Dr Duke is the absolute best! He explains the issue and what is required to remediate the problem. If surgery is not an appropriate option, he will tell you. If it is the only option, he will tell you that as well. His office is well run and efficient. He performed my surgery and I am painfree and fully functional and have resumed a vigorous exercise program. I have Dr Duke to thank for that.
I do not have enough superlative words to describe my experience with Dr. John Anson and his staff Carey, and Megan. One month ago I could not walk 27 steps unaided today I can walk with NO pain, exercise , and go about my normal activities . Any limitations are for a limited time for healing Of course Dr. Anson's expertise in the surgery was of utmost importance but his and his staff's treatment of my humanness will also stand out in my mind I am beyond happy, satisfied and most grateful.
I was sent to Dr. Anson from the emergency room of St. Rose, this doctor took me into surgery as soon as he could and did a great job as far as I'm concerned. I was walking with great pain and this doctor took great care of my problems
I had surgery with Dr Anson in August of 2015 for Trigeminal Neuralgia. He and his staff were amazing especially his PA Carrie. They were very attentive and answered questions readily. Highly recommended.
I waited 1 hour 30 minutes to see him. I was there for a second opinion. He was pleasant however I don't feel he listened to me nor seemed interested in helping me. Didn't ask me one single question about my symptoms. Looked at my MRI, said nothing was wrong, told me It was in my head, shook my hand, said good luck, and walked out. I am a 44 active, happy person who doesn't take medication. Just looking for some answers. Very disappointed.
Without Dr Duke I would not be walking. He has done all 3 surgeries on me and I wouldn't trust another Dr. His gift is amazing.
Dr. Duke is a "Doctor's Doctor" he changed my life. he is one of the bet physicians i have the pleasure of knowing. his support staff is top notch
Dr Forage was so understanding and open minded. I was scared to get surgery so he assured me we would try everything else before cutting into me! When the procedures we tried didn't work he assured me he would take great care of me,and they sure did after surgery I am feeling much better and feel like this was a huge step in the right direction. Have a list of questions and he will make sure to answer them.The wait is long sometimes go expecting it and it's not so bad. Thx dr Forage and staff.
I was appalled at his curt, indifferent, and flippant attitude. He was operating on my mother the next day to remove a large brain tumor. He stared at the computer files and typed without making any eye contact with us. It was difficult to get our questions answered on what to expect with the surgery. He seemed to have no recollection of examining her in the hospital 10 days before or her existing physical deficits. My mother had a grim prognosis and his cavalier attitude was not reassuring.
After 4 back surgeries in a 14 mo. period, I was much worse. Went to my 2 wk. check up and Dr. Anson had no id why I had drop foot and increased after the last surgery. Went to another specialist who admitted me to the hospital quickly and found scar tissue that was pushed against nerved endings. After this surgery, I could move my leg. I am still in a lot of pain and looks like I will have permanent nerve damage to my right leg. I may never be able to drive again.
It took me two hours before I got to see the doctor, finally I got to see him but only for him walking out of the room to get a report from the neurologist but never came back in!!!! I opened the door only to see him walking another patient to the check out area which happened to be someone that came in after me by about 45 minutes! Therefore, I had enough of his non professionalism and lack of concern for his patients that I asked for my MRI and reports back and left his crappy office. Beware
I have to say a majority of the reviews were not very nice and after experiencing Dr. Forage I myself was irritated with his demeanor, however that being said, I don't care what his demeanor is as long as he is good at what he does. I decided to reserch this doctor and found he is excellent at what he does! He did my sons brain surgery two days ago and was awesome! Research yourself, don't go off reviews, personality doesn't matter when it's your life! I recommend him!!!
I was in a lots of pain for over 6 years, till I was recommended to Dr Forage, in a few words I would say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr Forage for my new life, I had a multiple problems with discs 5, 6 and seven, I went into surgery at 3 pm and I was out by 7 pm, the 1 thing I remember was by 1 am in the morning I was walking on my on without the horrible pain , I appreciate everything that you did for me and again my new life. Sincerely; Leonardo Alfaro from vegas
He is an excellent Doctor. Personable and is very experienced. I was so nervous, but he made me feel so much better. He was confident and very nice. Loved his PA, Dan too. Amazing!! Always made me feel so good about everything. They took great care of me . I loved Southern Hills Hospital too. Dr Duke's surgical team are amazing as well. Even though, surgery is still hard to recover from, I left that hospital the same day because they know how to master the pain. Love, Love, Love him.
Dr. Duke is simply amazing. The most caring, professional and skilled surgeon i have ever seen. Everyone of his staff reflect his attitude and kindness as well. This man changed my life.
Dr. Anson was very patient with me in explaining my medical issue, the upcoming surgery and post op care. Some medical experts seem to rush you out of the office but Dr. Anson was the exact opposite. He is a life saver.
L4 L5 S1 laminectomy, Awesome job. I feel fantastic! 2 years in pain epidural s did not work. Now everything is great. Walking great. Thanks Dr.Duke and your staff.
In 2007 I was a Neuro ICU RN at Sunrise Hospital and I saw all the wonderful outcomes with Dr .Duke. Then I needed him, when I was in the most excruciating back pain I had ever experienced. I needed a Laminectomy! I was taken to Sunrise after it took me 2 days to get home from Colorado and one other hospital stop on the way for pain relief. Dr Duke did my surgery and the next morning I got out of my bed, stood pain free and asked to go home. I send everyone to Dr Duke, He is excellent!
He is the best! I truly believe my husband wouldn't be walking today if it weren't for Dr. Anson. He found what other doctors and hospital testing missed. My husband wouldn't go to to anyone else unless it was something not of his control.
In my opinion stay away if you been in an acident. He testifies for the defense. He stated a sit up MRI is not as advanced as a lay down MRI. He stated that my spine was a 20 year olds my spine hurts me and its a strain. I saw the report as he looked and observed the buldges. He quickly moved past and discounted, in front of my kids he put the all in my head on the table or neurological issue see advanced neurologist. His words don't match the reports. Who telling the facts. So I can get better.
I recommend Doctor Duke, he is attentive, attentionate, noble, he takes time to listen, compassionate about his work and the best of all Doctors i visited. I am from France and i always had difficulties finding a good doctor in the US who takes time and compassion like doctors in France. Where are those doctors? I recommend him a 1000 times to anybody who wants to visit him. I trust him completely. Karine Thank you Doctor Duke!
I saw Dr. Duke because I could not walk because I had pain in my legs. Dr. Duke did my surgery and he is one of the best doctors I have ever see. His Physician Assistant Dan explained everything and he was amazing. I can walk pain free and I have to thank Dr. Duke for that. My issue was L4, L5 and S1.
I (age 72) had battled a bad back for several years. Common affliction for someone who loves to golf. One morning, after 18 holes the previous day, I could hardly get out of bed. The lower back and sciatic pain was near excruciating. I knew I could never play again or perform fairly routine household chores. On Feb 18, 2016, Dr Duke performed a S/P lumbar laminectomy. Six weeks later on March 31st, I played golf pain-free. Slower swing and better results than ever! Awesome surgeon!
Lumbar spine fusion in November 2014. Perfect results
After waiting over 3 hours to see Dr Forage, I approached the office staff. I was told if I did not like it they would be happy to cancel my appointment and I could find another doctor. I stayed and saw Dr Forage. I will never go back.
He was my second opinion Dr. And I thank God everyday that he was! He saved the nerve root to my right leg....he really is compassuonate and listens.
My neuropathy and pain are gone, I recommend Dr. Anson frequently.
He seemed very honest. He listens to my concerns. He was not wanting to do sugery unless necessary. Made me feel comfortable. I am going for my 2nd visit end of jan.
Wonderful surgeon. Would not be walking without him. I will always recommend him to everyone with back pain.
Dr Forage explained my husband's condition and the surgery procedure in a very caring and understandable way. Was very pleased with the appointment.
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