Dr. Peggy is wonderful. She is professional but also compassionate. I highly recommend her and AMI for all radiology needs.
Dr. Avagliano is wonderful. She takes her time explaining medical condition. Would highly recommend her to family and friends.
Started with a mammogram and ended up having to have a biopsy. Would not have wanted to be anywhere else. They scheduled my follow up mammogram and ultrasound the next day and my biopsy the day after that. Within a week and a half of starting with a yearly mammogram screening I had all my testing done and results back. Everyone was so caring, professional and efficient. They really are all about women here and you feel very connected and supported. We are blessed to have this place in our area.
Dr Avagliano put me at ease and explained my breast ultrasound very professionally and in a way I could understand. Very friendly and personable! Would definitely recommend.
This is the second time I've had any kind of dealings with Dr Peggy & I have to say she is excellent! She & everyone at AMI were so very concerned with my well being & they were very happy to give me the good news from my test results!
Dr. Avagliano and her staff at AMI in Somers Point were so efficient and kind during my appointment. Special thanks to Sharon for being so helpful and attentive.
Great experience... Friendly staff.
I found the doctor very easy to speak with and she answered all my questions in a way that was easy to understand.
Refused to do a follow up ultra sound that was ordered by my breast oncologist. Was asked by tech "Who found a lump?" When I explained that my doctor had and that this was a follow up after incisional biopsy. Tech proceeded to first do a dx mammo of the wrong breast then told me that the doctor "Doesn't need an ultra sound. We'll see what the radiologist says". Although it was ordered by my doctor. My only advise is to be your own advocate and don't let anyone to "pooh-pooh" your health.
Dr. Peggy and all of her staff made me feel like family! All questions were answered, and all concerns were addressed and everyone I came in contact with was very professional an friendly. They all made me feel at ease throughout my visit. I am so thankful to have such wonderful and caring people in my corner.
Dr. Peggy is a warm and kind doctor. She made me feel at ease and took time with my husband and I
I was very pleased with the handling of my procedure The staff was very friendly and infòrmative.
My husband and I were both very happy with our experience with Dr. Peggy. After talking to her we feel better about what is to come. She was great during the biopsies, talking to me the whole time.
Read and check my breast Ultra Sound. Explained me about breast cyst (non malignant). Recommends to f/u with my GYN.
I have had my mammograms with Dr. Peggy for years and have been extremely satisfied. She is always considerate and explains her findings in detail. She did a biopsy a week ago and she called with the negative results in three days.
Wonderful care and experience was stress free do to the excellent care . Made me feel very calm and explained everything in detail. Very professional and considerate.
Dr Avagliano was very Knowledgeable about my condition, explained everything in great detail. I had a very good experience. I was also very pleased with the very good technicians who did my mammogram and ultra sound.
I was nervous about being called back for add'l mammo views and an ultrasound. She explained why I was called back and what was found. The, she made my day by informing me that I had a cyst, something she doesn't worry about. All in a friendly, down-to-earth manner.
Explained the procedure very well and performed the biopsy with a minimum of discomfort.
Caring, explains everything, trustworthy
This was my first visit with Dr. Avagliano. She seemed very thorough and I was pleased with the results.
She is so passionate about what she does. She is very patient and always answers your questions. I have been seeing her for years and she is amazing.
Excellent! Couldn't be better!
She was very gentle in telling us awful news! Very professional also. Very caring!
I will definitely recommend Dr. Avagliano to any of my friends or family. Very personable
Dr Peshori was everything I could ever want and hope for in a medical professional when she recommended and guided me through one of the scariest events of my life, ie, a breast biopsy. I thank you, Dr Peshori, and your team (Nurse Lynne and ultrasound operator Beth) not only for your excellent regard for professionalism but also for your personally kind and caring sensitivity toward one very frightened patient on 3 May 2017. May God bless you and the fine work you do! Sincerely, Beth DeLucia
Very pleasant visit with. Dr. Tiger.
Dr. Peshori came highly recommended by a friend in the medical field and I can see why. She went over my previous mammo results and after an extensive ultrasound made me feel assured that what seemed worrisome was actually just normal. Dr. Peshori listened to all my concerns and took the time to thoroughly explain her findings and advice. She suggested continual close monitoring and I believe that I am in good hands with her.
Dr Tiger was very informative and made me feel so relieved with good news ! I was so thankful he actually took the time out of his busy schedule to comfort me! Katie and Gerry are also very professional and comforting they made my total experience at AMI in CapeMay Court House enjoyable!
Dr. Tiger and the entire staff at AMI in Cape May Courthouse were outstanding! I can't thank them enough for their courtesy and kindness!
Was really making sure they biopsy the right area and doubled check with my films that I had.
Very thorough, very kind, very knowledgeable.
I was very glad to meet Dr. Tiger. He was gentle, informative and kind. I very much appreciate his thoroughness and letting me know what the next test that I will need and offering to contact my physician.
I had a benign cyst that had doubled in size in my left breast and it was painful to sleep on my left side and sometimes the bra aggravated the pain even more. Dr. Kavita was professional, thorough and precise in removing all the fluid formed into a cyst. Although very painful, I can finally sleep on my left side and don't have to keep taking advil everyday or keep warm compresses as needed. I would recommend Dr. Kavita to anyone going through the discomfort I went through for months. Thank you
Dr. Peshori explained the process of the biopsy to me in detail and carefully went over the results and options available to me. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful and caring person to help me deal with this cancer. I was very lucky!
Although I've been with AMI for a number of years and after a recent call back for extra mamm images and an ultrasound, It was the first time I had met Dr. Peshori. After the tests she totally put my mind at ease with her explanation of what she saw which was, thank goodness, not alarming. She could have not been nicer or more soothing.
I met Dr.Peshori the 1st time when I was at AMI for a second test because the tissue was too dense to get a view w/ the 1st test.I was tense.She came in after the tech ran the ultrasound, introduced herself graciously &looked at it.Then she turned towards me& extended her hand to shake as she said, "See you next year." I burst into tears (I'm rebuilding from SuperStorm Sandy).I explained the context of the tears. she must see tearful patients often.Nevertheless,she was empathetic.She offered tea
Very through and good bedside manner
I was REALLY nervous about the procedure, but the was very kind and talked me through it all. Excellent doctor.
Dr. Peshori is very well versed and compassionate. At a time when it seems everything is overwhelming; it's comforting to have someone like that on your side.
Dr Kaplan and his staff working with him were excellent. I was very nervous getting a needle biopsy of a nodule on my thyroid. He explains every step he is doing. This kind of procedure is fairly painless. The only issue I had was a little soreness for 2 days. I went right back to work after the procedure. I would recommend Dr Kaplan to everyone I know. The facility is very clean and they were on time.
The AMI facility and Dr. Peshori are wonderful. Dr. Peshori took the time to explain things to me in such a comfortable, caring, knowledgable and professional manner and I feel very blessed to have her on my side.
Dr Peshori was a pleasure to deal with. She was thorough and dedicated to provide me the best exam possible. She answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.
Dr. was very professional and gave information I needed.
Dr. Kaplan and his team were great - I was very nervous having to have a needle aspiration of lymph node/ thyroid and he made me feel very comfortable. He and the Assistant were talking with me as they worked to make sure that I was okay.
Dr. Peshori is wonderful! She is a true professional, with empathy, caring and kindness. She and the staff are excellent diagnosticians. At a difficult time, these are the types of people everyone should be lucky enough to deal with. Thank You!,,,, Carol H.
Dr. Tiger was very sincere and through in his explanation of the findings in my mammogram. As a result I have contacted my Dr. and have an appointment set up for the necessary follow up .
Dr. Peshori was amazing as well as her staff. Dr. Peshori has a great bedside manner and helped to keep my mind at ease. I felt like i was in good hands. I would highly recommend her.
I felt completely at ease with Dr Peshori and the staff. All the procedures were explained to me in detail; and my comfort was always a priority. I would feel confident recommending Dr Peshori and the facility to my family and friends.
Dr. Pechora is a very caring and friendly person she understood how nervous I was with the procedure as all the staff was, I received a call from Lynn the next morning to see how I was feeling I would recommend family and friend 110%.
Dr. Peshori is not only an excellent, skillful and knowledgeable doctor but also very friendly, informative and sensitive person. I always request to have her review my films and preform any procedures that are necessary since I completely trust her.
Dr peshori explained each step of procedure thoroughly to me - she showed much compassion to me and made me feel very confident that procedure was being done properly
Dr. Peshori is a kind, gentle and thorough physician. She took her time to explain my test results and I felt very well cared-for. I would highly recommend her.
Very pleasant. Discussed procedure I was going to have, in depth.
Professional and clearly explained each step.
Dr Kaplan performed my Thyroid biopsy. It was done easily by him with the help of his staff. My discomfort level was minimal during the procedure. I also experienced only a small amount of pain during the days after. The facility used was set up properly and was very clean and comfortable.
Dr. Peshori was kind and gentle with me. I was nervous and she made it easier to go through the procedure.
He was very professional, yet personable. He reviewed my tests, and explained everything very clearly. He made me feel very positive, and confident that everything was okay.
I waited an hour and no I became no one came to tell me that she was behind schedule. I had to find out by inquiring myself to the office staff. I left because I needed to get to another appointment. The tech called me with the results. I will never go to any AMI location again. 3rd issue with my second location. VERY unsatisfied.
Dr Kaplan was professional, compassionate and thorough with his explanation of the procedure.
She was wonderful. Kind, caring and knowledgable.
she took a lot of time with me because my films were difficult to read
Dr Kaplan was very professional,explained the procedure thoroughly and performed it quickly with no pain during or after the procedure.
Pleasant, calm and very thorough in performing stereotatic biopsy of the breast.
Dr. Peshori was kind and informative. Made me feel at ease and confident.
She is very very thorough!!! Kind and gentle!! Thank you ALL for the support I needed!!!
Very nice n informed me well
Entering the AMI facility I did not feel welcomed. The receptionist did her job, but not in a friendly manner. I waited about 30 minutes before asked to come into the back for my procedure. From this moment on, the appointment went well. I felt the staff (nurse, tech, and Dr.) were very friendly and professional. They explained everything that was going to happen and continued to give me information throughout the biopsy.
Dr. Peshori was very thorough and very patient friendly. She came highly recommended by Dr. Debra Camal and MSN, ASN Maria Rocktashel of Advanced Breast Surgery. When she advised me of the findings Dr. Peshhori took time to explain her reasoning and was very reassuring. Personalized care seems to be one of the hallmarks of her skills. Thank you.
Starting with scheduling my appointment this experience was absolutely horrible. Tim was rude & condescending both on the phone & in person. Procedure was not explained to me even after I asked questions about it. Procedure itself was traumatic & the site hurt for almost a week later. I had to have the procedure repeated because Dr. Kaplan didn't get enough cells. I went somewhere else and the experience was leaps and bounds better. I did not hurt at all afterwards, and staff was nice. F-----
I was very nervous about the biopsy and Tim, the nurse and Dr. Kaplan made me feel very comfortable and that I was in good hands. He explained every thing that was happening.
Dr. Peshori was amazing. She explained everything and she has wonderful bedside manner. It was a great experience
She has an amazing bedside matter. Takes the time to explain procedures and is genuinely concerned. I wish she could be my general practitioner or gynecologist.
I would give Dr. Tiger 10 stars if I could. He was very thorough, understanding of my concerns, compassionate, kind, well-spoken and absolutely NON-condescending, all qualities I have unfortunately not experienced with a male physician in a LONG time. I was immediately very comfortable with him and he gave me all the time I needed, a rarity in today's society. I went in feeling very scared and unsettled, but left feeling much better about the situation. It was a great experience.

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