Front end is awesome but Dr. Jain is rarely on time for morning appointments when I schedule, can't remember my name 10+ years, and does not have a schedule conducive to the average working person many days (e.g. late hours, early appts. or Saturdays). In addition to this, his level of explanation has been poor recently and you need to ask a lot of questions. In addition, he charges an office visit to go over blood results that could be consulted over the phone (e.g., "everything is fine")
Missed a condition that required surgery [ignored it during a physical. He made inappropriate remarks about the shape of my pelvic area, he openly laughed at my abstinence history, Exploded when I tried explaining the background of a certain pain I had...He and the staff storm around the office complaining about stuff, he just seems to be troubled. One day he walked in with a huge bruise on the side of his face, poor fellow..gee I wonder where THAT came from.
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