She needs to know the laws in the state she works in. She is in calif. didnt even know what sdi was. Her communication is below average. She didnt read nor pay attention to prev history.Ive seen ucd/specialist #1in cal. she says no such thing. Confused my childhd hept. W/adulthood liverfailure. Prescribed pill goes thru liver against my wishes. Told her what i had been taking. Next appt.says u said thats what u wanted. Doesnt listen to the pateint. Refered me to a pa/dont do backs. & lots more..
The best doctor I've ever had. Patient, knowledgeable and willing to explain anything you want he always has an I beat attitutude and is cutting edge on his knowledge of HIV treatment. Had him in buffalo
He is somewhat young, and very pretentious and narcissistic. He is very condescending of medications that have been prescribed by the previous doctors as if he is so much more intelligent and qualified above them. I have been taking the same medication and dosage for 4 years (which is half of the short time he has even been in practice) and he refused to give me the prescription! He also makes false accusations when he has never treated the patient and is just assuming. Worst doctor by far!
He did not have a welcoming demeanor. He talked down to me. He said he was recommending a change in medication and when I questioned him he was defensive. I do not think I can return to him. I did not feel heard or taken seriously. He had an idea of my disorder and refused to be questioned.
I visited this doctor the very first time and I must say he is a very genuine, personable individual. He spent a lot of time discussing with me my options, pros, and cons. I would definitely recommend this physician, especially if you are a new patient!
will not listen to the patient. he is an egotistical low self-esteem piece of work. He is a doctor at a Clinic and treat people like Junkie trash. he does not have the patient in mind only his paycheck if you end up on the bad side of Dr Blondell you will 2nd guess everything you know about doctors and how they are supposed to treat you. they take an oath when they start practicing one of them is to do no harm to the patient. i guess he didnt read any of the hippocratic oath.
He has treated me for 25 years. He is an excellent doctor and he follows through if you have a problem. He refers you quickly to the proper specialist if necessary. One downside that I have with him is I believe he is overworked because he closes his eyes as soon as a patient starts talking. He has done this for at least 5 years now. I believe he is so tired and overworked the last thing he needs is more patients. Thank you.
Dr. Cooper is not only a brilliantly skilled surgeon...she is extreamly caring and thuro in follow-up...bravo..
He pushed highly addictive drugs on me. He spread malicious gossip about me. He violated the Hippocratic Oath and my HIPPA rights. He needs to be removed from post, stripped of his credentials. He is a menace to those seeking real help.
Dr. Mikowski is fair, sincere and honest. The staff at her practice can be a little bit unimpressive, but I have full faith in Dr. Mikowski's judgment and full faith that she wants to help. She is a provider who cares -- not just a provider in the field for the money.
Very good experience with Dr. Martinez and his whole staff today
Waited 6 months for the appointment to be rushed out the door after 10 minutes and thrown sone anti depressants. Awful experience, just making this in hope that someone who has more serious problems than me wont have to go through this. Never left a review of anything in my entire life so that should speak volumes.
Very Rude and confrontational with patients and tried to intimidate patient ans their decision of choice in medical care. Actually tried arguing over his choice of opinions without any reliance to patient concern or diagnosis, and was asked to please stay on track of review of patient care at time of patient encounter! Highly confrontational and abrasive toward patient and care!
I absolutely love Dr. Poupalos. I have been seeing her for just under a year and she always takes her time with you in the office. She and her staff are super friendly and she genuinely cares about your well being as a patient. Dr. Poupalos also explains things really well, and doesn't judge your answers (which was an issue with my last PCP)
Dr Rich is an intelligent, compassionate and highly capable physician. I highly recommend her as a PCP.
Dr Plocher has since moved to Minneapolis. I saw her for a consultation about removing a large mass on my forearm. Although I had a lot of confidence in her, she elected to refer me to someone with more experience. I found her to be very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic.
Dr. Rich is a patient centered physician who takes the health of her patients seriously as evidenced by her willingness to call back, or schedule a follow up at short notice. When my wife needed a primary physician, I wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Rich and my wife holds similar views to mine about Dr. Rich's patient responsiveness.
My 88 year Mom sees Dr Rich 1-2 times a year and I accompany all visits. The time spent with the doctor is never rushed. She is patient and answers every question completely and also has a nice sense of humor to make it a better experience. There is no pressure and she takes a common sense approach to medication and realities while respecting the patient. We always leave the office in good spirits. Dr Rich is a good one and I'm grateful she is my Mom's doctor.
I would recommend Dr. Wohaibi to all of my family and friends. He has great bedside manners, cares very much for you personally. Will go the extra mile for you and makes sure he keeps up with your progress and stops in to check on you no matter what. Takes the time out of his busy schedule to see you and check on you even if you did not specifically come to the hospital for him specifically. I love Dr. Wohaibi.
He was thorough, explained what was going on in detail. Checked in on me repeatedly. Could not be happier with my care.
Explains things thoroughly. Takes the time to listen and answer any questions you have. I never feel rushed.
At first Dr V seemed easy to talk to, however when pressed for more information about DX he kept repeating the same thing w/o answering or explaining. In reading the discharge summary he wrote it is clear he had not listened to me, and in fact contradicts himself a few times. In writing an RX there was a mistake and when I questioned this, he got very defensive. PS as an inpatient, I had NO CHOICE to receiver treatment by DR V.
Dr. Batra is the most caring and professional doctor I have even visited. He is very thorough and courteous. He takes all the time I need to make sure I understand everything about my health needs. It is a pleasure to go to him. He always takes the time to treat me like a real person and not just a number.
Dr. Anuvat is very pleasant and professional, but also very personable. He reviews imaging, tells you about his examination, both technically, and in simple, easy to understand language, he explains what his examination determined, and treatment options. Working in the health profession myself, I greatly appreciated his clear explanation of things in terms I could easily understand. He has great bedside manner making for an exceptional patient experience.
Excellent bedside manner and medical knowledge. Took his time to develop a plan of care I could follow and my pain has progressively improved overall. Also made time to answer questions and follow up with me on the phone.
Very caring and patient. Explained the different options available to treat my pain including medications, modalities, and procedures. Pain has improved immensely since my first visit!
Difficult to understand and never explains things. I always feel rushed when I see him and nothing ever changes. I was in a lot of pain and was told that only injections will help. Not happy with my care. Seeing a Doctor in Florida now.
Worst Doctor. Never visit her. Does not have any knowledge
Chinese, Mandarin

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Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
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Bone Marrow Biopsy
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Electroconvulsive Therapy (Ect)
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Respiratory Management
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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (Cpap)
Decortication And Pleurectomy
Destruction Of Anal Tumor
Diabetes Counseling
Diagnostic Nasal And-Or Sinus Endoscopy
Dialysis Access Procedures
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Ear Tube Placement
Eeg (Electroencephalogram)
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Elbow Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
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Elbow Replacement
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Endovascular Repair Of Aorta
Ent Surgery
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Excision Of Radius Or Ulna
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Femoral Hernia Repair, Open
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Laparoscopic Revision Gastric Restrictive Procedure
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Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Nasal Septum Surgery (Septoplasty)
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Nose Plastic Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
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Peripheral Nerve Block
Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
Proctectomy, Open Or Laparoscopic (Incl. Swenson And Duhamel Procedures)
Psychotherapy For Crisis
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Resection Or Ablation Of Bone Tumor, Partial Or Complete Resection Of Bone, Debridement Of Bone
Robotic-Assisted Sleeve Gastrectomy
Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery
Sinus Surgery
Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic
Sphenoidotomy (Sinus Surgery)
Splenectomy And Splenorrhaphy
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Thromboendarterectomy Or Excision Of Infected Graft
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Umbilical Or Ventral Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Varicose Vein Procedure
Vascular Duplex Ultrasonography And Plethysmography
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