I really like Dr. St. Cloud. She explained what was happening with me very well- I felt a lot less scared after leaving her office than I thought I would. My procedure went well and she was there to walk me through it the whole time. I have recommended her to a few friends of mine.
Dr.tanita is great! Has a great attitude and really shows that he cares about his patients ! He doesn't just throw you to the wolves he explains and has very well knowledge!
Very thorough. Calm presence. Helpful and always follows up to make sure kids are feeling better.
Honestly was worst ever gyno Dr visit ever.....waited for over 25 mins for her to come in room ....she came in & was out in less than 5 mins. Didn't want to hear about any issues & brushed me off as if I was unimportant. Never going back to this provider!
It was the worst experience I have ever had with a doctor. She was not informative whatsoever. I had many concerns and questions and she was so dismissive. She acted like she didn't have time to speak to me. I am young and new to the world of womanhood and she did not make me feel at ease. I will not be returning to Dr. Leaphart-St. Cloud, and will never refer anyone to her.
She's an amazing pediatrician. I gush about her to all of my friends with children. I can say my children and I are very lucky to have her. Never have came across an amazing doctor like her.
She is a very compassionate doctor. She is very receptive to her patients's medical concerns. An asset to SMALV.
This doctor has canceled on me so many times. I had a really bad infection and it was put off because he kept canceling my appointments. So done with it. I would not request this doctor to anyone. Ever.
I saw Dr Karen Gonzalez at South West Medical for the first time last week. Sorry to see her leave, I haven't ever seen a doctor like her. Thank you so much for addressing my problems instead of sending me for all kinds of tests that weren't related to what is going on with me. Many blessing to you Dr. Gonzalez and if I ever have insurance that you accept I will be booking an appointment with you.
Dr. Powell has been an amazing pediatrician to our kids, she's always super helpful and willing to answer any questions we've had and provided us with all information to help our kids stay strong and healthy. She recently did a circumcision on our son and it was a smooth process and he has healed quickly and comfortably with no problems whatsoever. I would especially recommend her for this. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she's doing, I trust her with helping of the care of my children.
I was honestly apprehensive meeting her for the first time because she looked so young. But she is by far the best pediatrician that has ever cared for my children, I have four! We have had some health challenges with our youngest and finding the right doctor to answer all of our questions and help us along the way was very tough. Dr. Powell is compassionate and kind, very thorough and knows her stuff! I am so grateful that our kids, especially our youngest, is under her tremendous care.
Do not let her circumcise your baby boy. Started his circumcision, did not finish. Ended up having to wait until he was 4 months with anesthesia because of her mistake. Learned the hard way that there's a reason some pediatricians will not allow you in the room during procedure.
I've been his patient for 7 year's & would never change him. He's a true example of what a Dr should be. Caring & patient. He's never rushing a visit & contact's you quickly regarding questions or results.
He is rude and condescending. He has an inferiority complex and a napoleon complex. Do not go to him.
very good doctor never seen any before
She is very knowledgeable. She updated my meds (stopping the ones I no longer need and the ones that were making me experience harmful side effects; and prescribed me new meds that immediately helped me soon after I took them). She is very friendly and made me feel like a part of her family. She even gave me a coupon for one of my meds that will save me $4800 for 12 mos.
I saw Dr. Skinner when he was at different office and he was one of the best docs I've ever seen, so caring and compassionate. Im so sad he doesn't take my insurance anymore!!
Can't get an appointment for months and he's accepting new patients. Ridiculous! He is a good Dr. Just way to busy.
Dr Scleparis is very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. I feel extremely comfortable with his decisions and with asking him any questions I have. He takes the time to explain things (will even take time while you write down what he says). I have never felt rushed or felt like I was inconveniencing him by asking questions. Would highly recommend him!
We visit with Dr. Powell and I was a little hesitant but she was a pleasure to talk to, she is a smart lady. She has a way with kids that only a truely kind person could have. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family! We have several pediatricians in the past and was never happy with any of them like I am with Dr. Powell!
Dr Scleparis was thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. I'd highly recommend him. He took the time to explain my condition and my options.
Dr. Skinner is AWESOME! He is super nice. He is friendly. He trully cares about his patients. He's quick to respond to questions and get results back to you ASAP.
Dr Scleparis is thorough,knowledgeable Personable,and is patient with you when you are explaining your symptoms. I would recommend him to everyone seeking a top notch cardiologist.

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