Worse doctor I ever had she lies, record her sessions or else she would promise to God she didn't say what she saids. I had pneumonia 1st she misdiagnosed me, An ER student caught her mistake, Then she said "Pneumonia wasn't contagious. Refused to give me additional time off from work because I wasn't at full strength and really wasn't feeling good. She told me, " I will give you 1 day off because when I'm sick I come to work and I'm not going to give you more than I would take myself" :-O
I had a horrible leg injury which resulted in having a vascular bypass at buff general hospital. Dr. Rivero was the one who did the surgery. This woman is an amazing person and wonderful doctor. She went out of here way and came and checked on me everyday even though didn't have to. She is very compassionate and all around great person. I wish all doctors were like here. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for me it meant the world to me !
She has terrible uncaring bedside manner. She was sent to the hospital by my primary dr and I asked her to leave after a short time because of her unprofessionalism. I wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy. I wonder how she even is still allowed to practice!
Incompetent She'll lie to your face Rude Knows all the Answers. She has no right to be treating Vets with her Attitude.
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