This Dr missed two very important factors in my breast cancer care, risking my life. Blasse attitude. Very uncomfortable with emotional reactions.
Dr. Nir saved my life....he is my Super Hero! He is an amazing surgeon, very caring, knowledgeable, and skilled in his profession. He treated me and my family like his own family! He educated me on my diagonosis and explained everything to me in a manner I could understand about my surgery, recovery and follow up. I am truly blessed to have him as my surgeon! Geri Padilla
I was a patient of Dr. Russell for almost 3 years. He is the best Dr by far, I will never forget that whenever I was hospitalized he would be at my bedside every day at 7am checking how I was doing. He always made desicions with me and fully involved me in my care. He is a Dr. that trully care for his patients, and don't see them as insurance claims, now days he still see me and say hello at the hallways of UNMH.
He was not prepared, wait time was over 10 yours when he realized he did not have key lab information for the therapy. He did not apologize. He refused to send lab results in his chart to my primary physician. He and his staff were very difficult.
You never imagine the day will come when you will face your biggest fear and find out that your spouse has cancer. It was the worst time in my life. But Dr. Meera was honestly a gift. I could never express how much she has meant to us. Dr. Ravindranathan was kind, informative, caring, thoughtful and calming. We instantly felt we were in the best hands and with a Dr. who would care about us. She always takes her time and answers all of our questions thoroughly. We are forever grateful for her.
She listens, answers all questions, and really cares about her patients as people, not just the cancer.
Dr. Ravindranathan is an excellent physician!! Clearly cares about her patients and went above and beyond for my family. Highly recommend.
Dr. R has a difficult job in giving news that is often difficult to hear. I appreciate her support in ushering me through life-changing health concerns.
If you need a complex pancreatic surgery ONLY have Dr Nir and his amazing team do it. He is not only a great surgeon, as I could see from the trail of Drs who followed him post surgery, but he's got a wonderful, friendly, intelligent bedside manner and an outstanding PA, too. No complications, everything explained so I knew what to expect, perfect results. Go with confidence to Dr Nir for the hairiest, scariest surgery and come away with your belly button and belief in miracles intact.
He removed a tumor on my pancreas (an insulinoma) in August of 2015. He is very professional. He gave a very good description of the planned operation. He answered my questions directly and described the risks. He seemed to be very concerned with making sure I was taken care of after the surgery while in the hospital and after.
Go elsewhere!
Dr. Meera is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is saving my life and for that I will be forever grateful. I was diagnosed in 2010 with Breast cancer stage IV . Thanks to her knowledge and expertise in her field I am doing amazing. I feel good and look healthy, I know the road I'm on will be a long one and with Dr. Meera as my doctor I know I will beat this. I feel like family /friend and not a patient. I think she deserves 10 stars!!! Amazing Doctor..

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