Thank you Dr. Mariani for taking the time to explain things to me about my knee. I am so happy that Dr. Friedman sent me to see you.
When I first visited Dr. Porat i thought he was fine to do my knee replacement. Set a date, had lab work and CT scan, met with a PA 10 days before scheduled surgery. Three visits to this facility which was 90 minutes from my home. On the third visit is where you sign the consents and that's where the trouble started. This doctor wants to force you to sign a consent allowing him to teach in the OR with his students touching/feeling the site. Also wants you to consent to videos/photos. Refused
Dr. Raimondo is the BEST at what he does! His bedside manner is an extension of his knowledge and professionalism. He explains the procedures and allows plenty of time for questions, putting one as much at ease as possible. I have had several surgeries by him and have been extremely happy with the outcomes. I have recommended him to several people, and those who have gone to him for treatment are as happy as I am with the results.
Dr. Ropiak completely rebuilt my elbow after a terrible fall. I'im not sure I would have been able to have full use of arm/hand/elbow if not for his expertise. His PA Ashley is amazing as well.
As far as I am concerned Schoifet and his practice are a bunch of quacks. By the end of a year I was still having significant pain and when I made the appointment I wanted to see Schoifet himself, not a PA. After much hemming and hawing, his office told me it was impossible to see him. Let me be clear that “impossible” was their word, not mine. I finally saw a PA who told me there was nothing more they could do for me. My primary finally found another surgeon who has been treating my problem
My first visit with dr. sure if it was last July 2016 he was such a professional human being and spent much time with me and I was very happy and I would send anyone to him
I've been in hospital and health care administration for over 35 years and have worked with many physicians on a daily basis. Dr. Porat is very professional and knowledgeable. Had hip replacement surgery. He used the anterior approach which cuts recuperation time significantly. Home the day after surgery. He is an outstanding provider. Highly recommended.
She literally saved me! Best back specialist that I have encountered for a ridiculopathy issue.
Horrible , nasty , not caring .
Dr.Mariani did the wrong surgery on my right knee. I conveyed my rheumatologist's message that I needed a knee replacement NOT arthroscopic surgery. He hesitated when I said that as if he were afraid of doing knee replacement. I trusted him and he ended up removing the little cartilage I had on one side of the knee. I suffered tremendously, limped, had excruciating pain for almost one year. After many visits to see him he turned to me and said" Can you leave with what you have left??I
From the first visit with Dr. Marcelli, he placed me in total confidence with his approach to my need for a total hip replacement. He was not eager to perform the surgery, deferring instead to my level of discomfort and disruption with normal activities. The surgery was performed in January 2016. I was scared since this was my first major surgery experience. The results could not have been better. I had minimal discomfort and careful, comprehensive post-op care. He is the best!!
I had to have an EMG of my right arm. I was terrified of the procedure until Dr. Marple came into the exam room. She got a thorough background on my problem, all the while putting me at ease. Before she started with the first phase of the test, she demonstrated it on herself. She then preformed the first phase of the test without any pain or discomfort. The second phase of the test was OK except for 2 pin pricks that hurt slightly. She is an excellent, caring doctor and I highly recommend her.
He rushes you with office appointments and tries to get you out of the office as quick as he can, doesn't even address the pain aspect of the problem you're coming in with. The techs that work the phones there are extremely rude and never call you back.
Dr. Marple did everything except effectively treat me. She was convinced I had one issue, when in fact, it was something completely opposite. I wasted nearly a year receiving therapy and treatment because she seemed rather stuck on one diagnosis. I didn't care for her manner and certainly not her competency as a physician.
Dr.Schoifet and his entire staff made my total knee replacement, a very pleasant experience for a 77 year old male. I was up and walking in three hours, climbed mock stairs in 5 hours. Returnrd home the next day. My return follow up in 2 weeks , I was using a cane for support. Iwas so pleased I recommend Dr. Schoifet to others in my community, 5 in number and they all had the same excellent results. Vincent Perito
An amazing clinician. He really makes his patients comfortable and is very thorough in his explanations. Excellent doctor & surgeon!!
I am 79 and had a knee replacement. After surgery and therapy I have better mobility that I had 5 years a go. I now walk 2-3 miles a day without pain. I have recommended Dr Cole to several friends. Richard Zimmermann
Dr. Porat performed both of my knee replacement surgeries (at separate times). Each time, I found him to be a caring and compassionate physician who truly listens to his patients and patients' concerns. He never minimized my anxiety and did his best to make sure I had a genuine understanding of the surgical process, the treatment plan and the recovery expectations. I feel so very fortunate to have had Dr. Porat as my doctor!
Dr Sanflippo did a dissection and fusion on my neck on March 17, 2016. To say I was scared was an understatement. His PA Cindy is amazing and answered all my last minute phone questions. I was back to hot yoga after 27 days!!!!! My balance on the mat blew me away. I have pain here and there but nothing compared to what I had. I am very grateful. I would highly recommend Dr Sanflippo
First visit was great highly recommend friendly and wonderful must check her out
I've never reviewed a doctor & I am not a person who make complaints. But this is something that I need to review. I just got home (3/4/16) from my appt with Dr. Sanfilippo. I arrived 20 minutes late because of a wrong turn. After signing in, I sat and waited before they took my insurance info. By the time all was done, Dr Sanfilippo wouldn't see me b/c of a 30 minute late policy. Again, I was only 20 minutes late! & he was definitely informed of this! But he didn't care! What Dr. does that?
Dr. Stackhouse exemplifies his mastery of surgical expertise via the successful outcomes. He personifies patient care via his dedication to the overall patient?s health condition whereas some others have a siloed and myopic view assuming that yet another physician will somehow clairvoyantly pick up on nuances they had not witnessed and address them in a timely manner. He inspires overall professionalism by motivating both the patient and his team to want to do the best for an optimal outcome.
Absolutely one of the best doctors I have ever dealt with. I recommend him to others all the time. Great bedside manner and a top notch surgeon.
i saw Dr JKM & Dr Mike in the weeks leading up to my fall marathon...they were really amazing & helpful in my success at alieviating hamstring/piriformis pain.
Dr. Stackhouse has an amazing bedside manner. While he is very professional, he has what most others lack today - compassion. He took his time not only to explain carpal tunnel and surgery thoroughly, but also did not rush in addressing my questions. My case might have been routine, but he and his staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable. This doctor truly cares for his patients! I cannot say enough good things about my overall experience. ( His MA, Gina, is terrific as well!)
Very calm,understanding,and work to get you the things you need to make u comfortable or better. Very,very nice doctor with a smile that makes you feel comfortable with his service and treatment.
Has made me a cripple from his Botched surgery on March 2015.
successful minimally invasive total knee replacement, no complications, excellent surgeon!
I am very pleased with the outcome of my right knee surgery with Dr. Porat. He was very kind in listening and answering my questions and I like how he addresses you as team. He advises me on doing the proper things for the best recovery. I already feel like my life is improvIng and I am looking forward to getting my left knee done soon. I tell everyone that I have the best orthopedic doctor at the JRI. Would highly recommend him.
I recently had a total right knee replacement performed by Dr. Schoifet. I am 81 years old and somewhat overweight so I felt I had to be realistic about recovery time. I have been amazed by my quick recovery. I was home in two days, walking with a walker. By two weeks and one day I was walking with a cane and was able to drive -- right knee replacement. It is now four was post-surgery and I use my cane only occasionally to insure stability when walking outdoors. Amazing result.
I had recent hip replacement performed by Dr Kligenstein and I am now pain free, The surgery and recovery time were flawless. I was walking without the aid of a walker or cane within 2 weeks. I was back to work after 4 weeks

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