She is the worst endocrinologist in Reno. Trust me I can go on n on don't trust her, she has no empathy for her patients. I've lived a n Reno all my life n had clients that had her as they're dr and ultimately all have left. I'm a very loyal person n will decide for my self although warned by so many. Fianl straw, she lied about test result for gain for her own not to deal with hyperthyroidism to make me get another I131 radioactive treatment that caused all kinds of complications . DONT TRUST
I was a patient of Dr. Abbott for a few years. Always trying to give the doctor the benefit of doubt. Having a Thyroid condition I really knew nothing about, figuring she, as my doctor would, educate me and ease my mind about what was going on with my body. Her education was minimal, cold and heartless to say the least. I did a lot of research, internet and reading books on my own. Most visits leaving me frustrated and confused. I'm a number, not a human being with a serious condition.
This doctor and her staff are horrible!!!! I was there 3 times and saw three different doctors, one doesn't know what the other one has said, they're HORRIBLE!!!! Allthey want is for you to keep coming back, not me, I'm done with this office!

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