I think Dr Appel is a fine Dr. He shoes such dedicatiom to him patients.
He gives time to his patients and explain the situation very well. Doesn't rush and goes step by step in diagnosing the problem before treatment.
I had an unfortunate experience with Dr Cha. I needed blood work after fracturing bones in my foot and showed up on crutches 5 mins late for the appointment. Dr Cha said through the receptionist that I was late and refused to see me. I ask the receptionist to explain I was having trouble getting around and would she please reconsider. Again she refused to see me. I was shocked to be treated with so little respect (especially as this policy is not posted) and will not go back to Dr. Cha again.
She very good with diagnosing a problem
Dr Gabbay is The best doctor I've ever experienced.
fantastic! love her!
Dr. Lapidus does not accept insurance and will bill your credit card without your permission. Proceed cautiously, or not at all, with this person.
My wife's experience was very sad. Dr. Prasad Hayes performed a DC scrape. Everything was fine. Until Dr. Prasad Hayes called after the operation. Told me my wife was gravely ill, BP went from 143 to 215, Sodium sunk 5 points. We rushed her to a bed. So, I called Violas Trial Nurse Medical Research ( 35 years Sloan Kettering ). I called Joni immediately. Trial Nurse. Joni went on wife's real time Out Patient Viola told me Dr. Prasad Hayes is lying. Impossible and numbers on chart different.
Dr. Prasad is a great doctor. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She is also a very skilled surgeon.
Dr. Grossman is responsive, personable and thorough!
Dr. Goldstein is brilliant. He is very caring and extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He takes time to explain everything and offer his recommendations in a thoughtful and sympathetic manner.
Dr. Grimm acted as our medical expert in court in the child abuse allegations trial. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and after her expert testimony, the judge stopped seeing us as monsters, and started seeing us as parents. Because of her testimony, our children were reunited with us. We think the doctor not only a consummate professional, but also a very compassionate, kind person that is sympathetic to someone?s trouble and pain. Thank you, Dr. Grimm! Radmila & Aleksandr
I had surgery for what Dr Prasad-Hayes and the radiologist thought was a benign tumor in my ovary. Dr P-H explained that I would need a more extensive surgery if the biopsy (done during surgery) was malignant. It was, so I had a total hysterectomy, plus removal of tumors from my pelvic cavity. She's a great surgeon, has a well-run office, and has an excellent bedside manner re: explaining possible scenarios pre-surgery, and diagnosis and treatment options post-surgery. I highly recommend her.
Great Doctor. She is patient, takes time with the parents and the kids. Answer all the parent's questions. Take great care of kid's health. I highly recommend Dr Grossman.
Excellent in every way and with a great sense of humor that makes every appointment even that much better.
I am saddened that I cannot give praise to this Dr. She started off very concerning and made my husband and myself put our faith in her, however, when the cancer became more difficult to handle and the complications were worsening, she was extremely difficult to get in touch with and I waited days for her to return a call. Ultimately, he was admitted to the hospital, the complications got worse and he passed away. Therefore, I would not recommend her.
I give praise and appreciation for the kindness and care that Dr. Iqbal has given. Her tone and actions on the first visit had myself and my spouse feeling a realistic hopefulness and an ease with the plan ahead. She respected a decision I had to make concerning my brain treatment option which turned out to be the right coarse. She is clear and precise in her explanations and projects an innate respectfulness to my questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Iqbal.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Iqbal. I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering for non small cell lung cancer. She is a caring and considerate doctor who is highly skilled. Her staff is wonderful. I find it comforting to see Susan, her nurse, who is very supportive. Dr. Iqbal has kept me alive with her knowledge of what is coming up and effectiveness of different treatments. She is competent and considerate and you cannot ask for more. Barbara L
Dr. Iqbal is a very thorough and knowledgeable caregiver. She took the time to discuss the treatment and options with my wife and I and made sure to give us relevant information in a clear, concise manner. I am very satisfied with the care and advice given by Dr. Iqbal.
I consider myself so fortunate to have begun and maintain my journey through non small cell adeno carcinoma stage four lung cancer with Dr. Afsheen Iqbal. I was diagnosed in September of 2013 and have been with her ever since. I truly trust my life in her hands. I know that she watches out for any and all treatments that will help control this frightening disease........she has actually made it less frightening......She takes the time to explain what is happening, I never feel rushed........
My husband and I were very fortunate to have been referred to Dr Iqbal two years ago.My husband came in with Stage 4,Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. The diagnosis was quite grim as we were told 3-5 years, well I can happily say it's 2 years and although he is on his 4th medication we know that Dr. Iqbal is always one step ahead of it at all times. She is straight forward with her delivery of news and always looking out for the next drug that will target his specific cancer. We also love Susan:)
We trust Dr. Iqbal completely. She has always been honest, compassionate, willing to listen and has provided excellent medical treatment. She thinks outside the box and treats her patients as individuals allowing for medical options as they may arise. We are so pleased with her medical treatment options and her medical expertise.
I have a very complex medical history, I needed a nephrologist to assess a long term use of a medication that was never monitored for 30 yrs. Dr. Liss listened to me, did some testing, and determined that as a result of never being monitored for that 30 yr. period I now have stage 3 kidney disease. He was cooperative and so far I feel as if I can trust him. I am still leary of doctors having gone through my previous experience as noted above. Time will tell.
Very compassionate doctor with great communication skills who demonstrates excellent standards of care. Has great patience, listens to me attentively, asks good questions, and works together with me to determine the direction of care
Went to Dr.Patton on 2-2-16. After waiting 2.5 hrs in a room with a robe on...I finally met him.With my medical records on computer in front of him.Asked me a few questions & a few motion test.Dr Patton's diagnoses was.....I AM THE MOST DEPRESSED WOMAN HE HAD EVER SEEN !!! He felt his services would not help me....Glad he said that,I won't have to see his face again.....aka: DEPRESSED.
Dr. Arnold Schoenfeld is the best doctor you could ever have. He has so much patience with his patients and respect. He took care of my mother for 20 years. My family is grateful and love him so much for taking care of my mom til the end. God bless you always. Best of luck to you dr. Schoenfeld and your family. Happy Holidays Love always The Iglesias Family ????
I went to Dr. Reddy with many medical issues. He took care of me and fixed my A Fib. God Bless you.
Dr Coutinho recently treated me for a large kidney stone he preformed two surgical procedures. Did a great job in my mind. He was very warm and easy to talk to, genuine interest in my care. Tremendous bedside manor which comes hard for some Dr. He keeper my family well informed and was kind caring and companionate. And on top of all that he is a US veteran thank Dr Coutino for my freedom as well as taking care of my problem
I wanted a female cardiologist after having not such great experiences with a male one. Dr. DelValle was recommended to me and I have been seeing her for 4 yrs now. Upbeat personality is refreshing, and she is totally professional while giving personal attention to my questions and concerns. She truly attends to what is being said, does not make you feel rushed out of the room, and she values the person as more than just a patient. Her staff is courteous and amiable. Highly recommend her.
Worst dermatologist I have ever had. Dr. Czernik constantly drops the ball. She has led me to have a very frustrating experience - i.e. entering the incorrect ID # information and birth date. When I dealt with her mistakes the first time my prescription got filled, it took a week to fix the issue. Never get this doctor. Completely unreliable with very little office hours. Entirely unreachable no matter time of day unless in person. Even so, she doesn't spend more than 60 seconds seeing you.
Dr. Denmark is the most compassionate/intuitive/brilliant medical professional I've ever had the privilege of getting an appointment for consultation. Walking in with fears and leaving with sound, practical advice has made me understand that with aging, you have to change your diet. The terrible stabbing pain ceased. She listened and with questions and answers, got right to the problem.She spent a lot of time with me. Thank you so much.
Beware of her 15 minute late rule which her staff does not tell you about.Arrived 10 minutes late -receptionist on phone making appts. When he got off 7-8 minutes later he stated the dr. wouldn't see me. Requested he speak with the Dr since it was an emergency and the appt was made the same day and I traveled nearly 2 hours. She refused as she was going to lunch!! Very unprofessional.
Experienced and knowledgeable about GI issues. Dr. Denmark was quick and efficient with my exam and diagnosis. The surgical center was totally overbooked the day I went for my exam, but these things happen.
Had incorrect information about my condition, and therefore her 'diagnosis' was not within the realm of what can be trusted. Very poor communication. Inappropriate in many ways. Had strong questions about her competency. Very upsetting, especially considering the nature and severity and the illness, and the fact that she had all the information wrong. The other specialist also said she was diagnosing outside her expertise, which he found unacceptable.
Dr. Denmark is an attentive listener who understands her patients and their concerns. She impressed me with her extensive knowledge in her area of expertise. I like that she does research in her field which indicates she is up on the latest findings. I had seen many doctors with my issue, she nailed it with her diagnose and explained everything in detail.
Interminable wait time at her office; brusqueness in responding to questions; refusal to return phone calls All in all, not very professional.
Dr. Denmark was concerned, knowledgable and on point about my symptoms. She is extremely compassionate and capable. I would definitely recommend her.
Being a senior and having lived with ulcerative colitis since my early 20s, it was a breath of fresh air to deal with Dr. Denmark. Not only one of the most knowledgeable physicians I have ever encountered but was extremely patient, warm and caring. She listened to me and was willing to explain, until I understood, the medical plan of action she advised. I never felt rushed. She was non judgmental, informative and compassionate.
This woman is a saint she is an AMAZING DOCTOR so compassionate adorable intelligent woman who addresses every concern indepth detail regardless of how long it takes I'm just blown away by the extent this doctor goes to take care of her patients absolutely 5 stars without a doubt goes the extra mile for people does not judge whatsoever either so understanding love her
Over an hour late every appointment. Didn't explain answers to my questions clearly. Felt worse coming out than I did going in. Kept pushing medications that didn't work.
I can't praise Dr. Czernik enough for how acutely analytical, thoughful, and resourceful she is. She listened to the details of my skin condition and adjusted treatments cautiously. I've already experienced amazing improvement with my horrific scabies infestation. Her prerequisite was that we heal my horrible contact dermatitis first and get my overall condition back to optimal; she cares about your overall health, not just what you came to treat. She also helps w/Rx advice.
My son had SVT for many years. We were referred to Dr. Miller by our cardiologist. He explained all the options to us, and helped us understand the condition. Eventually we decided on the ablation, and it went great. Been two years now and we still remain grateful for his amazing care.
Because of him, I no longer have Afib.
He was recommended to me by my cardiologist. I needed a biventricular defibrillator. He was great when I met him in the office, knew my entire medical history without ever looking at a computer. Explained the procedure so clearly. A week later he did my operation, and I have felt 20 years younger since.
Great doctor, excellent bedside manner. Cured my arrhythmia and now I feel amazing.
He couldn't start an IV; never asked me about my drug allergies; or when I had eaten/drank/ taken any meds last; if I had negative reaction to anesthesia - all ?'s I want an Anesthesiologist to ask before he puts me under. I had zero confidence in his ability & asked for another Dr. but that would have meant rescheduling my procedure. If my Dr. hadn't assured me that he would keep a close eye on Dr.Oloomi to make sure I was safe, I would have rescheduled. I would never let him be my Dr. again.
Outstanding professional
I saw dr simeon for over a year. I had severe tr-depression. After failing 13 meds and severely suicidal, i came to her and yet she still showed positivity and confidence in my treatment. She has a lot of skill and knowledge with meds. She is a very good listener, very compassionate, and quite emotionally and physically attractive. She helped set me up with ect, and she prescribed me an maoi which eventually at right dose saved me. I am now able to work and go to back to school. TopQualitymd
Yuk. First time visit. She was very condescending and made me feel like a bad parent. Offered absolutely no encouragement for our situation and was, quite frankly icy and rude. I don't care how preposterous the nature of our visit may sound to you, show some empathy. We didn't just walk into your office without great contemplation and heaviness. We were seeking direction from a medical profession. Not judgement. Don't know who you "think" you are, but your superior attitude needs a makeover.
Had a horrible experience at CHOA with my appointment with Dr. Soldanska. Waited 1 hr. 40 minutes from appointment time and Dr. didn't show up. The staff showed no empathy regarding delay and suggested that everybody has waited, except the nurse who understood the issue. Ended up carving out 3 hrs. of my working day resulting no consultation from Dr. Can not comment on diagnosis or expertise of the Dr. since ended up not seeing her.
So glad I took my son today to see Dr. Zubkov. It's hard to find a doctor where you do not feel rushed. Dr. Zubkov was also very willing take the time to listen and answer any of your questions.
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