Excellent Doctor. I had a right hip replacement at Centennial Hospital and he was my doctor while in the hospital for 3 days. I had a Wonderful experience with Dr. Seifzad. He sat with me, talked to me made me feel safe and was just wonderful. I will highly recommend Dr. Seifzad to friends and family. A very gentle and caring doctor.
I'd give ZERO stars if I could. He assumed I was born in another country just by taking one look at me as soon as he walked in the door. (I was born in the states, btw.) He was condescending & did not make me feel like I could be a regular patient at that practice because he's a specialist. He actually said that he was not the doctor for me. Looking for a primary care doc not easy and he made the experience worse.
I appreciate his knowledge base and his ability to analyze factors in coming to a decision. I like his personality; he is very professional. He believes in testing and making decisions from his previous experience and from the test results. He explains everything that I can understand what he is saying. He refers to specialists when it is needed. The office staff is very friendly and professional.
Terrible experience. I was assigned to her at Sunrise Hospital and would never tell me about being discharged. My vitals were good, my temps good, everything was fine and all that she had to say was I will be right back. But she never came back!! After two days of her non service,, I walked out of the hospital without an official discharge. But I don't know since she never came back to tell me. She broke her fiduciary duty to me. Shameful she was treating me.
Stay FAR away from Chamian medical group! They are absolutely horrific all around. It starts with the extremely rude & incompetent front desk staff who will mess up your appointment date & time 2-3 times before finally getting it right. Then, when you arrive for your appointment, plan on being there for over an hour & a half past your actual appt time (I.E. - if you have an 11:30 AM appointment you will not be called until close to 1). Once you're in, you will be rushed. Horrible experience.
He seems very capable, caught a very small node on my thyroid. I am a 64 year old over weight white male and was supprised there was no digital exam was performed during my yearly, seems he prefers reading test results. Early on I asked if it was normal to wait 45 minutes past an appt time? Apparently, he says it is and sometimes longer because he is so thorough with each patient. I said it seems like more of lack of planning....He stated his time is more valuble than his patients!
The worst experience ever! Please be aware and run away from this Doctor very rude,unprofessional and doesn't care for the patients!
Have no problems waiting for my turn with the doc, understand they are in demand! However, could hear Dr. Vazquez-Correa gabbing about nothing with his staff directly outside my door for 25 minutes or so. When he finally did come in, he asked me exactly WHAT kind of massage therapist I was (when I answered his query as to what my profession was). I tried to play dumb to give him a chance to backpedal, but he kept pushing it. Essentially, he wanted to know if I was a hooker or not.
Manoj Nath must have obtained his doctorate at Walmart. He lacks adequate knowledge in his field for even the simplest medical situations.In my opinion he is a danger to a patient due to his lack of knowledge. I would not take a dog that bit me to him for treatment. He is arrogant, demanding, and a very poor example of a doctor in the field of Internal Medicine. Keep looking for another doctor..don't let your friend or relative become a statistic due to his inability to listen/lack of knowledge.

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