A great experience. It is never easy choosing a new doctor. I came in for a routine physical. I was brought back at the schedule time, his assistant was very friendly and asked a lot of the pre-questions and got me established at the clinic. Dr. Batey asked a lot of great questions regarding my history and current status. Genuinely concerned about what's going on with me. He wrote a referral to see a specialist and got my script sent off. Easy process all the way around!
She is very kind and caring. I would highly recommend.
She is the best. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Takes the time to listen and never rushes.
By far the best doctor I've ever had. A great listener who partners with her patients to provide the best possible healthcare.
Incredibly knowledgeable and caring physician. By far the best care I have ever received.
Bedside manner of a Nazi scientist. Does not care about the patient - he seems like he simply wants to get to the end of his shift.
I would NOT recommend Dr. Mesmer for anyone . Terrible bedside manner, not compassionate, does not care and a pill pusher. Honestly this is the worse DR I have seen and my worst experience in my 45 years of living which really says something. Strongly advise to stay away if you value your life and family . She has literally ruined my life and my family's life forever and she is perfectly OK with that and is losing no sleep over it I am sure.
Was assigned her after my doctor of over 20 years moved too far away to follow him. Dr McCrory acts like she listens to your concerns, but only acts on what she believes, does not return calls and does not explain why she decided to make changes to my meds and more. I was switched to another Dr twice because she called in sick. I do not like her, I am switching ASAP. I wish there was a zero stars option.
This doctor was rude. Did not explain my condition to me. Did not explain the treatment course. Was arrogant and condescending when talking to me.
I have been to many endocrinologists over the years and Dr. Robinson is by far the best one. He has really helped me improve my health.
I appreciate that he listens to me when I have questions and ideas. I've dealt with diabetes for over 62 years. He explains why he's changing anything and gives me the time to change my pump settings there in the office.
I saw him for a recurring knee injury. Some doctors are patient and compassionate, and put you at ease with their manner. Other are more brusque or standoffish. Dr. Suslak was neither of these kinds -- he was an absolute jerk. He cut me off, didn't answer questions, contradicted himself, and essentially then just fled the examination room, leaving me with a prescription for therapy I already had before the appointment. In summary, avoid at all costs.
after visiting ER, and knowing a cortisone shot for my knee would be beneficial dr hale worked me in and after reviewing my images from the ER..see other review....agreed cortisone would probably assist in the pain and recovery....injection was painless, just a little pressure and wala....24-48 hrs later much improved, still wearing knee brace off and on after a month or so from the initial injury for support due to other physical disabilities...she was courteous professional and would see again
Dr Hale is super sweet and does amazing work. My Husband was considered to be a "High Risk" patient, we had seen 2 MD's before we found Dr. Hale, trying to find someone willing to do two total knee replacements for him and only Dr. Hale was willing to take on the challenge. We are so grateful. He is doing very well after knee #1, and will have the second one done in a couple of weeks. Manny thanks too Dr. Hale and her amazing staff!!!
Dr. Hale saw my son when he fractured his ankle. We got in right away for an appointment. Dr. Hale was great to work with and we were very happy with the care she provided.
Dr. Ford is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. When I was in the hospital, she is the one the nurses said they would see if they ever had a problem. Completed her residency training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and that makes a difference. My research and personal experience is that she is working at the high end of her profession. St. Pete's is fortunate to have a surgeon of this caliber. I hope she stays.
I had to go to emergency room he was very understanding and took all the tests than found to find out my problem thought he was very understanding and cared.
Dr. Ford took extra time with my son to assure his bones were growing correctly. I felt comfortable with her as she explained everything as we were going along. I appreciate not feeling rushed.
Dr Erin Ham has been the most caring and wonderful doctor I have ever had here in Helena besides Cathy Lay. Having been born at the historic St Peter's Hospital when it was still on 11th and Logan, there are really NO good or caring doctors in Helena That I know of. Especially that Gallea guy in the ER who should NOT be a Doctor. Dr Ham is very nice and caring. She honestly listens and makes sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. She is very thorough! Love her! Highly recommended!
Dr. Usow and his staff are so caring and kind. They make you feel very comfortable during the consultation. I wasn't rushed or pressured. I think He and Peggy are so Professional. I would Highly recommend them.
Dr. Wampler is a good primary care doctor. He is very good at referring to specialists. Slightly quick, but yet still thorough in his face to face exams.
I have had a number of doctors over the years, many of whom were absolutely outstanding. But, Dr. Weiner stands heads and shoulders above them all. Not only is he a talented, knowledgable, and experienced physician, he is the hardest-working, most empathetic Doctor you ever will find. He takes the time to get to know you and your issues, will discuss those issues and alternatives with you, and follows up regularly to help you address your progress. He makes you feel like you are his only patient
Exceptional. To the point. And honest
Dr. Nowak is a very approachable and down to earth physician. I feel well taken care of with her as my doctor.
My first encounter with Dr. Pop was a lecture about getting a mammogram. While his passion and concern for his patients was evident in the lecture, I was put off. Shortly thereafter following another test, I got to see his compassion and care in action when he went the extra mile to help me get to the bottom of a serious health concern. ST. Peter's Hospital and the Helena area is lucky to have such a committed physician.
After communication issues with a previous doctor who would not listen to me nor care what I thought about things, I found Dr. Plate. She is very conscientious, listens carefully to me, is determined to find the best possible solutions to any of my health care concerns. She is a very gentle, caring person.
Thorough, very smart and caring. Great Doctor!
Love her!! Strat forward on what she will be doing. Easy to contact and quick to respond to you. Personality is amazing. Highly recommend her to all!!!
I have ongoing medical issues that result in chronic pain. I have seen multiple doctors and is the only one who truly to and immediately approved for surgery to these issues. She has a wonderful bedside manner obviously a drive to care for others. I am so I found her. She's to drastically improve my quality life. Thank you Dr.Plate!
Excellent service and patient care.
Super kinda and effective
It has taken over a month and a half for Dr Penc's office to schedule a routine procedure for me. His staff is unprofessional and borderline incompetent. The care I received from the Doctor himself was great, but I could not recommend his office to anyone.
Dr. Flik came highly recommended for knee pain. I didn't get much help from the first doctor I went to, so I was overly optimistic thinking I would finally get help. The entire office visit including x rays was less than 20 minutes. He didn't give me a change to say anything or ask any questions. He prescribed PT, which I had already done 4 months of and I had to talk over him to let him know that. A year later I'm still in pain and frustrated. Unless you're a surgical candidate, don't bother.
Very condescending could care less what I had to say about my injury. Without looking at me "knew" what my issue was. Spent about 2-3 minutes in room. Worst doctor experience EVER.
Poor listener, more eager to give his opinion instead of listening to me. Mis-diagnosed my condition; suggested things that only made matters worse.
Dr Field arrived at St. Pete's in August 2015 when I was searching for a doctor who could offer me the care that as a Chronic Pain Patient, I desperately needed...as the climate for Chronic Pain Patients in Helena and Montana as a whole was and continues to be a barren wasteland. At a time where Montana has ranked as having the most suicides in the nation. Dr. Field is a light in the darkness for me and my family. She genuinely cares, is forthright & kind and one of few who I trust!
Overall not good. Didn't appear concerned about my condition. Said he may do additional tests and forgot. Has Dr. Mow fill in for him and Dr. Mow didn't review my records before seeing my for my last 2 annual appointments.
Experience with Dr Grossman was ok, but I felt the front desk staffer was very rude and condescending. They screwed up billing and i never got a bill because they sent it to my old address. Rather than just pick up the phone and call me, they simply turned me over to a collection agency! They had a phone#. For a bill that THEY sent to an incorrect address. All for less than 200 bucks. The whole thing was completely disfunctional and very unprofessional. Took a dozen calls and 14 mo. to clear up.
Sounds like the negative reviews below are people dissatisfied with their ability to be prescribed pain meds. Classic. Dr. Flik was outstanding in his diagnosis and operation on my torn shoulder labrum following a nasty dislocation. I was cleared from PT in 3 months and back into full-contact sports in 5 months. I'm now 8 months post-op and completely 100% healed with full ROM. I'm also 30+. Simply could not recommend Dr. Flik more.
Dr Galt was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, caring and very patient friendly. Dr Galt goes above and beyond when it comes to patient care. I would highly recommend him and his surgical team to anyone!
This man should not be where he is. In the ER of a hospital! He certainly made the two visits I had with him horrible and extremely uncomfortable and that is putting it very lightly. He misdiagnosed my twisted intestine ( pretty obvious! ) and said instead to my parents that I had AIDS and was likely an 'Intravenous Drug User of which I am not and never have been. He then said he was done and asked my parents and I to leave the ER even though I was still in horrible pain and couldn't even walk!
Dr Flik screwed up my shoulder and other people that I have talked to have had the same problem. Don't trust him at all !!!! I went to the Bone and Joint Center and Dr Das fixed my shoulder . Also while at the Bone and Joint Center I talked to employees in the back and they told me the number of people that changed to them.Also with all the pain that I had Dr Flik wouldn't give me pain med's ; I was sent to Dr Phung ( Pain Management ) where he helps my pain. DONT TRUST DR. FLIK AT ALL !!!!!!
Dr. Dodge is wonderful. She listens to what you have to say and not ignore your opinion. She has always had a kind bedside manner but very knowledgeable. She is honest and works with you to find a solution to whatever is ailing you. I have started bringing my daughters to her and she was amazing. She treated them like the young adults they are becoming and does talk over them or down to them. Also her support staff is just as kind and professional as she is.
Very disrespectful. Rude, condescending with a godlike attitude. Don't bother or waste your time or money with him. He doesn't care about what is ethical right for pt.
Highly recommend Dr. Curry..
I'd highly recommend Dr. Curry to family and friends. His surgical skills are excellent. I had a seven level fusion and laminectomy performed and was frightened beyond words as to what the future would hold. Now, at 10 weeks out I'm thrilled with the outcome and Dr. Curry's surgical expertise.
Dr Dodge is awful as a person and doctor. she refused to write a prescription for a test she put me through. She requests you to come in 15 minutes for your appointment. It took over an hour after I was called back for her to get into my appointment. I called a advocate to see if some how this mess could be worked out the advocate was no help at all and put it all on me. I would strongly recommend that she put better care into health care. As for me I will be moving on to a better doctor.
Could not stop staring at computer monitor and was dismissive
He is a good man
I would hope that none of my family or friends would need an oncologist but if they ever find that they do I would definitely recommend Dr. Cupino. He Is everything a doctor should be… very smart, compassionate, helpful, informative, easy to talk to and professional.
Dr. Dodge's awful, entitled seeming bedside manner is atrocious. She was flat out rude to me and obviously annoyed when I brought my (well behaved) toddler with me to my appointment. I see another doctor now and am so much happier not having to see Dr.Dodge's lemon face ever again.
Very nice person who took the time to explain my test results and answer my questions.
Dr. Dodge spent a generous amount of time talking to me about my medical issues and explaining her diagnosis thoroughly compared to other physicians I've been to. She is very thorough in her exam and questions so that I feel I can rely on her recommendations for treatment.

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