Excellent physician with great communication with his patients. Everything was clearly explained before and after surgery and I am extremely pleased with the results.
This doctor does not care about you. She is cold and dry. I wish they had a class about bedside manner that she could take because she is lacking human emotion and sympathy. I got zero information and conflicting answers from her and her staff. Here I am 6 weeks after my procedure in pain everyday and I can't even get a call back after a week of calling everyday begging to speak to only a nurse for some answers and nothing. Exam rooms are dirty with drops of blood everywhere.
I wish I could review Dr. Browder , but I could not get past the unprofessional office staff, I was asking one of the front staff about the forms and the security of the information, another front staff person holding a container of food jumped in and told me there were other doctors and I could go see them. this took a while because she was more concerned with eating than dealing with my concerns. Dr Browder had been recommended , but that front staff lost her credibility and trust
Dr Hseih did a mesh repair for me in 2012, recently the mesh was becoming exposed again and causing some bleeding Dr Hseih was able to preform a minor repair in his exam room which was successful. Thank you Dr. Hseih
Dr Hsieh was outstanding, his treatment and care was spot on and he took the time to explain things. The problems lie in the office staff. They are rude, have no sense of patient care and not customer oriented. We wasted vacation time due to improper appointment scheduling. We were greeted rudely, my wife was still recovering and asked 'what was wrong with her' for walking gingerly from the pain, stitches and catheter. Would hate to see how they would respond if they were the patients
Dr. Hsieh is a skilled and professional doctor. I will recommend him to friends and family.
Dr. Hsieh was extremely thorough and professional and I was extremely satisfied with his services for my surgery.
Great physician with an attention to detail that made me feel taken care of. Extremely pleasant staff and experience overall. Dr. Hsieh totally eliminated my bladder leakage issues and my quality of life has improved dramatically!
In Dr. Hsieh's front office, they are the rudest, most obtuse girls I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. Specifically, Patricia. Unbelievable that Dr. Hseih would keep her on the payroll. I will be speaking with the Dr. about her. Since May 2016 (now end of Aug) when I was referred to this doctor, I have YET to get an appointment. Patricia argued WITH my Humana rep that she couldn't give me an appointment w/o referral. 2 referrals were previously sent. Doing it again now!
I was referred to Dr. Hsieh by my primary doctor to address my bladder leakage. I had 2 separate tests performed. These tests are not fun, but his professional staff is competent and gentle. Upon completion of these tests I then met with Dr. Hsieh to determine the best remedy for me which was to do the bladder sling. I had it done 3 month's ago and am doing great... no more leakage issues and no more getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom... I wish I'd done it sooner!
During our initial office visit, Dr. Browder appeared very knowledgeable and confident. The day of the surgery, she was like a totally different person. She practically cowered in the corner of the pre-op room while I asked her questions. Her voice was quiet and she appeared nervous or even frightened. She assured me that I should be healed in 5-7 days; this was not the case and it took much research on my part to find that this type of surgery takes 1-2 MONTHS for recovery, NOT 1-2 weeks!
she is hands down the best, she truly cares about her patients.
Dr. Hsieh was very competent, and did a great job on my bladder sling surgery. Very happy with the outcome.

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