This office is terrible. I went to receive a test and after waiting over 2 and a half months for my results I called the office and they still have not gotten the results 'off the doctors taptop.' How long am I supposed to wait?! The text was very unpleasant and I would rather not do it again at another office but they are most likly leaving me no choice. The girl I spoke with on the phone was no help at all, I asked to speak with a manager and there was none. Also while receiving my text the do
He is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. My 9 year old son left saying what a nice AND smart doctor! That means a lot to me because most doctors make you feel like just an appointment. He takes his time to ask questions and attentively processes your response. I definately recommend his practice.
One of the worst doctor experiences I've had throughout my 5 years in NYC. 2 hour wait for the first appointment of the day. 6 minutes with the dr with very little attention to the issue. No follow up call with test results. And "I'm too busy, I have no information for you" directly from Dr. Young over the phone when contacted.
Excellent bed side manner. Great doctor. Very caring!
Arrogant and dismissive..........most interested in selling you his diet book, botox or hair grafts..... Yes, he is an otolaryngologist, but seems to care little about his actual profession.
I went to Dr. Gordon back in the mid nineties to have my knee treated. I had torn my meniscus. He gave me the confidence to trust his medical expertise. I'm very fortunate to have went to him in the first place. He did a phenomenal job and everything that he said would happen, did happen. He is truly the BEST!
Dr. Gerdis treated my elderly brother-in-law with compassion and professionalism. At times he has referred him to other doctors for special consultations and even helped make appointments for him.
He is an excellent doctor. Just like other people said, he is very accurate in his diagnosis etc and very friendly too.
He is a wonderful cardiologist who listens to your concerns and explains everything to you.
i would gave no star at all! This doctor is absolutely stupid and does not care about human beings. My husband had a biopsy done for his thyroid operating by him without any image help, such as ultrasound, he just eye ball the nodule and brutally had the biopsy done. As a doctor, you didn't know if the biopsy was done inappropriately, you would need to wait for another few months because of the swollen thyroid which caused by the previous biopsy? freaking biopsy was undiagnosed because of him
Once you can get to see Dr Gerdis you will not find a better doctor. The only problem I have had is with admin staff at front desk of the Hartsdale location. Mostly they seem to be understaffed causing most of the unprofessionalism. Voice mails do not get responses in a timely manner or you can’t even leave one because the voicemail is full.
Dr. Allen is incredibly intelligent and clearly cares about the well being of her patients, even if that means saying what you don't want to hear.
This is first time I am writing review for a doctor because someone's health and life may be in danger. Visited doctor for exam, annual pap, bone density scan and annual mammography scripts. Got a call from her office that ALL my results were clear. The mammography center calls I need script for biopsy, Dr Chu not avail. Still don't have result of pap. I sent letter to dr about this incident - no response. Would never trust her and her staff with my health. Be diligent for your own health.
Dr. Michael is very knowledgeable, compassionate, professional. Attentive staff. We're with him for 3+ years, highly recommend.
My experience in both the old and new office has been consistently excellent. Everything Dr. Via has said has been sensible, he is very helpful even where the theory gets a bit vague, and he is very easy to communicate with. If you ask Dr. Via a question, he will answer it directly (if something is not clear, he will indicate that). After my Dr. Via appointments, I always feel like my issue has been addressed and understand the current plan (and feel good that it can be adjusted if needed).
He is the best doctor I have and I have a lot. Always listens to you. He remembers the things from your past. He goes above and beyond to help.
I was experiencing pain in my right knee and decided to see Dr. Gordon despite the many negative reviews I found online due to the proximity of his office to my work. I was wrong to do so because like many other patients have stated, the total reception and x-ray process took over an hour yet the doctor saw me for less than five minutes. He did not explain anything about my pain and just said i needed an MRI. The entire staff is very unprofessional and did a poor job following up after my visit.
I made an appointment for 10:30 am and showed up 10 minutes early (this is at Dr. Spingarn's Beth Israel-Mt. Sinai 34th street location). I waited for an one hour and 10 minutes in the middle of my work day. After waiting for this amount of time and checking in with the desk on when I would see him, I was told I would be seen next, however another 20 minutes passed and no doctor. In the end I lost time, had to cancel my appointment to get back to work, and also did not get a consultation.
Dr Allen was able to get me in quickly and took the time to talk thoroughly about my needs and concerns. She was also extremely knowledgeable about current research related to OB/GYN issues. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to other women. I wish she had been my doctor for years.
Great and caring doctor. Have been using him for years. He is always Kind and patient, and is an excellent diagnostician .I am glad I have him as my ENT
I had scheduled my appointment with Dr. Via over 5 weeks ago and arrived on time. The staff looked dumb-founded and asked when and how I made the appointment. I was then told that the doctor was not in today and they could not figure out why none of the staff members had the courtesy / decency to call me ahead of time. I basically wasted my entire lunch hour from work due to the carelessness / incompetency of Dr. Via's office staff which now reflects very negatively upon the doctor's image.
Dr. Allen has a very good bedside manner. Even though she works in a busy walk-in clinic, she still provides you with the good thorough care you deserve as a patient. She took the time to sit and understand my questions and concerns and was willing to have me bypass unnecessary tests. I feel that I receive A+ service when visiting Dr. Allen.
Painless pap smear and listens to your current health conditions. Provides great advice. Schedule earlier. Patients who came earlier had delayed her.
His diagnosis and treatments have always been very accurate for both myself and my wife. We would both give him 6 stars if we could.

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Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
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