Excellent care, very informative and compassionate!
Today a blind 92 year old went to her appointment ( her last appointment they cancelled a month ago). She has to hire someone to get her to slocum. She went to her appointment and was told she was late and the doctor would not see her! She was getting her vitB shot and they told her she should of come to their office first. She was on time if you go by appointment card but they did not care they just told her to call and get another appointment
Dr. Tomy is my primary care physician and I have yet to even see the man. I mean, is he even male? I don't know because I've only ever seen the physician's assistant Hilary. She is thorough and does her best, but it is almost impossible to even get an appointment with her. Every time I call the office I sit on hold for 20 minutes (no exaggeration) to tell them my problems only for them to say they will call back to schedule an appt., and never do. Hire more people or stop accepting new patients
Dr.syed has done above and beyond to help me. He gives me confidence and self respect when I needed most.
I have NEVER been treated like horrible crap like this before. I am a terminal cancer patient, brain, blood and bone marrow. Also, i have metal in my spine and 12 herniated disks I will never go back. I am now suffering in excruciating pain and not a surgical candidate anymore. I now have to set up Hospice care. I have had multiple heart attacks from the pain and calcified arteries. Just wanted to say thanks for making me suffer. AND NO I WILL NOT REFER FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO HIM!
My mom was having excruciating joint and muscle pain. This left her unable to care for herself. With Dr Smiley's help and diagnosis my mom is feeling so much better. Dr Smiley knows his stuff. He is very friendly and has an excellent bedside manner. He appears to care. We highly recommend him. His nurse Bonnie is terrific.
Dr. Sloan listens; explains in understandable terms; is patient; tolerant; is up-to-date; will go out of his way to satisfy patients needs; very knowledgeable, a good all-around-guy who does not take himself too seriously; largely informal; has a good sense of humor; obviously has best interest of patients at heart.
Very good experience, on time and clear.
Compssion and care discribed this doctor
I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery on a Saturday morning and this doctor came to my aid-----i did not know of him and had no knowledge if he was a good choice to operate on me but I had no chance to worry about this since my gallbladder could rupture any time--so--I was very happy and pleased with the expert surgery and care that Dr.Williams extended to me and his warmth and understanding of my pain and fears--his bedside manner was very kind and encouraging to me and my worried family
When the St Lukes OB Clinic gave me the run around and "forgot" to schedule my tubal ligation, I contacted Dr Schklair & he was very pleased to assist me with my family planning requests. I have 3 girls and I do not want any more children. He gave me all the information I needed & made sure I, as the patient, received the care I wanted. He puts the patient first.
I have been his patient for the last 5 yrs he is kind and personable.
Great doctor. Treat me with respect n time.
very detailed, patient, listens, gives all the time needed, fantastic!
Excellent compassionate care
He is one of the most compassionate doctor i ever come across. Due to my illnes, i lost my insurance, he continued to see me free of cost and provided medication samples free.
Dr Syed was my sisters doctor and with her at st Lukes Hospital. He became very unprofessional and mistreated my sister once she wanted to transfer to a different hospital. He said no so quick. I knew right then her rights were violated. After he was reprimanded he came to her room and tried to coach her to say she doesnt really need to be transferred. Soon as she confirmed she still wanted to Albany Medical Center only then he said he wasnt able to get a physician to accept her and that I need
He does not do VBAC's & will force a 2nd c-section even when it's unnecessary. If you still want a natural birth, you'll have to go to Syracuse (St. Luke's won't support VBAC's). I have to see the perinatal center in Syracuse because I'm high risk. Dr. Schklair told me he was very reluctant to do shared care with them (he would only be doing my weekly progesterone shot) then he told them after I left, that he doesn't want to do it, forcing me to do my shots at home & won't return my calls.
Dr Sloan was my mother's primary doctor for about 6 years until she passed away at age 98 1/2. Dr Sloan was very caring and patient with my elderly mother. He always responded very quickly to her needs and always made time for her. She had many medical problems in her last 3 years. Dr Sloan always treated her in the same manner he would treat a young patient. I completely trusted his medical care and attention to my mother.
I had a Laproscopic Hernia Repair by him and I could not be any more happy how he took the time to explain every single thing, drawing diagrams even, knowing it would be my first surgery. It put me at ease right away and made me trust him even more to see that he knew what he was doing. All of the staff was so friendly and comforting as well.
Dr. Norton and his nurse assistant Diane are very caring and professional. Your yearly physical is a thorough exam . He pays attention to your concerns, and follows up on any medical problems you may have. His diagnostic ability far exceeds my last doctor and ENT. I would highly recommend him.
I've been a patient of Dr Samad for years and while he is more than a bit reserved, my confidence level in him is 100%. I see about 5 different doctors and he is Number 1 on my list .
Have been left in a room for over two hours on multiple occasions before being seen by the doctor. He is short and quick because he is always overbooked so he acts like you are not important as a patient. He asks the same questions as if he has never read my file. Most recently his office canceled my scheduled appointment without notifying me and made it out as no big deal when I showed up.
Very nice Doctor. The yearly physical is excellent. You get the time you need without feeling rushed. He asks questions and listens before he makes treatment judgments. If you have a complaint he does not ignore it. Sometimes ordering test it confirm or rule out a problem. The staff is very nice and efficient, especially Diane.
I have been in to see Dr. Muok on two different occasions and both times he has been extremely patronizing in the way he speaks to me as a patient. He did not listen to my concerns and brushed me aside every time I attempted to communicate with him. As well, his scheduling staff was very rude and proceeded to talk about me unkindly and roll her eyes while setting me up for a referral appointment.
He wasn't my doctor throughout my pregnancy but he delivered my baby and was amazing! Thank you
I recommend everyone to him. He is respectful and considerate and truly "hears" you. I would be lost without his concern and care. I have had minor issues and some very severe issues. He has seen me through it all. 5 stars for sure!
I have Polycythemia Vera, which has turned out to have metastasized now to the lower back of the skull and on the lower part of the cerebellum, also severe hydrocephalus causing the spinal canal and the cerebellum to be forced down into the opening of my spinal cord. I passed out trying to cross the road in front of apartment building, my head bounced 3 times.Dr.Razia said she would treat my cancer if I quit smoking. SHE LIED FOR 2 YEARS MY BLOOD SHOWED IT HAD SPREAD THANKS FOR NOT SAVING ME !!!
The doctor was fantastic, but the heavy blond female at the front office was a power hungry (w)itch! The rest of the staff was wonderful! You can replace the w with a B.
He documented off-the-record confidential patient information he was entrusted with, directly against patient's specific request.
Dr. Muok has been my OBGYN doctor for over 15 years. He is very warm and caring and he is happy to discuss your concerns in detail. He is very knowledgeable and is not condescending. He is a key part of the group practice at Slocum Dickson Medical group. I would strongly recommend him to other women looking for a good OBGYN.
My family and I have gone to Dr. Le for 15 years. He is a good diagnostician; he listens; he takes my history into account; he knows what to ask; and I never feel like he's trying to cut my visit short. My parents, my husband, and my adult children have relied on his as well. When my husband was in the hospital, he coordinated the team of doctors, and acted at the head of a good working group, without ego, with compassion. I recommend him to all who ask.
Dr Lafont is everything one could ever want in a doctor. He knows his stuff his heart and soul our with his patients if only we had more doctors like him?
First it takes too long in the waiting room. I waited for 2 hours. Then another 30 minutes in the examine room to see the dr. I had lab tests done. Some of the results were abnormal. She did nothing to address the problems so I had to see someone else.
Dr Lees response to my skin condition i dont know anything about that! I myself know exactly what my skin condition is and how to go about treating it by doing research and learning about the condition, these easy steps and procedures in learning about an issue a patient has is far above Dr Lee and i find that terrible. Nothing good to report concerning Dr Lee and find another derm to help you if possible. Southern Tier is not a viable place to seek care either.
Refused too address urinary problems
6 Years ago I showed first signs of It was then that Dr. Razia uncovered several other problems including severe anemia. She concluded that I would require a series of Chemo treatments. I had four treatments and two blood transfusions. I went into remission after six months, and am still alive six years later, thanks to Dr. Razia.
Excellent diagnostician. Referred him to my family members. I trust him implicitly. Has always provided excellent care to both me and my family and friends.
This doctor's office is very neglectful. He's a nice guy, but so occupied with the computer that he'll forget about medications and tests he said he'd order or prescribe. They fail to notify of health impacting medical conditions when test results are off. If a physical is scheduled, he never performs it, but gets paid for it. Beware of this office.
Extremely kind snd patient. Spoke directly to my children. Excellent results.
Dr John is ok, but good luck trying to get in to see him. His nurse practitioner probably shouldn't be in the field, to put it nicely. So hard to get in for an appointment. Both doctor and nurse practitioner didn't care about my healthcare. Don't think they enjoy their jobs and probably would serve people better in another profession.
Dr. Lee's office called me to change my scheduled appointment time to accommodate the Doctor. I changed my work schedule around and rushed out the door to make the appointment. I forgot my debit card on my desk, and only had $20.00 Cash on me. My copay was $40. I have good insurance and promised to call in my card numbers when I got back to the office.Dr. Lee himself refused to see me. He has no regard for his patients health and welfare, and makes me question his care while being so Greedy.
Waited over an hour before finally being seen by Doctor. Doctor rushed through exam (probably because it was time for lunch). Arrogant behavior and did not perform requests for skin tag removal. Had to insist on couple facial moles to be removed. Was going to take my money without performing any procedures.
Dr. Lafont is an excellent compassionate doctor that listens and works with his patients. He also saved my life quite literally. Although his work his heavy he takes the time to listen and to help all of his patients and address all there concerns. He has been very good to me and the rest of my family.
Arrogant, very unapproachable, questionable knowledge of subject matter. Easy to get an appointment; probably because no one else wants to be seen by him.
Didn't do what he was supposed to do. Typical patient mill.
I started seeing Dr Dhabhar based on a recommendation from another one of his patients. During my first couple visits, I found him to be very straightforward, direct and uncompromising. If you're not used to this style, it can be a bit off-putting at first. I stuck with him and have found him to be the best primary care doctor I've ever had. He is knowledgable, he listens and addresses all my questions, he follows up, and really gets to know his patients. He is a true partner in my healthcare
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar's for a long time, and I think he is the greatest. I had a very stubborn case of bronchitis which he worked diligently to get under control and finally cure. I have been healthy ever since. He and his staff are all very professional, friendly and very competent. I have followed his advice and enjoy excellent health. I see Dr. Dhabhar every 3 months and look forward to my visits which keep me in good health. I can't thank him enough for his care.
I suddenly started suffering with nerve pain in my arms and legs. I went Tommy primary doctor and they referred me to Dr. Arastu. They made me wait 3 months for an appointment, then when I finally go to my appointment, Dr Arastu is unprepared, has none of my blood work or medical history and did nothing but up my dose of medicine and rush me out the door. He said he'll see me back for a follow up in 3 more months. Then 2 weeks later and he still hasn't signed off on his notes for my primary!
I have been getting bi-weekly allergy shots for the past year and have graduated to once every 2 weeks!! I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Dhabhar and his staff...ALWAYS punctual, professional, caring, friendly...just an all around good experience. The allergy shots have definitely helped and I would recommend Dr. Dhabhar if you need to help get your allergy symptoms under control.
I found Dr Dhabhar to be the ultimate professional. He listen to me, got to the my issue, prescribed and most importantly reversed my issue. He is knowledgeable and caring individual Whom I highly recommend
I had terrible problems with my asthma and allergies before going to see Dr. Dhabar. I had been seeing other doctors for years, just getting sicker and sicker before I got a referral to see him. He took my problems very seriously and put me on a comprehensive regimen to get my symptoms under control. This is the best that I have felt in at least 2 years. It has dramatically changed my life for the better! He is knowledgeable and really cares about helping his patients.
I've been seeing Dr. Dhabhar for about 30 years. He's very attentive and really shows an interest in his patients and their well-being.
I have been seeing him for over 3 years, today I had an apt and he was extremely rude and unprofessional. I ask if he could go over my ct scan results and he stated that he didn't have time, he wanted to go him for the day and that the office was closing in 3 minutes. I'm supposed to have surgery in a few days and he couldn't even take the Time to answer any of my questions . I'm not having my surgery with somebody that can't take the Time to answer any questions.finding a new dr.
Made a great treatment plan for my allergies! Love his wit makes every visit interesting, not your normal boring doctor visit!
I have been going to Dr. Dhabhar for many years and it has been well worth it. Though it can be a hassle to get shots, they work incredibly well for me and have changed my life. Dr. Dhabhar is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to make people feel better. His staff is exceptional and I appreciate everything that they all do for me. I would highly recommend going here for any allergy issues that you struggle with on a daily basis
I started going to Dr. Dhabhar 2 years ago. I had been suffering from terrible allergies. Dr. Dhabhar set me up with a treatment plan, along with allergy shots. I can now breathe easier, and feel so much better!!! I recommended him to my daughter, as well as other friends.
We have been with DR Dhabhar for more then 25 years.He help me and my wife quiet smoking,he helped us when we lost our son.He checked my PSA witch led to me fineding out that I had prostate Cancer. We trust him very much,he is fine a careing and too the point Docktor
I would strongly recommend not seeing him. He has no compassion for his patients.
I have been with Dr. Goodman for years now and I am so fed up with this man and his general lack of knowledge and or concern. If you're fat you need to lose weight, it doesn't matter what kind of debilitating disease that you have. This man does not care about his patients all he cares about is a check from the insurance company. All he is is pretty much a prescription writer and all he will ever amount to.
Dr. Dhabhar has been my alergist for 5 years. He has been outstanding as he always stits across from me and looks me in the eye and listens to my concerns and issues, asks clarifing questions and advises me as to the options availabe for treatment. When I leave his office, unlike many practicioners, I know he understands my needs and I have or will have the proper treatments. His nurses are most cordial and caring in administering alleregy shots. RNO
My daughter has been suffering from migraines & had a seizure. Our pediatrician made an appointment with dr arastu and said it was urgent. Took over a month for the appointment! We finally get in there & no doctor!!! They said our appointment was cancelled & we'd have to reschedule! One of the receptionists was incredible rude to us too. It was the too bad so sad attitude!!
Dr. Harris did my cataract surgery on both eyes and put in the toric lens in both eyes as well. I am so happy wiht the results and no longer need glasses for distance only for reading. Friendly, courteous, clean environment in the office as well as the surgical center. One of my best experiences having any kind of surgery. I owuld reccomend him to anyone.
My visit with Porus keeps me well informed and my questions answered in a professional manner. He provides me with the knowledge to live on a path of a healthy life .
I have been using Dr. Dhabbar for over 15 years and find him to be an outstanding doctor. His staff is very helpful and professional. He is a great advocate for his patients and is very thorough. My son has been seeing Dr. Dhabbar since he was 10. He always leaves with a smile on his face as they treat you like you are part of their personal family. I highly recommend Dr. Dhabbar for children or adult allergy sufferers as well as anyone looking for a highly competent primary doctor.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar for 15 years. He is the most thorough doctor that I have encountered. His concern for patient care is paramount. He takes the time to explain & answer any questions that I have. His staff is also outstanding. He has groomed them to have that same care & compassion for his patients and they certainly deliver. I strongly recommend Dr. Dhabhar.
I spent 4 years and 6 doctors searching for answers. I spent 3 of those years on steroids to help with my breathing. It took 2 visits for Dr. Dhabhar to come up with a plan that has helped me. I went from dreading a set of stairs to walking 9500 steps with my Fitbit. I drive 3 hours round trip to see him, I trust him that much.
I have gone to Dr Dhabhar for the past number of years. I find him to be very professional and knowledgeable. His exams are comprehensive and advice direct. He and his staff are always respectful of me and each other. I would recommend his services without reservation.
Excellent doctor! I had an allergic reaction to Lisinopril! Dr Dhabhar worked with my family physician to come up with a treatment plan to get me through a very difficult period. He was very knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to! I highly recommend him! Gary D
In looking over my review I realize that I made an error in the number of stars given. I meant to give Dr Dhabhar 5 stars but instead pressed `! instead.
Dr Dhabhar has been my physician for nearly 30 years. He has seen me through many ailments and has given me the best care possible. He has been"spot on" with his diagnosises and his advice for the best treatment. His staff is stellar, always attentive to my my concerns and making sure I get an appt as quickly as possible.I have never felt rushed or hurried through an appt, he always takes his time with you.I know my health and well being is in good hands with Dr Dhabhar and his awesome staff.
Dr Dhabhar is very devoted to his patience. Whenever I have a medical issue I call and his staff and they are very friendly. Dr Dhabhar addresses the issue right away. Also there is very little wait time at appointments. He listens to your complaints and answers all your Questions. He never rushes you out of his office. He always makes sure that you are completely satisfied before your appointment is over.
I would recommend Dr. Dhabhar to any friend or family member. I have known Dr. Dhabhar since he first started at SDMC on Court St about 30+ years ago. Following my serious ostomy surgery in Syracuse my local Pharmacist recommended Dr. Dhabhar as a primary care physician. Since that time, any medical condition that I required, was addressed with efficient and knowledgeable care. Dr. Dhabhar has always been courteous and responsive to myself and to my family for all my medical needs.
My husband and I are 93 years old. He has taken very good care of us through the years. He treats us like one of the family. We highly recommend Dr. Dhabhar to anyone seeking excellent health careened advice. We love our doctor.
Dr. Dhabar is very honest with his diagnosis. Quickly diagnosed my condition and prescribed appropriate treatments. I feel much better after enlisting him as my allergist. After trying other local allergists, Dr. Dhabar is the best I've found in the area in all respects.
My husband and I have been patients of Dr Dhabhar's for a good number of years. His quick wit and quirky sense of humor eases any situation in a hurry. We always know that we'll get the best of care in his service and will continue to be his patients as long as he practices. He makes sure you understand your own health and easily conveys this information to others as needed. We're secure in knowing that as long as he is our doctor, we'll be well taken care of.
he has been my doctor for over 25yrs . He has kept me healthy,always pushing me to make better choices.He CARES!
What a nightmare. Did laser procedure that was totally unnecessary. Now my vision is impaired. Don't go to this dr you will regret it.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar for about 20 years and I'm thankful that he is my physician. Unlike the doctors you read about who don't take the time to listen to you, Dr. Dhabhar carefully listens and then takes the time to discuss your concerns. His approach is comprehensive; he doesn't just treat the symptoms you present but he examines your complete physical health. I love his easy going nature and sense of humor! Keep up the good work, Dr. D!
Dr Dhabhar has cared for my elderly mother > 20 yrs. He is very thorough,, taking excellent care of her severe hypertension and now a blood disorder. She feels good at 91 and is able to stay quite mobile and active. Thanks Dr Dhabhar!
He lacks compassion for you as a patient and writes your concerns off with ease. I saw him a couple of years ago with tonsil stones and before he even opened my mouth to assess my concerns he wrote me off, telling me that my tonsils were doing their job and that everything was perfectly fine. I then went to Syracuse a year later and 10 minutes into the visit the ENT doctor agreed they should be removed and scheduled me for surgery. Insurance WAS NOT an issue at all. Uninterested and callous!
My husband has been seeing Dr. Dhabhar for many, many years . Since that time we have been through a number of illnesses/hospitalizations and Dr. Dhabhar has been there all the way listening to our concerns and providing answers. Dr. Dhabhar has been kind, diligent, persistent and passionate. Clearly, his mission is to help the patient lead a better life. He also has an extraordinary and caring staff. Why wouldn't we recommend him? Very pleased.
i have been a patient of Dr Dhabhar for many years. Initially went with sinus issues which were treated successfully. Has helped me out with a variety of health issues since then by not only prescribing medications but also by repeatedly encouraging me to change the behaviors that negatively impact my good health. Thanks for everything.
Excellent doctor,explains everything thoroughly,personable,very approachable,great sense of humor,staff is excellent and helpful
Went to him for nine years and nothing got done told me nothing they could do Switched to dr obeid and he can restore my hearing loss. So don't go to dr aploks hes awful
This dr explains things thoroughly, is concerned about your pain and wraps a wound expertly. I highly recommend.
I saw dr dhabhar many years ago. I found him to be rude. While he was in the examining room he received a phone call and was very rude to whom ever his was speaking to. He swore at the person. I found this to be offensive. He wasn't very helpful. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.
I have been a long time patient of Dr. Dhabhar and he has always been very straight forward and honest with a demeanor that promotes comfort and confidence is his diagnosis and guidance.
I have been going to him for 20 years, and will not leave him. He is an excellent physician. His entire office is great. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Dhabhar explains treatment options very clearly and thoroughly. He gives the impression that he has all of the time necessary to give an explanation that the patient can understand and never makes one feel rushed. 7 years and I can't say nothing but the best experience with Dr and the staff.
Cannot say enough good things about this man. Straight up - right to the point and very, very thorough in his examination. Long story short - husband saw him for severe itching of skin all over entire body for almost 2 years - we had a diganosis of lymphoma in about a week. He was the one who found the lymph node under my husbands arm - which my husband was not aware it was enlarged. I see how his staff respects him and carries out his requests. He is a brilliant Dr.
Has been a great doctor for both of my kids. Was very supportive when I nursed, very reassuring and yet on top of anything that could be wrong. I've been very satisfied. He's a great dr.
If you need an allergist, this is the man to see. He is passionate about his work. The man is serious, professional, very intense but also a gentleman. His staff is super. I was referred to Dr. Dhabhar by my primary since he felt allergies may be the culprit causing my issues,. Dr. Dhabhar hit the nail on the head, set a course of treatment, and follows up with me on a regular basis. Because of him, I have been able to fight a good allergy fight and still live a normal life.
Dr Hearn is caring, articulate, compassionate and knowledgeble. She was easy to speak with and provided outstanding care.
I've been with Goodman for a few years now, I've finally had enough of his general lack of concern and the disorganization with which his office operates. The largest issue is the administration of his office. Promises made in office for follow-ups and referrals often get forgotten / overlooked. Was promised updates when lab results were in - never heard back, had to call for an update myself. Simple script refill requests go unanswered. They're just unorganized and don't seem to care.
Dr. Dhabhar is a highly educated physician and outstanding diagnostician. He has been physician for' many of our family members who have chronic pulmonary issues and has been a life saver any number of times when breathing has been a serious problem. While on the surface he may appear to be gruff, one soon realizes that his primary concern is the health of patients. Looking for warm and fuzzy? Adopt of puppy! Looking for an excellent primary physician? Consult Dr. Dhabhar.
In all my years of experience with any physician I can't say enough about Dr. Hearn. She listens and knows her business. She is very kind and explains your options thoughly. I wish she had her own practice.
Dr. Dhabhar is an outstanding doctor. My daughter and I have been going to him for quite awhile. After several visits with other doctors and having no success we decided to try Dr. Dhabhar. He was extremely informative and was willing to think outside the box and solve our issues. I would strongly recommend Dr. Dhabhar to anyone with severe allergy problems.
I've been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar's for over 4 years. Initially for bee sting allergy, and then as a general practitioner. Dr. Dhabhar has always been patient and understanding of my concerns, and clear in his diagnosis and treatment. He has strong opinions, so he can seem abrupt, but know that he always has your interest at heart!
Only one problem but regular dr. Could not help dr. Dhabhar was very concerned and fixed my problem in 3 visits he is good and now's medicine
I have been a patient of dr. dhabhar for 25 years. I have complete trust in him. I had a heart attack in 1995 and he has kept me on the right track. I thank him for this.
He has a positive attitude and is respectful towards me as a patient. He offered me genuine and truthful advice on my allergies treatment. I would recommend him!
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabar for 26 years. I initially came to him for help with seasonal allergies which were severe. Under his care, my quality of life immediately improved. Because of his compassion and competency, I chose him as my primary care physician. I trust his expertise and appreciate his kind manner. His staff are to be commended as well, namely Debby and Cathy whom I've had the pleasure of knowing all these years. I am grateful to Dr. Dhabar. Thank you
Your worse nightmare. VERY RUDE. Do not go to this Dr. You will be sorry.
Dr. Dhabhar is an excellent physician who truly cares about the well-being of his patients. He may at times seem abrupt and firm,but he always has your best interests at heart. He has successfully helped me to quit smoking as I realized that followup on my treatment was absolutely my responsibility.Each patient must take ownership of their care. His guidance has vastly improved my healthcare and for that I will always be grateful.
Dr. Dhabhar is an extremely thorough and scrupulous diagnostician. In the area of allergies and asthma, he has pulled me out of a couple of real tailspins. His concern for me extended to a few personal phone calls to confirm treatment was working, as well as advocacy for swift attention from other practitioners in the building. To my additional amusement, his conversation reveals a man of wide-ranging intellect. His nursing staff is remarkably responsive and congenial as well.
I have gone to Dr. Dhabhar for many years. His expertise with my allergies has made them a thing of the past! I very seldom have any problems at all anymore. He is a very caring doctor and can be tough if you don't follow his course of action! I highly recommend him if you want to make a change to better your life!
Dr. Dhabhar has been my primary care doctor for over a decade. I have several chronic conditions and allergies, including cancer. Dr. Dhabhar is always very patient and compassionate. He takes the time to explain the reasons behind his decisions. I have complete confidence in his judgement and expertise. He and his staff work together in my best interests. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.
I have been treating with Dr. Dhabhar for 15+ years. We met when I was seeking an Allergy Specialist and I chose him for my Primary Doctor as well. I treated with Allergy issues for about 5 years, when it was discovered in 2013 that I had a very serious health issue. Dr. Dhabhar treated my issue as an emergency and thank GOD he did. Because of him, I am still here to talk about it, and to help others through things that I have learned. He is a wonderful Doctor, person, and professional.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar's for 35 years. He has always been there in times of severe difficulty;ie: allergy to wasps and hornets that nearly killed me, managing my hypertension, keeping on top of needed immunizations and needed routine mammograms. He has referred me to other physicians when the need arises: arthritis issues, back pain problems, skin reactions to allergens, etc. He is firm, direct and stands his ground. I would recommend to anyone. Gail Charboneau.
Dr. Dhabhar has treated my asthma/allergies with the best care. At one point both were severe and he has me back under control. Yes, he is direct and wants you to follow his directions to the letter, but that is what got me in a better place with my health. He does have an odd sense of humor and tells it like it is, but he has never been rude to me. If anything, he shows you he cares about your overall health. He and his staff are regularly joking with each other in a friendly banter.
I would like to commend Dr. Porus Dhabhar for the excellent care he has given me and our family for almost 30 years. When I fell and broke my arm, he saw me after office hours, got a wheel chair, wheeled me to get x-rays, then took me to Urgent Care, and afterwards wheeled me to our car. He expedited a prescription for pain medication and later called me to see how I was doing. Such care is seldom heard of these days. His staff is excellent, always being friendly, caring, and helpful.
Dr. Dhabhar has been my primary care physician for the last twelve years. He has also treated my allergies and asthma. He is an excellent diagnostician, caring, and competent. I would not consider going to anyone else for my medical needs. In my opinion, he is the gold standard of Utica's doctors.
I am a new patient with Dr. Dhabhar People say first impressions mean a lot. Five minutes into our conversation I realized I was talking to one of the kindest, most caring, compassionate, highly educated people I have ever met. It was very fortunate that I was referred to him. I know I have found a physician who will truly help me with my health issues. I wish everyone could be as fortunate as me. I look forward to many years of calling Dr. Dhabhar "my Doctor."
Dr. Dhabhar is a highly specialize physician and I would recommend him on a scale of 1 to 10 a 10 pus. The doctor has been taking care of our family for over 20+ years and we are very pleased with his professional knowledge with the treatment that he has given us throughout the years. He is a very rigid physician In taking all medications that is prescribed to the patient.
Dr Dhabhar takes the time to listen and explain.
Very happy with Dr. D. He givesaid great advice on health and is truly concerned about your health do what he says and all.is good.
He is thorough and direct.
Dr. Dhabhar has been my doctor for over ten years. The improvement in my health has been significant. I saw two other allergists before Dr Dhabhar but received no comfort. Dr. Dhabhar is straight forward which I appreciate. He is thorough and compassionite and I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of allergy relief.
Dr. Dhabhar's passion, knowledge & professionalism supersedes previous doctors who have treated my daughter's severe Allergies. I appreciate Dr. Dhabhar's direct, honest approach, appointments are straight to the point & efficient. Dr. Dhabhar's nursing staff are equally as caring, kind & efficient. Calls are returned promtly, questions are answered correctly & courteously. We are greatful for the positive impact Dr Dhabhar has made in our duaghters life, her Allergies are now properly managed.
Dr. Dhabhar has been my allergist and PCP for 20+ years. He goes the extra mile for his patients and is always right on target with his diagnoses and treatments. You may not want to hear what he tells you at times, but if you follow his advice and recommendations you will live a healthier and longer life. His staff are also fantastic!
Dr Dhabhar has been my allergist and primary care physician for over 20 years. He is very knowledgeable and meticulous in following up on my issues and staying on top of lab results. His office staff is great, and always very helpful. Once when my parents were visiting from out of town and needed their allergy shots, his staff went out their way to accommodate their schedule for their shots. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Dhabhar and hope he continues to practice for many years.
Over the years Dr. Dhabhar has provided me with outstanding care. His staff has been attentive and helpful. Dr. is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to address any questions I may have. I feel my health is in good hands with Dr. Dhabhar.
We have been patients of Dr. Dhabhar for over twenty years. He has always showed genuine interest in our care. He is an honest and caring doctor who we would highly recommend. His staff also goes above and beyond ordinary to accommodate us.
He has been my allergy DR. and also primary physician for almost 30 years, fantastic guy on top of very caring and sincere. Hope he never retires!
Dr Dhabar is extremely knowledgeable and his care is outstanding. He has been treating me for over 15 years. His diagnosis and the treatment he has given me has given me the ability to manage my allergies and asthma. He explains what you need to do to manage your symptoms and prescribes the appropriate medication. His staff is great to deal with and very helpful. http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Pourushasp_Dhabhar/reviews#ixzz4K5SuFqHm
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar for over 20 years, my husband at least 16 years. If I call in and happen to be ill, his office staff is always willing to work me in to the schedule. It may push his regular scheduled patients time back a bit but he takes the time to make sure you are taken care of. He always tells it like it is whether you want to hear it or not. He recommends tests, it is your decision whether to take that advice or not. I would definitely recommend anyone to the Dr.
Dr. Dhabhar is one of the best, if not, THE BEST doctor I've ever been to. He is caring, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in my care. He is not a doctor who walks in the exam room for two minutes then writes a prescription. He will spend all the time needed to talk and ask questions before making a diagnosis. I trust him and follow his instructions to the letter. I highly recommend Dr. Dhabhar to anyone looking for a new physician.
Dr. Dhabhar has been both my allergist and primary care physician for at least ten years. He knows his stuff. When you first encounter him, you might find him a little direct, and that is okay because what he says is reliable and informed. At first glance he certainly does not seem to have a warm fuzzy bedside manner, but he mellows as you get to know him. Has a great sense of humor but more importantly really does know what he is talking about. My asthma/ allergies are finally under control!
I have been a patient of Dr. Dhabhar's since 2011! I cannot praise him enough! He is an outstanding physician! He has been treating me for asthma and allergies. I started allergy shots and I couldn't believe the difference. His nurses are also wonderful and very accommodating. If you're sick, they fit you in that day. Dr. Dhabhar spends a lot of time with me and answers all of my questions. He is very thorough and straight forward, and I highly recommend him
Dr. Dhabhar is an excellent physician. I have been seeing him for 4 years for my allergies and have had great results. He is always available to answer any questions that I have and tells it like it is. He also has a good sense of humor.
My husband was a patient of Dr. Dhabhar for decades and always felt he received excellent care. When we both developed serious health issues, we felt it would be good for us to be seen by the same doctor. So I became a patient of Dr. Dhabhar. Like my husband , I have found him to be a very thorough, professional, yet caring physician.
Dr Dhabhar is one of the best doctors that I have come across. Very compassionate and an expert in his field.
Well trained physician, extremely knowledgeable in medicine.Will tell you clearly what you need to hear and not what you would like to hear. Will be persistent and strict in ensuring that you do what is best for your medical condition. The best doctor that i have ever had. Gets results and is always on your side even when he has to be tough on you for noncompliance.He really cares.
I have found Dr. Dhabhar to be most thorough in his approach to first diagnose the problem and establish a regimented treatment of care. He quite insightful when it comes to identifying problems areas. I highly recommend him .
Excellent doctor ! Been with him over 25 years. Work outdoors and suffered with asthma and allergies all my life. Dr. Dhahbar is the ONLY doctor that turned my illness around. He may be tough....he gets mad if you don't listen to him, but if you follow his instructions, he'll turn your life around.
He has been my internist since I moved to this area in 1981. He is a great diagnostician and is clear , direct and straightforward in the way he communicates. His follow up communication and appointments are prompt and he applies enough pressure to facilitate compliance. Patients who don't want to take responsibility or face the truth may not like his style but it saved my life and I am grateful for it. I would recommend him for anyone who has real problems and are looking for true solutions.
I have been a patient of Dr Dhabhar for many years and I can't say enough good things about him . He's not only very professional but also a very caring doctor. I would refer him to anyone !
I have been going to Dr. Dhabhar for over 4 years for my allergies. When I began with him I could not breathe through my nose and always had a head ache year round. After starting his shot regime I am now clear headed and can now breathe through my nose. All of the nurses in his office are wonderful caring people! Dr. Dhabhar takes great pride in caring for his patients. He is very professional and I highly recommend him to everyone I see.
I have seen Dr. Dhabhar for about 12 years. Dr. Dhabhar is very direct in his communication. His style and bedside manner is a bit different than other physicians. This being said, I have grown very fond of his style and trust him implicitly and have referred many people to him. I will continue to recommend Dr. Dhabhar to anyone who is seeking a trustworthy physician who will help them get to the root of their issues. My allergies have gone from a severity level of 10 to manageable level of 1
I've been his patient for over 20 years. He is very kind & explains himself in detail. Takes enormous amounts of time with me as needed & I trust him with my health issues completely!! Love his staff like family! Always walk away feeling well taken care of & special! He's a fun Doc to joke with! Feel very comfortable with him & his girls. ??
Dr. Dhabhar is an extraordinary physician and brilliant diagnostician who has provided the highest level of medical care to myself and my family. He is a rare combination of genius, integrity and wit. I am extremely grateful for his responsiveness to my medical issues, his diligence in thoroughly reviewing current test results with my test result history. I would strongly recommend him base on the excellent care I have received.
Dr. Dhabhar has been our doctor for more than 15 years. His care and compassion as he diagnosed and treated my husband's cancer was remarkable! He is professional, listens carefully, and is focused on the best treatment for the patient. He has always taken the time to make sure we understand his diagnosis and he has answered all our questions. His board certification in two specialties has given him unique insight into medical issues. I never hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. Dhabhar not only treats my allergies but has been my primary care doctor for over 17 years. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He takes the time to explain what's wrong, why it's happening or what's causing it and how to treat it. If I need to be referred to a different department he makes sure I'm seen ASAP and always follows up to monitor the situation. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He cares about his patients and he's good at what he does.
Great diagnosticIan knows allergy inside and out though can be a tad terse at times genuinely cares about his patients .
I was sick for over a year - I saw over a 1/2 dozen specialist and not one of them could tell me what was wrong with me. My daily life consisted of coughing ALL day and night with NO RELIEF!!!! I saw Dr. Dhabhar and within minutes he knew exactly what my issues was! It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders - within a month I had testing and surgery - if untreated this illness could have turned into esophageal cancer! He gave me my life back - truly!! He is my hero!!!
Dr. Dhabhar has seen my husband through three major illnesses. I believe that he would not be alive and well today without Dr. Dhabhar's excellent care. His attention to detail and his careful follow-up were very impressive. He is plain-spoken and some may interpret that as being rude. However, we both appreciated his forthrightness and his willingness to answer all of our questions and concerns. As a dedicated professional, he is fully committed to the health and well-being of his patients!
I have been a patient of Dr. Porus Dhabhar since 1998, for my allergy problems. I can only say good things about this doctor. He is always extremely helpful and conscientious in all of his dealings with me. That is why I have been sticking with him for almost twenty years now. He is doing me good. I remember I was once very sick. And he had to travel out of the country, for a conference or something. He called from the JFK airport to ask about me. Ouah!
Dr Dhabhar has helped me with medical issues that other doctors were just guessing treatments. Dr. Is concerned about his patients and will even do a follow up call if required. I would recommend Dr Dhabhar to anyone and have.
He cares deeply about his patients, spending a good deal of time with every patient. He diagnosed and treated my environmental allergies over a period of several years, and the treatment has substantially changed my life for the better. I've always found him to be friendly, forthright, and brilliant.
Dr. Dhabhar is an exceptional Allergist. He looked through my entire medical history to help me solve my complex allergy problem. His staff is friendly and caring and his office is very well kept. I go there weekly for my allergy shots now and they are welcoming, fast and super helpful! I've been consistently recommending Dr. Dhabhar to my family and friends and they've all had wonderful experiences!
Dr. Dhabhar cared for my mother for many years before her passing. She was not the easiest person to treat and didn't always follow doctor's orders. Regardless, he always treated her with respect and continued to encourage her to take better care of herself. Whenever she was ill, he was there for her. I can't thank him enough for his service.
Dr. Dhabhar is a great doctor. He provides thorough examinations, discusses any test results in detail, and recommends lifestyle changes where possible, in lieu of medications. When I had a kidney stone attack, my care was a priority and he did everything possible to aid in a quick recovery. When I was concerned that I might have cancer, he assured me that I was OK, but still expedited getting me to a specialist. He always shows concern for my well being. I can't say enough to express my gr
My husband and my daughter are patients of his. He has been nothing but professional and pleasant to them on every occasion. Great staff, also.
Dr. Dhabhar is a no-nonsense doctor. He really cares about his patients and has had very little staff turnover in the several years since I started seeing him, which shows he treats them well and with respect too (and his staff are great). He works hard to stay the most up-to-date with new research, and I trust him more than any other doctor I've had to have the most current treatment information.
I have have been a patient of Dr Dhabhar for over 15 years and he is the ultimate professional at all times.He has done wonders for my health.
Dr. Dhabhar is an excellent doctor. His diagnosis to my problem was to the point. He ordered the appropriate tests and followed up by phone call. I highly recommend him.
He is the most rude, arrogant and unprofessional Dr. I have ever met. I went due to allergies and paid no attention to those issues but was hell bent on treating my Parkinson's. I suffer with Parkinson's +5 years and have had several back surgeries , after refusing to follow his guidance on Parkinson's treatment he was rude to my wife and placed in my records that I was a fake.
All he did was insult me the entire appointment, did not address my health problems at all. This doctor has no bedside manner whatsoever and is the most arrogant person I have ever met. I will never be going back.
I saw dr good man several years ago for a problem with my finger. I had surgery to correct the problem. The surgery left my finger in a permanent bent position. He didn't offer me anything to correct the problem. The only thing he told was if I didn't want to bend it he could amputate it. That was the unprofessional thing I ever heard. He was sarcastic and very rude. I went to see another dr and was told there wasn't anything that could be done. My finger is deformed. Don't go to this Dr
I only saw dr gesualdo a few times before she left slocum Dickson. I thought she was very competent. She was very caring and listened to my problems and made proper desicions regarding my pulmonary problem.She made sure that I understood what I needed and also listened and answered my questions. I miss her and would highly recommend her
I went to Dr. Decarlo several years ago for a callous problem with both of my feet.He refused to address the problem. The only thing he offered me was to put zostrix cream on them. I went to the store to buy the cream and much to my surprise the cream wasn't going to do anything for the problem. I also found Dr Decarlo to be sarcastic. So I sought the services of another dr who addresses my problems.
I am very DISPLEASED with this Doctor to say the least. After trying to discuss a GENETIC CONDITION with Dr. Fuchs for over a year, I finally had enough of being regarded as not knowing what I?m talking about. (I have lived with this condition for over 20 years mind you and so has a majority of my family) I am appalled by the total disregard of this Doctor. The condition is VERY PAINFUL AND IF PROACTIVE CAN BE LESS HURTFUL to the child.
I wasn't impressed by dr dreiner. I feel like I wasted her time. She seemed like she was in too much of a hurry. So I left her office discusted
Do not go to Dr Hunt if you have anything more than a cold. He is fundamentally unwilling to consider anything even slightly outside of average and will not even do the tiniest bit of research. Do not expect him to actually read documents sent by specialists. Absolutely horrible and at times detrimental experiences...
He never had time to discuss anything, very condescending. He insisted on seeing my disabled son alone then yelled at me in the waiting room because he wouldn't speak to him or take his shirt off. He was aware of his condition since he had treated him since birth, 12 years! When I complained he discharged all of my kids from the practice.
I found Dr Dreiner to be both knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend her to family and friends because unlike many specialist in the medical field she spends time with her patient and listens to their concerns and medical history. She address the medical problems with caring and answer questions clearly and completely.

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