a very personable and great physician. Have been seeing him for about 5 years now.
Has been our family Dr. for over 25 yrs and has always either solved our health issues in a very professional timely manner or referred us to the appropriate specialists
I love Dr.Aro! He is the most amazing doctor I have ever known. He is gentle, he explains everything is such a way that even my husband understood, he is super thorough. He did my total hysterectomy and 2 days later I felt as if I didn't even have surgery. I even take my daughter to him as well and I'm very picky with who sees her. He staff is truly amazing. They are very promote. Sheila is super is is kind and caring when she says she will call you back she will. Thank you so much Dr.Aro
I had a colonoscopy at St. Anthony's Hospital yesterday. I was, naturally, nervous. But Dr. Goldfischer is so professional yet with such a great sense of humor that I breezed through the entire experience. The hospital and surgical staff took such good care of me that I felt like a VIP patient. Everyone was cheerful, upbeat, professional, and efficient. In my dealings with Dr. Goldfischer's office staff I had only good experiences. Everyone I spoke to was courteous and friendly.
I saw Dr Ellis for a colonoscopy. He was knowledgeable and courteous. Answered all questions. Took time to make me feel comfortable. Staff was friendly. Office visit and procedure ran on time and smoothly
Klein is awesome! Def a small town Dr feel , but knows his stuff.
I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy . Before going into the operating room he said, "we are doing an endoscopy also, right". Yes I told him. I woke up before the procedure and could see them snip something on the screen on the wall. When I realized I was up I asked the anthestiologist why I was up. He told me QUOTE "you were snoring and annoying the doctor so we woke you up." Also they FAILED TO DO THE ENDOSCOPY.
Dr. Aro is a very nice and caring doctor when you actually get to see him. I understand he had a lot of personal emergencies but they get in the way of appointments. Dr. Aro found my ectopic pregnancy before it ruptured, he saved me great pain. I do not however care for his staff. They are not overly friendly, and I've waited over 1.5 hours for my appt. before which I was not very happy about. I had my post op appt. scheduled and took of of work just to have them cancel 2 hours before my visit.
Wonderful bedside manner, professional and to the point. Very patient and understanding. I am very happy with Dr Aro and his staff.
Dr. Aro is a compassionate and very thorough GyN. He listens to you and discusses with you his diagnosis and the best treatment for what addresses your concerns. He gives you his undivided attention and considers other options if you are not comfortable with any of the courses of action he has recommended. He is gentle and calm. I highly recommend him as a Gyn.!
Unfortunately this office and set of doctors/nurses etc should learn how not to violate a patients rights by blurting out one's private information in front of a packed waiting room. I then told them that they were ridiculous for what they had just done . After that I then filed a complaint against them which they in turn discharged not only myself as a patient from them but also my wife my son as well as my father. I suppose they also plan to discharge my brothers as well Laughable company
Very knowledgable and helpful with my issues. Excellent Doctor. Spent time to make sure I understood everything. Highly recommend dr. Ellis
Dr.Hirsch takes the time to explain things to you he does not rush you. If you call with a question you receive a answer the same day.
I am extremely picky with Doctors especially GYN doctors but Dr. Aro is one in a million. He gives you his undivided attention, listens to you, gives you the best advice and always cares. I was having heavy unexplained bleeding and even after he was able to determine the cause and put me on another form of birth control, he called me numerous times to find out how I was doing. This doctor really cares. His bedside manner is superior. I will never see anyone else for GYN but Dr. Aro!
Dr. Chan goes above and beyond. She really takes a great deal of time with her patients. We put our trust in her and are never disappointed in the service we receive.
Dr. Chan is knowlegable and patient. She listens and asks the right questions to get the information she needs. It took several appointments for me to become comfortable with her but now I wouldn't see anyone else.
I do NOT like male OB/Gyn, never have. As a woman, you are at your most vulnerable position, when you get this type of exam. But that's NOT the case with Dr. Aro! He understood all my fears and alleviate everyone! Dr. Aro is a very kind, gentle, patient, compassionate man and doctor. I also like that he LISTENS and EXPLAINS in minute detail, so that when I leave, I will have full understanding of what's going on. I recommended him everyone I know. AWESOME MD 10 ++++!!!
Worst doctor ever. Went to see him for some issues I was having. Never really took an interest in my situation. He was always to involved with his computer. Staff was really unfriendly and just rude especially his assistant Michelle. I am transferring out of there and will never see another doctor under Horizon Medical Group again. Thanks for nothing doctor!
Dr. Aro is a skilled ob/gyn surgeon, but what future patient should know about Dr. Aro is that he is compassionate, caring, and always responds to your phone calls. I would recommend Dr. Aro to anyone who wants to be 100% sure they will receive the best care. He stands out in my mind as an outstanding physician and individual. He attains qualities we do not often encounter in doctors, as we were used to many years ago. Dr. Aro cares about you.
He is a doctor for both my grandparents who are in their 90s. My grandmother obviously has dementia and he told us she has no signs of dementia and her memory is sharp as anything. We also recently had to move my grandparents in with a relative for care reasons and he won't sign off to refill my 94 yr old grandfathers prescription one last time before we find them a new doctor colaer to their new home. Not only is this doctor incompetent he is a complete jerk.
I was in the hospital for an emergency abdominal issue. I saw 25 or more doctors but Ellis was the only one I remembered he made me feel comfortable and I felt at ease during my two week stay whenever he came in my room. He answered all my questions and was always professional, informative and put me at ease.
Fantastic Dr. Great nurses that work for him etc. But his office staff/secretaries are awful, They never answer the phone, are not friendly when you try to make an appointment and finally get them. This would be a wonderful place if they got better office staff!
Very professional. Excellent bedside manner. Explains everything very clearly.
He saved my life.
He is a specialist. I understand that. However, you have to take the whole patient history/conditions into account when rendering treatment as mine are the result of what he treats me for. He does not. I even had to remind him that I previously had a diagnostic test done that he had ordered and he had to amend my diagnosis.
Always gentle, Dr. Levin has cared for my family's needs for years. He is a good doctor and a nice person.
wonderful , Pa and a wonderful person
Dr. Scileppi is a kind and receptive doctor who is very thorough. I arrived on time for an appointment and was seen in 15 minutes. Dr. Scileppi is a throwback to the old school physicians who talk to you and listen to what you have to say. I like the attention to detail.
I've been seeing Dr. Levin for over 10 years. He is a fantastic doctor and runs his practice like they used to. He always calls me personally if I have a question instead of making me go in for an appointment and if he feels he needs to see me, he has me call and tell the staff to get me in right away and they do. Really great doctor and bedside manner!!
Dr Scileppi is an excellent and caring Gastro Dr. Unfortunately, however, it is almost impossible to have a prescription refilled if it needs authorization. I called on four separate occasions and was told they were "working on it", or that they would call me back. After a week and a half of this, I called my primary physician and had it refilled instantly. Shame on the staff. I am seriously considering using a different Gastro, even though I like this Dr. I dont want to go through this again.
Great doctor if you could actually get him to call you back. He is impossible to get a hold of and the members of his office staff are beyond rude. Second time giving him a try years apart and had the same experience. You won't get lab results back for weeks (you will need to call every day to get them) and forget about getting a follow up appointment you'll wait months. Do yourself a favor, save yourself some time and money and start off with a different doctor.
Would not recommend. He was not able to help my son with his issues. You are sent for tests, do not get a call from the doctor about the results. When you call to follow up you have to make an appointment which is a month out.
Dr. Siegel is an exceptional professional, I give him a 5+ in all categories.
My experience with Dr Plumer was excellent... Not only does he know gastroenterology but he's by far one of the nicest drs I've ever had...he's very knowledgeable and explains everything very clearly. .. Mimi White
Dr.Levin talks to me and also listens to me when I need to talk. He does his best to satisfy his patients. He is very kind and understanding
she was rude in nursing home, spoke down to us had a poor experience with the entire family. No bed side manor. wouldn't recommend her to anyone!
This sorry excuse of a doctor diagnosed my Mom with intestinal infection last week. He told her it was from a specific antibiotic that she took. What does he do? He turns around & prescribes the very same drug to her. Then he prescribes another medication that cost $1400! My brother called his office to get a prescription phoned in Friday afternoon so she could be treated over the weekend. No one called back at all, and it's Tuesday!! Obviously you & your staff do not care. Disgusting
Dr.Scileppi is a very caring doctor he takes time if you have questions to be asked.
Unfortunately over the last decade, I have had severe GI problems and have NEVER received any treatment options, he has no problem throwing pain meds( narcotics) at the problem...my husband summed that up perfect, it's like putting a bandaid over a gun shot wound!!! How after over a decade of seeing a patient do you not make an effort to diagnos or just treat one of the dozens of conditions I could have as he stated! But he did brag twice how long he has been practicing!!!

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