a lot of oressure to make money for the hospital but this is criminal!
Dr. Horne was very professional and courteous during the visit. He didn't rush as he took a detailed history and discussed the possible treatments for my allergies. I ended up deciding to start allergy shots. His staff are great as well!
Not very good. He isn't friendly - just tell me your issues and i'll diagnose It doesn;t make you very comfortable as the patient. And when I said thank you to him for his help, all he replied with is your results should be online in a few days. How about you're welcome.
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