Dr Pilcher is a wonderful, caring, gifted doctor. His PA, Sue is also amazing. He was conservative in his treatment, trying all options before opting for surgery. I had a discotomy/laminectomy and he took wonderful care of me. I trust him with my life. I highly recommend him.
I wouldn't recommend him to my enemy! He almost killed my mother. His assistant is worse.
I had a problem with my back. For several months no one could find the problem. I saw Dr. Girgis in Canandaigua, had an MRI and in a very short time he performed surgery after finding the problem and the pain was gone immediately. Can't say enough good about him.
do yourself a favor and look for a doctor that cares about the patient and their health! you might better get a opinion from just anyone walking up the road, im sure they would have more concern about your health and well being. university of rochester has some excellent doctors, keep looking for one that cares about your health!
Dr. Wells has no sense of humor nor ability to relate with patient. Poceeds with procedures without explanation of the rationale nor what what the outcome my determine. Unwilling to answer patient questions-just repeats himself with a reply that is not informative as related to patient concern.
I met w dr Kachana today For a dx of Parkinson's or another movement disorder. they ask u to bring all bl work mris and symptom w/ you. She did not look at any of info I sent. I was wearing my winter coat. She checked my arms w my coat on she looked in my eyes asked me to walk which I did not stay in straight line or swing arms ten min later her exam was over her assessment was I don't know what you have can't help you the end. Worse dr I've ever seen
Dr Replogle corrected a lumbar stenosis that made walking for more than a minute or so without support (weakness and numbness in my legs). As a result of the surgery my back pain, leg weakness and numbness are completely gone. I went grocery shopping the day after surgery without leaning on the cart anymore.
Only saw the doc once in a year. Michelle Dugan gave me the run around for a year about injections for my back. She decided on her own I did not need pains any more. Just like that. Even though I have been on them consistently for five years. This woman makes the whole practice look bad. I would not recommend this practice simply because eventually you will most likely have to deal with this hot mess who is so stressed out she will cause you more anxiety. Not make you feel better.
Dr. Villarreal is very experienced pain specialist. Thoroughly reviewing my chart, I trust the fact that Dr. Villarreal performs the appropriate procedure and refrains from doing unnecessary injections. His long term plan of care is very dependable. His injection technique is gentle and he takes his time. For these reasons, I highly recommend Dr. Armando Villarreal
Dr. Girgis saved my life and I am only able to walk because I was lucky to have had him on call the night of a motor vehicle accident when my neck was broke. He is the most caring Dr. that anyone could put their trust into operating on them. He is far the best neurosurgeon in the Rochester area!
I got hurt at work and the Dr. was very caring and upfront right away about me needing surgery after looking at my MRI and checking me out...He told me that surgery could help me or stay the same pain level...luckily my pain isn't gone..but it's better and I could use my neck arms and legs after a laminectomy and cervical fusion....He and His staff were very kind and professional...Wait time was only bad once..few hours when he was called to an emergency...late coming in but saw all us patients
My first visit was with Michelle Dugan. She was professional and friendly. She explained MRI findings with me. She explained my options and gave me her suggestions. She was thorough and took a lot of time with me. I was very impressed. I will follow her suggestions and continue on with this group. I only gave the recommendation four stars because I have not yet met Dr. Villarreal. I would give Michelle Dugan five stars if I could.
NP Michelle Dugan is useless. She is demeaning and condescending. Refused to listen to anything I had to say. On second visit said sent Rx to pharmacy to be filled and it wasn't. took 8.5hrs and dozens of calls to fix. A week later called and said had to come in for urinalysis. Showed up and she asked where meds were to be counted. I wasn't told to bring them. Argument ensued and was told that they would not ever be filling a Rx for me again and to leave. Find another doc, this one is useless
I had a benign tumor removed from my brain Aug. 3 2015. Dr Pilcher performed the surgery. It took 6 hrs just as he said it would. He was very thorough and proved that he is the best brain surgeon in the world! All went just as he planned. NO surprises. I went back to work 4 mos. latèr. I cannot recommend him high enough. For anyone who has neurologic disorders or tumors of the brain or spine, he is a MUST SEE!
What a great experience I had on my first appointment with Dr.Pilcher and Physician Assistant Susan Smith! Professional, informative, and very nice. They made me feel comfortable and less worried, as nervous as I was to hear what my diagnosis was. I recommend and them to anyone!
Dr. Walter, was excellent, he saw me right away. Looked at my MRI and the pain I was in for my disk and moved me up right away for surgery. He did an excellent job and I am so glad I went to him. I would highly recommend him. Holly Seidewand
I had an appointment for 11:00 am which I arrived about 20 minutes early. At 11:35, I asked his secretary what the holdup was. She stated that the doctor was running behind and that she would get me in a room as soon as one was available. At 12:00 pm, I left without getting into a back room or ever seeing this doctor. I have never experienced such a lack of consideration or professionalism in all of my 45 years. There is no excuse to wait for a doctor for 60 minutes: ever!
My experience was terrible. Dr Welles was 53 Minutes Late, Told me my problems were caused by things that don't make any sense. He didn't refill my migraine medication or switch it because I have been having side effects WORST Experience I have ever had with a neurologist. Extremely disappointed!
He performed both my cervical and lumbar surgery. After he fixed my neck, I was angry that I had waited so long to have the fusion. It changed my life. But my low back decided it needed attention years later, again he repaired me - expertly. He bedside manner is compassionate and supported with superior knowledge - that is essential. His PA, Jackie is some kind of angel. Her post operative support with progress and pain management is perfect. What an amazing team!!! There is one secretary :(
He has a kinder manner than his NP or PA. She doesn't seem to listen and is patronizing. I never feel well cared for yet am willing to try and do whatever they recommend to help my pain management. The staff in the procedure room is amazing and compassionate. Unfortunately the whole staff is not so. His NP or PA really makes the situation intolerable. He is a great doctor but you have to get treated pretty bad before you get to see him, the price you have to pay. The wait time is excessive.
Good luck getting, she is there the last two weeks of each month so far I have had 3 appointments canceled and had to reschedule. Does not spend a lot of time with patients asking questions.
awesome care , love him and Kathy ,
Professional, patient, not very talkative, would like to see also that there was a scan to go with the memory test. And follow up with scans to see how brain is changing and how fast. Talk to patient about diet and what else they can do to slow the process. Explanations on all tests. He is knowledgable.
We highly recommend Dr. Silberstein. He's brilliant, talented and has excellent bedside manor. We had two excellent outcomes with him. He released my son's tethered spinal cord (when my son was 11 years old) at Strong Memorial/Golisano Children's Hospital, and later, he did laminoplasty on my cervical spine to relieve stenosis of my spinal cord/myelopathy, at Rochester General. We absolutely love Dr. Silberstein.
Very intelligent and personable. Tells it like it is. I highly recommend him and his team !
I had surgery on my lower back/ spine performed by dr.silberstein regarding sciatica pain. The dr made me sign a waiver that stated (and I'll sum it up) I am aware that things can go wrong and I can not hold him accountable and pretty detailed stuff. Wish I had gotten a copy. if I could turn back time I would of never went through with it. Because now I have excruciating lower back pain and sometimes even insicion pain. I can't even clean my home for 15 mins without hurting. I want my life back!
He was straightforward with what he did. He knew just what to do but kept my concerns in mind and made sure that I was kept calm despite the worries that can come with brain problems.
terrible staff no one answered phone for 30 mins because i was calling them to tell them i was going to be late ...they finally answered as i was 10 mins away (45 mins after original call to the office) and told me i would have to reschedule after i just drove from buffalo to rochester 70 something miles and i get dismissed unreal ...worst people to talk to on phone ever ..
My experience with Dr. Pilcher was extraordinary. He, his staff, Physician's Assistant (Susan Smith), et al. were professional, friendly (no matter what they say about surgeon's bedside manners), and most importantly competent to the extreme. I would strongly recommend he and his office!
Terrible, he made us feel as if my mother were faking her pain with a very dismissive non believing tone. As we informed him of her extreme discomfort he was looking elsewhere. He pushed her during his physical examination further than she could tolerate. Still acting like she was a hypochondriac. After repeated attempts at making him see she was suffering he finally opens up her chart saw the most recent mri and how her spine was swollen and inflamed.
It couldn't have been a better experience. This doctor knows what he s doing like the back of his hand. No games. He tells you what,when,where,why and how. Thank you very much DOC

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