I have been with my husband at his doctor appointments twice. But, on each time I have been so sick myself that Dr. Van Meter has told me to go get check in so that I could also be seen. Then on April 25, 2017. I was with my husband again at his appointment. Once again so sick that Dr. Van Meter sent me to check in & straight to X-Ray. Dr. Van Meter is an outstanding and caring doctor to his patients.
I hate that Dr. Costner is not with Riverwood Medical. He was my doctor, and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. I hope I can find out where he went. He's an awesome doctor. Gonna miss him alot and I'm very saddened by his leaving.
Excellent physician. Very attentive.
Susan Capps was very attentive and showed a genuine care. I enjoyed my visit with her.
He cares about his patients. You can trust him you are not another number. He looking at you and your health and want the best out come for you help has a heart of a true doctor and yes I do recommend him to everyone ??
Dr. Haake is an awesome Doctor! She definitely cares about her patients, and she is a very kind person. I have never had any issues with her, I recommend my husband to see her, and he believes shes great too!
I have been going to this practice since it began, at least 25+ years. Dr. Costner is well informed; intelligent; straight forward; insightful; and caring. Dr. Costner, is always patient-centered, I respect and trust his competencies and conscientiousness. Since the practice became part of Carolina's Health Care System, staff have become outcome-focused. This is insulting and hurtful to patients and I do take offense to this treatment. However, I will not give up Dr. Costner, he is the best.
This physician does not care about her patients only her paycheck. I would never recommend her 2 anyone! I was a new patient at Riverwood Medical practice where she is. My 1st time seeing her I was called a Dr. hopper by her. I had only been to 1 other facility. I was gave RX for high blood pressure and anxiety. I tried to explain 2 her that the drugs she prescribed 2 me was making me dizzy but she didn't seem to care. She dropped me as a patient instead of transferring me to another Dr.
I love this man! He does not sugar coat things and I love his sense of humor and confidence.
The office is awful. The staff are extremely rude and never help you get appointments or refill medication. Dr Costner isn't bad but he needs to switch offices.
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