My experiences with Dr. Chesnutt, at UNC-Chapel Hill, were stellar, and so I was chagrined to learn a few minutes ago that he is no longer there, and I may no longer seek his counsel. And apparently I can't email him in the Waynesboro clinic – hence this "review." I wanted to ask him whether the pressured feeling around my eyes could be the effect of accumulated stress from dealing with my diplopia from Parinaud's Syndrome? I have been doing extra "pencil push-ups" to strengthen my muscles.
The best doctor on the Planet. Highly skilled, extraordinarily trustworthy, kind and caring, really listens to you and answers all questions.
Dr. Forrest is an excellent Doctor! Our experience with him has been one that has exceeded our standards. He is compassionate, kind, gentle, CARING, PROFESSIONAL, and he calls his patients to make sure they are fairing well. He is passionate about his profession and did not look at us as a bother or just another number. The Dr. Is the first in a very long time that we have encountered that continues to put love and a smile in his business and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Forrest. We are not kin.
Has a lot of employees standing/ sitting around. Lots of people filling two waiting rooms - waiting. Felt like I was a widget on a conveyor belt- go here, wait - go there, wait - wait - wait.
Tried to schedule an appointment at 8:00am on Monday but only got after hours answering machine until 9:35am then waited until 9:45am for an actual person.

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