I had my surgery for ovarian cancer with Dr. Singhal. I was very sick when he performed my surgery including bowel resection, surgery lasting for 6 hours. I recovered beautifully and on chemotherapy. My cancer is responding very well. I am amazed with his bedside manners, caring nature and surgical skills. Pushpa in his office is truly a gem. I can't thank you enough for Good Samaritan Hospital for bringing to our area. God Bless him.
I was referred by my Obgyn to Dr. Singhal for my diagnosis of uterine cancer. I was very impressed with him the first time I met him. He is truly a gem, he explained everything to me, spent a great deal of time with me and performed robotic surgery for cancer. I was up and walking right after surgery, had almost no pain, and was able to drive with in 3 days. He is truly gifted and god bless him. I am cancer free, thank you Dr. Singhal.
Lisa from west islip Dr Singhal did my surgery for ovarian cancer and I am having chemo also he had very goo bed side manners , kind excellent surgeon. saved my life. Thank you Dr Singhal
I had my robotic surgery for uterine cancer by Dr. Singhal. I am shockingly amazed as to how well I felt after my surgery. I barely had any pain, was able to walk right after surgery. His bed side manners are great, truly a caring doctor. I am blessed to have him as my doctor.
I met Dr Singhal and few of his staff of doctors that work under his command when my wife needed emergency ovarian cancer surgery. He was very polite and thorough explaining the surgery that needed to be done and what treatment could be expected in the months to come. After surgery chemo was prescribed at Good Samaritan Hospital Oncology Center where Dr Singhal has complete control of your aftercare. The nurses are professional and caring and make a tough job look easy. Well done Dr Singhal!
I consider myself very lucky that Dr. Singhal recently came to LI and is head of the cancer center at Good Sam. I had a bit of a complicated problem that I won't get into details of, and needed a major operation. He is a very talented surgeon, but also, a warm and caring person. His associate, Dr. Shreeny is also just amazing and easy to talk to. They gave me my life back. You are in good hands, trust. I hold him and his entire team in such high esteem.
Dr.Singhal able to open my block Fallopian tube after 3 failed laparoscopy from different Doctors to open my tube,wish I knew him before .He did excellent job,very small incision and I woke up with no pain .Thank you Dr.Singhal
He did my laparoscopic hysterectomy I was up and walking around after 1 hr after Icame out of the rrecovery room. He is a very good Dr. With good bed side manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs that type of surgery.
Dr. Singhal is the best there is!!!! His office is full of friendly staff and they make you feel welcomed and very comfortable. Just received letter saying he will be moving out of area which makes me very unhappy, of I need him again for any reason I will be able to be seen by doctors that are still. In office there. I will really miss him...thank you so much. Michelle

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