Great experience; albeit slow but thourgh & found root causes instead if treating symptoms- this genius is worth waiting for!!
Dr. Serano is an integrative medical specialist and has saved my life a couple of times now. Specifically from a tick related illness when UNC and Duke gave up on me Dr. Serano peeled the onion back and was able identify and treat my illness. I live in Chapel Hill and gladly drive an hour and 1/2 to meet with him. He's also cured me of 20 years of smoking through acupuncture, I was cured in 1 session. He takes his time with each patient and is the only Dr. I trust with my life.
I couldn't finish all I wanted to say. Today I had an appt with Dr Serrono there was no waiting! I was seen before my appt time!!!! Dr. Serrono has great help that speed along the wait but regardless even if I have to wait for the best dr than I will! My insurance would Not let me see Dr Serrono anymore I was devistated! I fought with them until they had no choice but to let me see him! That's how much I Love,trust and believe in my Dr!
Dr. Serrono is absolutely the best neurologist! He has patience like I've never experienced with any Dr! He was the first Dr to see me a person not a body part or a number. I've seen many neurologists throughout North Carolina the last ten years and he was the only one that took the time to do all kinds of blood work and tests until he found out what was wrong with me! He never gave up on helping with my pain. Yes sure I may have to wait in the waiting room a little while but I Dont mind.
Before my first appt. I was nervous from things I read. I soon learned PA Mr. Bailey and Dr. Serano are great. . Do you want to find out was is wrong with you? Go see these guys. Are you going to be there a while? Yes you are. If you want to know what's wrong,they have to run some test. If you want someone to just baby you, go some where else. The staff is nice and the waiting room comfortable. Trust me he is worth going to see.
He is a wonderful doctor who truly has your best interest at heart.
He may remind you of Dr HOUSE from TV with his exceptional genius not only in the field of neurology but medicine in general, be it orthodox or alternative. Investigative insight is comprehensive to the body as a whole with his specialty of neurology as his focal point for beginning his diagnostic and treatment oriented platform. Very direct and certainly non-pretentious is his bed-side manner. Has always been available during after-hours and an excellent liaison to ER docs during emergencies!
He is a wonderful Doctor that cares about his patients. He takes time and even if you call him after hours, he ansers and does not act rush.
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Emg (Electromyography)
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