Dr. V is a dream. Dr. Port at Dubin referred and I met her the day after DCIS diagnosis. She put me at ease during the consultation with her warm presence, intellect and beautiful aesthetic outcomes. Dr. V performed mastectomy reconstruction, exchange surgery + augmentation, nipple sharing surgery and an areolar tattoo. Feeling transformed, I wondered why I was almost glad about the experience as I was treated for cancer after all. She smiled and replied that it is a "clarifying." So true.
I was referred to Dr. Vickery shortly after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. At my consultation she patiently and thoroughly explained what the surgery would entail as well as what I could expect afterward. Her warm and comforting demeanor on the day of my surgeries will never be forgotten and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results after both my double mastectomy and exchange surgery. She is an extremely experienced and talented doctor and I highly recommend her.
Dr. Vickery performed a flawless breast reduction that has left almost no trace that a surgery ever occurred. She and her staff were knowledgeable, professional, attentive, and highly skilled. Throughout the entire process I knew I was in the right hands and to this day I believe I undertook this surgery with the best surgeon.

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