Dr Behar doesn't have experience in tongue ties. She was extremely dismissive & seemed puzzled when I told her I was concerned about a posterior tongue tie. She said the lip tie wasn't a problem and her nephew's lip tie was clipped but it didn't make a difference. She spent very little time with us after a long wait both in the waiting room and exam room. Her advice was to offer my 8 month old son a sucker to see if he'd stick his tongue out (which he hadn't previously done, so I was concerned).
Dr Poje has been caring for my 5 year old after having had an adenoid removal done with another MD . My daughter had numerous bacterial infections following her previous adenoidectomy and so we searched out Dr Poje for a second opinion. Dr Poje did an adenoid revision ( as they had grown back ) & sinus surgery and bronchoscopy. My daughter has not been well in a very long time until now. Many thanks to Dr Poje and his staff. Excellent knowledgeable and very skilled physician. We love him!!
Dr Behar took exceptional care of my nephew who had an infected thyroglossal cyst in his neck. I accompanied him to see the doctor because I am a health care professional. She is very patient and compassionate and conservative in that she did not jump to removing it surgically. She treated the problem with antibiotics and a month later took him to surgery and removed the cyst. She drew pictures for Vinny's mom and made her very very comfortable about the whole experience.
my two children received the best care, extremely informative, very professional, wouldn't put my kids in care of any other dr.
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