Years ago, perhaps he was trying to build his practice so he put forth that sort of effort. He did a good job of being thorough and documenting patient needs and even responded to calls or emails himself. Over the years, however, he has become lazy and lax in remembering longtime patients and some staff is blatently rude. A few times too many, he has entirely let me down both in attitude (bad day?), to inept (unforgivable from a physician). I will find better.
Saw her for the first time, got nothing but yup yup okay okay okay cut offs every time I tried to explain my situation, issues, what doctors I need to get in to see, etc. She was EXTREMELY impatient and clearly did NOT care about anything except ending the visit. Brought a laptop in with her and stared at it the whole time instead of interacting with me as a patient. Would never recommend.
Dr. Shinaut was decent, but kept pushing a slow-acting insulin on me, even after it failed to work for more than a few weeks at a time before having to take ever-increasing doses. It also doesn't help when he tells patients about how much he personally exercises. We get that some people love to go for a 5 mile run every morning. Those of us who don't aren't going to magically turn into such a person.
One time we saw her, she proceeded to look up what was wrong on Google to get answers. I was floored. Second time we saw her she performed the wrong test and said nothing was concluded from it until I got a second opinion the next day. That doctored was floored by her practices.
Sticker shock!!! I did all of my vaccines at clinic before for a reasonable rate. The rate at his office was 8 times what I was expecting. And then they double billed me by charging for the vaccine and again for administering the vaccine. This type of double billing is unacceptable. The billing office was completely unwilling to work with me on it.
Kind, caring and takes a very personal approach.

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