Dr. Malfitano is truly the best doctor I've ever had. She is positive and takes the time to thoroughly explain everything.
Surgically repaired my bad elbow injury (2 breaks and ruptured triceps tendon). Perfection throughout the process, from scheduling to the final post op visit. 3 mos. in and almost all function has returned, including full arm extension which is usually not seen after this type of injury. I have no doubt that Dr. Katt's skills are behind the success, from the flawless healing and recovery to the incision's scar, which is so neat it's barely visible. Very kind, listens well, HIGHLY recommend!
Dr. Nitche treated my son for lower leg pain. He was extremely attentive and thorough. Inserts were recommended for my son's flat feet and he has been feeling better ever since! Office was clean and the staff was friendly. I highly recommend Brielle Orthopedics!
I saw Dr. Malfitano as a second opinion on my shoulder/arm after I was told I needed to have surgery. She fit me into her busy schedule and sat with me to discuss my options. Her first priority was to alleviate my pain which I had been in for 3 weeks. I can not tell you what a difference a week makes. I Almost have full mobility back in my arm. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.
Dr Nitche provided excellent care during my shoulder surgery. His staff and rehab facility got me back to 100%..The Best !!!!
Dr. Nitche was wonderful. Had Rotator cuff surgery. I was near full recovery with in 6 months.
I have never had a doctor tell me there is nothing I can do for you, needless to say I will not be returning this office ever again.
Had total shoulder replacement. Dr. Stamos was excellent! I got back the most flexibility (174 degrees) of lift and can swim, play tennis and golf!
I recently saw Dr. Katt for De Quervain tendonitis. I must say, that my experience also reflected all of the positive reviews I had read about him. Beyond being competent and knowledgeable, he is kind. He really listens to you, and you really feel he cares about you as whole person, not just the hand that is attached to your person. I would highly recommend Dr Katt to anyone needing his expertise .
Cut and dry personality, which is not necessarily bad. What upset me was his refusal to answer questions. All I got was don't worry about it...it's nothing. Bother me leaving without answers, so I called asking either for him to call me or office staff to call. I called twice without getting a return call. Went to another doctor and explained why I had switched. New doctor knew without my saying.
He didn't make you feel like you're just impatient . He took his time to explain everything to me . It was great with all my needs I think is one of the finest our doctors say person that I have ever met. I would also like to give my thanks to Jennifer the woman who help me out with my paperwork there she was wonderful .
Dr. Nitche performed ACL surgery on my knee back in 2014 after a professional sports injury. He is one of the most professional Doctors I have had and have recommended many family members and friends to him. His recommendation of Atlantic PT and physical therapy regime got me back into top performance shape within 8 weeks. I would highly recommend seeing Dr Nitche if you have any sports related, orthopedic injury.
Dr. Nitche has helped a number of people in my family and always does a fantastic job. He demonstrates a tremendous amount of patience and does a great job explaining the diagnosis and the required steps moving forward. I have and will continue to refer patients to Dr. Nitche any time I get a chance.
Not only has Dr. Nitche treated me on numerous occasions but I have referred many family and friends to him. He is the best at what he does and in discussing the recovery from his surgeries with many in the P/T field, his patient recovery times are the among best around.
Dr Nitche is a fantastic orthopedic physician. He provided incredible treatment and follow up for my kneee injury. Dr Nitche provided the same excellent treatment for my 4 year old son who broke his forearm. I continue to refer friends, family and contacts to Dr Nitche and everyone is always very pleased with the treatment, attention to detail and service provided.
Dr Nitche is a fantastic doctor. Besides myself he has cared for several family members all with the same experience. I would recommend Dr Nitche to any patient old or young.
Saw Dr. Nitche for a partially torn rotator cuff and mallet finger injury. In both of the injuries, Dr. Nitche took a conservative approach with my care. He even called in one of his associates (Dr. Malfitano) to consult on my finger injury. It proved to me that the entire practice truly cares about their patients. The office was clean and the staff was super friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Nitche and all of Brielle Orthopedics.
He is extremely knowledgeable but still takes the time to explain my condition to me.
Fabulous. Amazing man
In one word fantastic
I severely broke my right ring finger in multiple locations. At the hospital I was recommended a hand surgeon that was on call. Upon reviewing the online opinions of that doctor, I decided to expand my search. I found Dr. Katt, and after reading what positive things his patients had to say of him I booked my hand surgery with him. Everything went well, he answered any questions I had, understood my needs, and his office staff is wonderful. I highly recommend seeing him if hand surgery is needed
This doctor is an uncaring person. I went to him once before, years ago, but in 2015 and 2016 I see two other doctors in this group, so one of those doctors referred me to him. What a mistake. Now I know why I only saw him once years ago. He is a third class jerk whose ego is bigger than his expertise.
I went to see Dr malfitano about carpul tunnel symptoms,she sent me for the test to determine if I did indeed have this,we talked about obtions ,she recommened surgery for carpul and cubit tunnel surgery for my right wrist and elbow,everyrhing was explained to me in laypersons terms.surgery was performed on Oct 21st ,it was a very good experiance all the way aroung ,herself and the staff @ atlanti surgical center were awesome,my sutures came out Nov 2nd I'm healing well ,Thank you Dr Malfitano
was not pleased felt he was rude & lacking bed side manner will never go back there again!
Dr. Esquieres is doing everything he can possibly think of to help me with my stenosis. He's tried physical therapy, facet blocks and epidural. He's always been very courteous to me. Never an unkind word and his staff is very professional. Unfortunately, I'm still in a lot of pain. My follow-up appointment with him is this week. Next step is to be determined. I like Dr. Esquieres and Brielle Orthopedics very much.
I visited Dr. Malfitano today after breaking my wrist a couple of weeks ago. She examined my wrist and explained her plan of treatment thoroughly to me so I would know exactly what to expect during my course of treatment in the next 6-8 weeks. Her demeanor was professional, courteous & compassionate. She took her time & even addressed some unrelated concerns that I had with another injury, providing me with helpful guidance. I was very satisfied & highly recommend Dr. M & her whole team.
what a great dr .
Dr. Stamos helped me when I completely tore my ACL playing soccer. Dr. Stamos performed my surgery in February and here I am 4 months to the day released from PT and back to the gym to stay in shape. I couldn't be happier with my care and the outcome. I was only out of work for one and a half weeks!
Both Brielle Orthopedics, and Dr. Nitche, have exceeded our family's expectations in care and service. The office is super efficient and friendly. We have never waited in any room for more than 5 minutes before a friendly staff member has greeted and cared for us. I am extremely impressed by the overall atmosphere. We have been to both Dr. Nitche, for 2 teenage knee injuries, which required surgery, and Dr. Stamos, for a 50 yr old rotator cuff surgery. All of our experiences were excellent!
He shows that he really cares about his patients and works hard at getting his patients to feel better
Dr. Rodricks is the most patient and kind doctor I've been to in my whole life. He listens and gives great advice and is always concerned about his patients. I recommend him very highly and will be having knee replacement soon. I'm not concerned because I've heard only good things from people to whom he has performed this surgery. God bless him and the staff.
I was very impressed by Dr. Nitche straight forward approach and professional manner. His competence and experience was apparent from the start. He told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. I had torn my right quadriceps, muscle, fascia and tendon in a fall. Dr. Nitche and staff performed the complicated surgery in a very talented, timely and efficient manner. I am 3 months into Post Op and am doing extremely well. Thank you, Dr. Nitche
A wonderful confident surgeon. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful to his patients. Had Rotator Cuff Surgery in 2013. Long painful rehab - 6 months, 3x a week. Dr Stamos gave great pain relief meds and also very supportive for your rehab growth. I am extremly happy with my outcome. I have no pain, no limitations and shoulder feels so strong. God Bless this wonderful surgeon.
Excellent Doctor and great offices.
When my results came back that I didn't have carpel tunnel, she dismissed me. When I asked her what I do about my fingers on my right hand going cold and numb she told me to wait until spring and see if it still happens and left the room. I felt totally dismissed by her like I was making up my pain. I went to a different DR/group where I was diagnosed easily with tennis elbow That's all I wanted, a diagnosis so I can fix it. Dr Malfitano could not do that, she could not be bothered with me.

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