I have to take six buses and walk a mile and a half plus to get to his office and back home. This takes over three hours . He refuses to write me three prescriptions that will last me 90 days. This would save me two trips to the office every 90 days. He said he had a bad experience with another patient so he won't write three prescriptions for 90 days for me. Very nice of him to make it easy for me to only have to go once every 90 days... NOT! So he slaps me in the face with that remark and
This is by far the best hcp office I have been to. Dr. Saab is the best Dr. They have had there since Dr. Kristina Shurtleff left that company to start her own practice. I personally believe he cares about his patients. He is the first Dr. I have been to in the last Vegas area that actually gave me a hands on exam. He didn't just look at me and prescribe a useless medicine. I love doctors that are confident about their craft. I will continue to go there. Thank you Dr. Saab and staff.
Dr. Ontanillas is compassionate and professional, but very straightforward. If he doesn't know about something, he takes the time to research it instead of bullshitting you and playing it off like he knows everything. I think he's a wonderful doctor, and I'm better off for his care.
The best guy Ive ever seen medically. Truly cares about his patients. Not stuck up or acts like he knows it all. Explains everything extremely well.
First appointment with doctor Saab 1h40 m wait to see the doctor.Will explain everything
The best medical experience I've had in 12 years living in Las Vegas.
First time i've seen him at the Gallery Office. Thinks he's g-d. Talks over you. Won't let you finish your sentence. Tells you how to take a new medicine & how to increase the dosage. During the visit, he told me 3 times on how to take the medicine, THEN he changes it. So which is correct? Said that the medicine I've been taking for 8 years will kill me...duh, I'm still here.
I am a new patient and so far my experience has been positive. He is friendly and thorough. I am excited for our journey to develop. Danyle C.
Eric Haralson is extremely down to earth and personable. He took the time to explore any issues I had and to explain tests and other medically pertinent information that I didn't fully understand. I never felt rushed, and I felt listened to as well as acknowledged rather than scooted out the door as other MDs and PAs sometimes do. He is a genuine person willing to get to the bottom of things, and I would recommend him to anyone.
She is knowledgeable, very human and accessible. She actually listens, and talks with you - not at you.
Wouldn't refill my basic medicine, even after numerous phone calls. I'm having to switch doctors. He is crabby, doesn't make eye contact, leaves at the end of appointment abruptly, and doesn't address all issues.

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