Dr. Rauta has been my physician since moving to Bismarck. She always takes the time to explain what my diagnosis is and what I need to do to get better. She escribes right to the pharmacy so no hassles there. I recently thought I broke my ankle, went to see her, x-rays done in her office and read within minutes. No break, wrapped up and sent me on my way. I like that she is a calm and easy to talk with person, I have never felt uncomfortable nor had any problems with Dr. Rauta or her staff.
I needed a new PCP to order annual MRI+sedation for claustrophobia cuz my PCP retired. She ordered the MRI but refused to prescribe the sedation I have been using for 8+/- years and was yelling at me and saying she knows what to give me. Her sedation did not work and the MRI had to be rescheduled. The MRI/hospital called Rautaand so did I, to ask for the sedation I usually use&she refused, instead giving me an unnecessary lgr dose of what she wants. Her nurse called me and said to find a new PCP
Dr Kruse was awesome, very kind and patient. I needed an IV in my foot prior to surgery and he's so skilled, I didn't even feel it and had hardly any bruising afterwards. He even sat with me as i was coming out of anesthesia after my surgery. I've had him for two separate surgeries and if I have sugery in the future, I'd definitely choose him.
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