A paragon of diagnostic skill coupled with the most engaging bedside manner. I would also be remiss if I failed to mention the consummate professionalism and genuine caring of her entire team.
My 7 hour trip to and fro Dr Sherman's practice was well worth the time and expense. The product that Dr Sherman prescribed is just right. Dr Sherman and her technician Patrice Kerlegrand were generous with their time. I accomplished all that I needed to solve my problem in just one appointment.
I was referred to Dr. Fromer by a colleague, once his colleague could no longer help me. Dr. Fromer seemed concerned with my condition he assured me he would save my vision. When this all started I was able too see from both eye's. After many visits (approx. 3 yrs.) many injection's 3 surgeries I was left blind in 1 eye and only approx. 30% of vision in the other eye. At my last visit I was told by him people loose limb's everyday you will have to deal with it. The worst experience ever.
I did not see Susan Fromer, but this is her practice and she is responsible for the way it is run. If you have any other options, I urge you never to use Fromer eye center. I was misled and misinformed By them, kept waiting 2 hours for my appointment and was dismayed by the lack of knowledge exhibited by the low vision specialist I finally saw. I will never go back. I think they may be a Medicaid/ Medicare mill, insisting on unnecessary procedures to make more money. if you can go elsewhere,
I did not see Dr. Mark fromer. But went to his practice, Fromer eye center. If you have any other option, I urge you to use them. i have had eye problems since early childhood and know the difference between good and bad care. Do not go here if you want good care. I would not be surprised if they were a Medicaid/ Medicare mill.i will not return and, if you have other options, use them.
I am so happy I went to Dr. Brazzo. I had a couple of medical issues that needed addressing. He explained everything to me and he took the time to genuinely listen to my concerns. After that, issues went away and I am one happy happy patient!
I've had two eye surgeries by Dr. Brazzo. He is straightforward, down to earth and sensitive. My upper eyelids were done with tremendous skill and resulted in a very natural appearance. My lower lids, the same - just perfect. I have recommended him to several people and cannot say enough for his manner, personality and skill.
Dr. Calderon is very efficient and professional. She shows concern for her patients and provides the appropriate information for her patient to make a decision.
I had strabismus surgery on one eye a week ago. Dr.Panarelli is the perfect doctor in every way. He is confident, kind, polite, knowledgeable and did awesome job! The stuff is friendly and efficient. Thank you!
I had the most horrible experience with Dr. Brazzo. I went to his office for a sty removal, and I ended up with a horrible scar on my lid. He never explained to me how the procedure was going to be. Dr. Brazzo did not explain anything about the risks of the surgery. There is nothing I can do to change what happened. I regret every day of my life to have make the choice to go to Dr. Brazzo's office.

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