Terrible doctor. Didn't give me any treatment other than to buy a book. Treated me like a drug seeker. It's the only group in the area for rheumatology so I'll never be able to be treated because of this Monopoly
She is amazing. She is thorough, kind and compassionate. She looks at all possibilities and takes into account your daily life, as well. I highly recommend her.
Not just good - the best. Very intelligent extremely competent AND kind. When you have a chronic and often painful condition her wonderful care was lifesaving. Staff modeled her - they where also kind.
I was optimistic about seeing Dr. Farber based on reviews and a recommendation. However, I found him dismissive and unprepared upon my second visit with literally no idea why I was there or what labs/tests he had run. In fact, he verbally reported them to me incorrectly - which I only knew because I asked for a copy of the labs, as I knew I was not going to return and would need to take them elsewhere.
Dr. Farber really listens to what I say and works with me to develop a treatment plan that I am comfortable with. His experience, demeanor, and understanding of the issues I am concerned with gives me peace of mind that I am in great hands under his care.
A renaissance man and great diagnostician. Caring and knowledgeable... Keeps up with current medicine and carefully explores options, well beyond his specialty. As close to a model for a gentleman and a scholar as you'll find!
Dr. Shapiro calls with test results immediately and is thorough in assessing symptoms. He saved my life. Wonderful and compassionate doctor.
Dr Farber is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate but he also thinks "outside the box" which helps in making an accurate diagnosis of a patient who might be difficult to otherwise diagnose. He is one of the rare and few physicians out there who first and foremost practice the "Hippocrates" approach which is "Primum non nocere"
Excellent rheumatologist for RA/RD. Takes the time for a full assessment at each visit: reviews bloodwork, hands-on tests on multiple joints (hands, wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, and more), tests joint mobility and functionality (grip strength, leg strength, range-of-motion, etc.). Listens to your self-report on issues. Discusses treatment options in depth. At this office: infusion staff are good, office staff are OK.
Super attentive, listened to me and explained everything about RA, what to expect, treatment, great job would recommend to anyone
Very understanding and patient. He follows through and ensures communities ttment to work through a variety RA meds. Finally a doctor who takes his time and works with his patients.
Dr Toledo is very professional, explains everything to me in a way that I can understand. I highly recommend her.
This is a terrible doctor. She left me without treatment for flare-ups for two years. I was given medications that worked by previous doctors before I moved. She seems very inexperienced compared to my last rheumatologist. I would never recommend her to anyone.
Very thorough and compassionate.
I have been seeing Dr Toledo for 3+ years now and have gotten know where, the instant you mention any issue you have going on she's ready to pass you off to another specialist so she doesn't have to do anything. I have waited over an hour in the room for her at times, and during My apt she's responded to text messages on her cell. Overall extremely rude, and not helpful - and forget trying to change within this practice cause they won't allow it. Look outside this practice don't be placed with h
She listens, offers advise and answers all my questions
Wonderful doctor, I totally trust him and his experiences with my healthcare. It will be a sad day when Dr Farber retires.
I was referred to Dr.Hausner-Sypek by my twin brother Rheumatologist in CA. She is remarkable... takes time to talk, explain, examine and outline. Her supporting staff could not be nicer.
She was very professional, took her time with me and explained how she would be treating me , was very friendly and made me feel at ease.
Dr. Toledo is not genuine. Her actions do not match what she says. I have gotten no where in over two years. On my most recent (and to be my last) visit, she promised to help me and then later had the office call me to tell me to consult with my primary doctor to help me... but come back in six months or sooner, if needed. No thanks. I have heard that other doctors in the practice are much better.
Dr. Toledo was very rude... She was more concerned with competing with another doctor who I was also seeing than actually helping me. She was argumentative when I gave her my symptoms and dismissed them one by one, because she clearly needed to be the smartest person in the room. Her treatment plan was basically, don't bother me and that'll be $40 please.
Love Dr. Shapiro. Great doctor, smart, and really wants the best for his patients. Very fortunate to have him in this area. Good guy.
very kind and thorough, listened to all of my questions and concerns. Spent over 75 min with me at my first visit
Horrible and such a coward. Left me for dead after adminitering chemo drug. When my body rejected it, I felt much worse and he completely didn't want to deal with it anymore because he had no idea what to do. He didn't return any of my calls or even see how I was doing. I got increasingly Ill and when I called from the ER, I was told by his receptionist that he dismissed me from the practice. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him.
I mistakenly put that my appt was 11:00; which was in reality 1hr late. Dr Dr. Abraham was informed of my error; but was told I was there. One week later I receive a bill for $50. for having no showed. This guy is a total jerk in my book.
I have been to this dr. 3 x's since moving to this area 3 yr's ago. On one visit, my GP, who is fantastic, asked me to ask Dr. Abraham to reconsider his decision not to put me on bone density meds. Dr. Abraham got all in a huff and said he doesn't need to hear why my other Dr. was questioning it. It was HIS decision and that was that. Strike 1. Today, I arrived 1 hr late for my appt. I apologized and explained I have Alzheimer's. I would have waited, but he wouldn't see me. Gave me another appt
Dr. Farber was very compassionate and knowledgeable. I was finally, after years of pain, fatigue, depression etc accurately diagnosis with Fibromyalgia. I will be needing more of his expertise in the future. He returns calls too! Just a great guy.
Dr. Toledo is rude, her NP is also rude. When someone is having a problem and 1 prescribed medication is not working.(not a controlled substance) ....her response was...to bad so sad.
I saw Dr. Greenstein for a second opinion and he spent over an hour with me, explained everything and had already my records. He was extremely professional and i highly recommend him.

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