Dr Ahmed is a very friendly, an extremely skilled surgeon, and a very nice person. He listened to me and explained my condition in full detail of what was to be expected with the diagnosis I received. He performed my neo-bladder surgery with great success and my post operation visit was great. All of the staff members who helped me along the way with scheduling, insurance, etc were great. . I was fortunate to have Dr. Ahmed perform my procedure. He saved my life.
Had my prostrate removed by Dr. Ahmed after a diagnose of prostate cancer. After my first visit with Dr. Ahmed I was beyond relieved and felt reassured of my decision to proceed with the surgery. Fast forward six weeks, Dr. Ahmed performed the surgery with zero complications. His personality and bedside manner is second to none. I would recommend him to anyone. For sure one of the New Jersey's "top docs"
Dr. Ahmed is both a very caring physician and an extremely talented surgeon. After determining that my bladder cancer condition required surgical treatment, he carefully reviewed my options with me in detail. I selected neobladder surgery and am very pleased with the outcome.. Post surgery, Dr. Ahmed always made himself available to help me address any difficulties that arose. I consider myself extremely lucky to have Dr. Ahmed as my doctor.
I have been a patient of dr Lanteri since 1996. I had my surgery that year to remove my prostate. Dr Lanteri is quite knowledgeable and a terrific Doctor and Surgeon. His professionalism helped to save my life. I go back every year for a regular checkup for my PSA. I definitely recommend him and his team to anyone
Dr Ahmed is a very friendly, personable and a warm and caring doctor and an incredible Human being. He has tremendous bedside manner and he listens to you and explains your condition in full detail before surgery. I had bladder cancer requiring the removal of my bladder and the creation of a neo-bladder Dr Ahmed performed my surgery with great success. His professionalism and compassion were beyond compare. He saved my life. He is Simply The Best.
Remember the old saying, "Get 3 opinions". If Dr Ahmed is the first you see, look no further., because you will find none better. As a patient with Renal Cancer, I can attest to his brilliance as a Surgeon, his caring demeanor and dedication to you as the patient. The office can get very busy, but only because he and his colleagues are that good. In the scheme of things, I don't mind a bit of an office wait versus saving my life. Communication with the office excellent. Simply The Best.
Dr Ahmed is a very friendly, personable doctor. Answered any questions I had. And treated my wife the same way when she came in with me for consultation.
One of the best Urologist in the Nation. Tops n his field and a great surgeon. Dr. Lanteri founded this practice and has been a key figure in research and development in Urology treatments.
Dr. Vincent Lanteri , MD is a top and one of the best in Urology. H is very friendly and is very skilled. Dr. Lanteri is very good at explaining things and I am very comfortable with his care.
I went into his office nervous and Dr. Ahmed and his staff made me feel at ease. He communicated to me effectively everything he was going to do. I came out feeling very confident. Dr Ahmed and his team performed Salpingo-oopherectomy surgery on me. Truely a gifted surgeon. Great bedside manners which made for a good experience. I've had wonderful results!
Compassion,commited smart and confident in his approach.He is understanding and truly cares about the person . I would and do recommened him always.
Office staff is impossible. Billing is unbelievably incompetent never willing to speak with a\the doctor, who is 100 feet away. No matter how many times I try to pay the accurate amount, no one is willing to walk the 100 feet to verify?? No matter how many times I try to get a prescription for blood work, it never arrives in the mail as promised unless I make a fuss. His office incorporated additional physicians about a year ago,and has become onerous to deal with, too many patients for office.
Dr Ahmed is an amazing Doctor, an extremely skilled surgeon, and a very nice person with a tremendous bedside manner. I felt like I was in great hands from the word go. Everything was explained to me with full detail before my surgery. The surgery itself went perfectly and my post operation visit was great. All of the staff members who helped me along the way with scheduling, insurance, etc were great. I would recommend Dr Ahmed 1,000%.
Well everything they say about Dr Ahmed is spot on smart and know's what he is doing, I had a kidney operation and he had me up and about in 1 to 2 days no pain no problem at all I felt great HE IS THE MAN highly recommend him also I would like to commend his office they are on top of your appointments , any question that I had they where there to answer them Great experience ,thank you again Doctor for everything .
I had bladder cancer requiring the removal of my bladder and the creation of an Indiana pouch. Dr Ahmed did an excellent job,I have not experienced any complications he makes himself available for any questions you might have.
Came to Dr. E for Davinci surgery. He is world class in his speciality. Attentive to the important details and patient outcomes. Yes his office is old and staff can be great, good and not so good. I wanted the surgical result because ramifications of that last lifetime. Other stuff temporary hassle.
Very excellent doctor. Took the time to discuss my condition. Preformed my cysto with very little discomfort. Put me on the right path. Thanks doctor. Would recommend him to all.
The office staff is an absolutely disaster. They could care less about you or your illness. Multiple phone calls, indifferent staff and an overall bad experience. Would not recommend due to the office staff you have to deal with.
Wonderful experience with Dr. Christiano. Treated my kidney stone and now I feel much better. Took his time explaining condition before and after. Slightly long wait time at office but not terrible.
My father is a patient of Dr. Christiano. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach this man via telephone. His staff is the worst. They do not answer phone calls. You leave a message on the voice mail and no one calls back. I would recommend you find someone else. That's what I would do if he were my doctor. The last time I took my father there for his appointment, we waited THREE hours with no apology or explanation for the wait. You decide.
He did my kidney stone removal, he is the BEST, has the most outstanding personality and character, through all the pain, he kept me smiling!!!!! His overall academic excellence and expertise in Urology, assured me that I have the best doctor, and I was not disappointed trusting him with my life. Thanks Dr. Lovallo, for taking care of my body in surgery, I will do my best to continue eating Organic and Drinking Fluids.?
Dr. Ahmed is the epitome of what a doctor should be, professional, caring, and a incredibly gifted surgeon. I was fortunate to have Dr. Ahmed perform two procedures for me, the successful outcome of both are a testament to the team he has surrounded himself with, whether in his office ,surgical center or one of the hospitals he has privileges.
Dr Ahmed performed my neo-bladder surgery with great success. His professionalism and compassion were beyond compare. He was one of a couple Dr's who saved my life.
Dr. Ahmed is the most caring Doctor I have ever been to. Always makes the time to listen to my questions and concerns. Never too busy to address my medical concerns. I sincerely trust any decisions Dr. Ahmed would make concerning my medical condition. He is the Best!
I was very fortunate to know a great Dr Michael Esposito at the time I entered Hackensack Medical . I was very frightened at the time, not knowing what was happening . He came down emergency. Did not waste anytime and got things moving . I was very lucky . I am still under his care and never felt better. I would recommend him to family, friends and anyone needing Medical care??
This medical practice tends to severely overbook and wait times exceed 2 hours. Its a horrible experience for the patient when the waiting room is standing room only and you have a 3pm appointment and dont get out until 5.30. No doctor can do a proper job and pay sufficient attention to a patient's needs under such conditions. Dr Ahmed is a decent physician but the practice is teribbly mismanaged and I therefore cannot recommend it.
dr. ahmed is knowledgeable, skillful, and an excellent doctor!!
By dr Esposito's own admission, they overbook I had to wait over an hour for s 15 minute exam. Not acceptable. Didn't return
Took 3 weeks to order the correct medicine wrong meds were sent to me 2 times. Very hard to reach the person who orders the medication. Long waits got there at 530 and saw the doctor at 7. The staff is difficult to reach and I always got a voice mail or the box is full and I could not leave a message. The doctor himself was nice but staff and the way the facility is run is not very good. I would not go back.
Mutahar is an expert in his field as well as an incredible Human being. He listens to you and explains our condition in details. He is a warm and caring person. My experience with Mutahar is an absolute A+ and would recommend him to my friends without any hesitation. Jake T.
I would highly recommend Dr. Ahmed to any new patient. He was my doctor who performed my surgery in 2010 for bladder cancer & again in 2011 for kidney cancer. Both surgeries were with minimal pain and limited stay in the hospital. My recovery went fabulous and I can't thank Dr. Ahmed and his group for the wonderful job they did and the encouragement they gave me prior to the surgery.
You want a doctor who: * knowledgeable * has experience * not afraid of making bold decisions, not only by the book * friendly, can put you at ease by clearly explaining your conditions and the process * cares about patients All this applicable to Dr. Ahmed. I am thankful that he is my doctor and will be grateful for as long as I'll live.
Dr Ahmed is very perceptive. He listens to you and does a comprehensive assessment in order to solve whatever problem you present him with. For over 6 month I could not urinate and had gone to several specialist including smother urologist who could not determine the cause. Dr Ahmed believed it was best to reassess the situation clearly and then plan a course of treatment. I eventually had surgery which was very successful. Thanks again to Dr Ahmed
Dr. Ahmed is a very reassuring doctor. I had a complicated procedure and he walked me through every step. I was completely happy with the service I received and would definataly recommend him to others.
i would highly recommend Dr.Ahmed. Everything was explained in detail of what was to be expected with the diagnosis i received. i chose to have prostate removed. i chose Dr Ahmed ,because he had treated 3 personal friends of mine and they went through the surgery and recovery without any complications. I knew of other people that had gone through the same surgery as me and did not do nearly as well. You could not get a more qualified doctor to do the surgery.
Great , this doctor is brilliant, other major hospitals send their doctors to him to be trained on da Vinci robotic surgery I would not see any other doctor dr Espisito is a genius put your faith and trust in him he is the best I heng to Johns Hopkins, Sloane, Cleveland Clunic, and Englewood hospital They all told me I had no chance my cancer had spread to far dr Esposito said It's not good but don't worry I'll take good care of you and he did cancer free now 11 months he's honest, caring,

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